can you play amazon music on google home

Just like you, a lot of people are wondering — Can you play Amazon music on Google Home? It’s a common doubt among most Google home users!

In this guide, we’ll learn if this is possible and also how to do it using our proven step-by-step tutorial.

As a matter of fact, there are a few ways of doing it! Don’t worry, we’ll pan out all these methods so you know what the best is to help you determine what the most convenient will be for you.

You can play Amazon Music on Google Home using your computer via a browser, your Android phone or your tablet, your iPhone or iPad!

Before we get to the guide on how to play Amazon Music on Google home, let us first discuss the different software and programs that will work with Google Home.

What Can Google Home Play and Access?

Google Home is among the most flexible and versatile devices in the market. Using it is a good option if you always want to access streaming services on the go.

With Google Home, you won’t have any problems accessing YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and, of course, Amazon Music.

You might be thinking, would Amazon Music work on Google Home? Would playing it still work even if Amazon Music isn’t under Google? Yes, you absolutely can!

There’s no written rule that you’ll only be able to access Amazon-related services there. So, without further ado, let’s head right to the guide on how you can do it!

Can You Play Amazon Music on Google Home?

You arrived here because you are looking for a way that you can play Amazon Music on your Google Home.

To help you even further about this, we will be discussing all the different methods of how you can use Google Home to stream your favorite songs and podcasts!

How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home Using Your PC/Laptop (Browser)

play amazon music on google home

For this guide, we’ll go over the steps of how you can use your Google Home to play Amazon Music using your computer or your laptop.

Step #1: Access Google Chrome

The first thing you want to do is to access the browser from your computer. For this particular method, it would be best to use Google Chrome as your browser.

If you have Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, or any other browser, leave them on the side first.

Step #2: Log Into Amazon Music

Once you have Google Chrome up and open, the next thing you want to do is to access Amazon Music. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by clicking the Sign-Up button.

Otherwise, log into your account by inputting your user ID and your password.

Step #3: Cast it to the Google Home Device

When you’re logged in, the next thing you want to do is to click the three-dotted menu icon on the browser. You’ll see it in the upper right corner of the browser, next to the logged-in Google account there.

Hit on the option that says Cast and locate your Google Home speaker to select it.

Step #4: Play a Sound Manually or Via Voice Command

It should show you the confirmation that the device is connected and from there, try to play a sound by doing commands like Hey Google, play [SONG] from Amazon Music,” etc.

How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home Using Your Android Smartphone or Tablet?

If you thought the process of playing it using your computer or laptop is easy, it’s absolutely easier with an Android device!

Here’s how you can do it!

Step #1: Download the Amazon Music App

First things first, make sure that you have the Amazon Music app ready on your device. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, if it’s Android, you can download it.

Wait for the download and the installation to finish, then access it.

Step #2: Launch and Log Into Your Account

Launch the newly installed Amazon Music app on your device and log in.

NOTE: Make sure that all information is correct; otherwise, there would be delays in the entire process.

Step #3: Hit on the Cast Icon

When you log in, you’ll see an icon beside the search button at the top right that resembles a TV with the WiFi symbol.

Tap on it and it’ll give you a list of the supported devices on the network. Choose the appropriate Google Home device you want to use.

Step #4: Play a Sound Manually or By Using Voice Command

When it confirms, try playing a sound by selecting one from your device or by a using voice command.

You should hear the sound play from your Google Home device.

How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home Using Your iPhone or iPad?

Some people thought of this as an impossible feat. But, the Google Home app is actually available for both the Android and the iOS systems!

So, if you own an iPhone or an iPad and you’re looking to play Amazon Music through Google Home devices, here’s the process of doing it!

Step #1: Download the Google Home App

Since Android devices are able to automatically connect to Google Home devices automatically, you wouldn’t really need the Google Home App.

With iOS devices, however, you’ll need the intervention of the Google Home App. So, that’s the first thing you need to do.

After downloading and installing it, log into it using your Google account.

Step #2: Download and Install the Amazon Music App

Leave your Google Home app as it is and go to the next step, which is to download the Amazon Music app.

Once you’re finished downloading the Amazon Music app, log into it. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by clicking on Sign Up or Register.

Before you hop on to step 3, make sure that you’re logged in to an Amazon Music account.

Step #3: Toggle Google Home App

When that’s done, what you must do next is to access Google Home and toggle settings from there.

Hit on the [MENU] icon and select More Settings. Scroll down until you see the button that says Music. That opens all the Music-capable apps and programs on your device.

Step #4: Log into Amazon Music App

Scroll down to the bottom part or until you see the Amazon Music App and click on it. It’ll ask you to log in through the Google Home facility.

After that, you should see a sign or a word below that app that says LINK. That means you were able to link Amazon Music to your Google Home.

Step #5: Test Out the Linking by Playing Sounds

You can test it out by manually playing sounds from the Amazon Music app. Alternatively, you can try out voice commands.

Try saying OK Google, play [SONG] on Amazon Music.”

That’s just about it! That’s the process of easily linking your Google Home to your Amazon Music account!

No need for any specialized devices or routers!

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It’s Not Working, What Should I Do?

In troubleshooting, what you normally must do would be to restart or reset the app. If you’re using the PC or laptop version, try restarting the computer.

Moreover, double-check if you have an established internet connection. Oftentimes, people forget that they need WiFi to make Amazon Music work.

Should it still be not functioning properly, seek help from a Google representative and ask about the situation.

Playing Amazon Music on Google Home is easy! In fact, you’re not restricted to do it in just one single way.


If you ever find yourself asking if you can play Amazon Music on Google Home, this guide will be all you need!

Follow this guide and find the process or the method that suits you best!

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