how to use google voice for texting

Perhaps you have come across an obstacle, and you are wondering how to use Google Voice for texting. Many people encounter this specific dilemma, and that’s the reason why we’ve created this guide!

When you get to the end of the guide, you will find using Google Voice for texting so easy that you can do it with your eyes closed!

You can do this by utilizing and logging in to your Google Voice online account. Once you are in, you just must open and navigate to Messages and you are all set!

Before we dive deep into the razzle-dazzle of Google Voice, let us first understand the way in which how Google Voice works.

Who Can Use Google Voice?

People who have a Gmail account would be eligible to create a Google Voice number.

In case you haven’t noticed, Google Voice is something that you can do if you have an existing Gmail account.

But, where would you be able to use Google Voice?

Where Can You Use Google Voice?

Once you have successfully set up Google Voice, either on your computer or your smartphone and you have linked a phone number, you can easily use it on whatever device that has the capability of accessing it online.

You can use it on your smartphone, your PC or computer, a tablet, or a laptop!

When you have all of these ready, it’ll be easy to start using them! As a matter of fact, you can use it simply like how you would use the regular phone app!

Since many people aren’t aware of how it’s done, here’s how to use Google Voice for texting!

Steps on How to Use Google Voice for Texting?

use google voice for texting

For this guide, we will be outlining three ways on how you can utilize the text messaging facility of Google Voice.

We will discuss Google Voice texting using a computer or a laptop, an Android, or an iPhone or iPad.

Using Google Voice Texting via Computer

In using Google Voice on a computer, you will need to use the web version, not the app. So, here’s how you can send utilize the text messaging functionality.

Step #1: Log Into Google Voice

The first thing you need to do is to access Google Voice. Then, the next step is to log in to your account.

Step #2: Click Send a Message

Once you are inside your Google Voice account, the next thing you want to do is to find the Messages category.

From there, your Google Voice inbox will be open, and you’ll see the messages you’ve sent and received. Then, what you need to do is to hit on the button that says Send a Message.

Step #3: Compose a Message

After that, what you must do is compose or write your message up. Type in the message that you want to use and send it to a specific contact.

Before going to the next step, double-check the message.

Step #4: Choose Who You Want to Send the Message To

Lastly, select the recipient of the contact you want to send the message to. If that person is not on your contacts list, you can type the number in.


Short-code numbers or numbers that have about five (5) or six (6) digits wouldn’t be successful.

That is how you can use your computer or laptop to send a Google Voice text message!

Using Google Voice Texting via Android

Other than your computer or laptop, you can also make use of the Google Voice texting facility on Android devices.

Whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, you can use this method.

Step #1: Download and Install the Google Voice App

What you must do first is to make sure that you have the Google Voice application if you don’t have it yet.

You can download it from the Google Play Store, and it’s totally free!

Step #2: Open and Log Into the Voice App

Wait for the download to finish, and, once it’s done, open and log into your account.

Ensure that you input the correct information to avoid delays.

Step #3: Open the Messages Tab

When you get into your account, the next thing you want to do is to open the Messages tab. This is the tab or the category that will allow you to see the messages that have been sent and received.

Step #4: Compose a Message

Instead of clicking on any message, hit on Compose a Message. Write the message up and double-check it before you go to the next step, which is…

Step #5: Enter the Name or the Number of the Recipient

Enter the name of the recipient you want to send the message to. If he or she isn’t in your contacts list, you can manually type the number in.

Wait for the process to fully load, and, when it does, you will be able to see that the message has been successfully sent.

Using Google Voice Texting via iPad or iPhone

For iPhones and iPads, lastly, here is the process of how you can text using Google Voice.

Step #1: Download the Google Voice App from the App Store

On the App Store, download and install the Google Voice app or program. Akin to its Android version, the iOS version is free, too.

After the download finishes, you are now ready to send the message to your contact!

Step #2: Choose a Contact You Want to Send it To

From your contacts, choose the person or the number you want to send the message to. Do this before sending a message for you not to be confused.

Once you have finalized the person or contact you want to text, then this is the perfect time to write and compose your message.

Step #3: Compose the Message

So, compose your message and double-check and finalize it before sending it.


All these options will allow you to send text messages that would have characters that are not longer than 160. Moreover, that’s also how you can use Google Voice only for texting phones with no voicemail!

These are the methods by which you can perform texting using your Google Voice account!

How Much Are Google Voice Text Messages?

There is really no cost to sending text messages via Google Voice within the United States. On the other hand, if you use it to text a foreign number, for instance, it’ll use your phone credits, not Google Voice.


Google Voice text messages are sent and received using data. So, there’s really no cost if you use it correctly.

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How to Reply to Google Voice Text Messages?

Replying to Google Voice texts is as simple and as easy as how you would compose one.

You just must go to Messages, and then select a message that you want to reply to. Compose what you want your reply to be, and finally, click on Send!

It’s literally just like composing a message like how you would normally do it!


The next time that you need guidance on how to use Google Voice for texting, this is how you can do it!

You don’t need any special program or application; all you need are few clicks!

No need for you to worry or stress about costs and prices!

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