fire stick registered to someone else

Have you just bought an Amazon First Stick to add smart TV features to your entertainment setup only to find the Fire Stick registered to someone else?

This is not a common problem, but it does happen. There is a reason why you may have a Fire Stick that is registered to someone else, and it all has to do with how you purchased the device.

In the following guide, we will explain how it is possible to buy a Fire TV Stick that is already registered to another user.

We will also walk you through deregistering the account and registering the device under your name.

Amazon First Stick Registered to Someone Else

firestick registered to someone else

If you have purchased a brand new Fire TV Stick and it has already been registered to someone else, you should take the following steps.

Firstly, contact the retailer you purchased the Fire Stick from, whether it is Amazon or another company.

It is almost certain the device you have is not new and the retailer has accidentally sent you a used product.

You also need to deregister the account that is on the Fire TV Stick. We explain why this is important and how to do it later in this guide.

If you bought the device directly from Amazon, the company may have made a mistake.

Fire TV Sticks come pre-registered to the Amazon Account used to make the purchase.

It is possible Amazon accidentally registered the device to another user. This is extremely unlikely, but it could happen.

Of course, it is also possible you bought the Fire TV Stick using someone else’s account, such as a family member.

Used Amazon Fire TV Stick Registered to Someone Else

used firestick

If you have bought a Fire TV Stick that is registered to someone else, then you have probably purchased a used device.

For example, if you have bought a second-hand Fire Stick or been given one by a friend, the previous owner may have forgotten to deregister their account.

Many customers also mistakenly purchase a Fire TV Stick from Amazon Warehouse believing it to be brand new.

Amazon Warehouse takes used products, refurbishes them, and re-sells them as used items. While the retailer makes it clear these devices as refurbished used, some customers do not realize this.

If you bought your Fire TV Stick from Amazon Warehouse thinking it is new, that is not really the case.

While Amazon should wipe any registered accounts from Warehouse products, it is possible this step was overlooked.

That means you could end up with a used Fire Stick with the old account still registered.

Deregister a Fire Stick Registered to Someone Else

Whether your Fire TV Stick is registered to someone else is used (likely) or a retailer accidentally sent you a used product (unlikely), you will need to deregister the account attached to the device.

There are a couple of reasons why it is important to take this step.

Respect and Privacy of the other user

If your Amazon Fire Stick arrives registered to someone else, it is likely the person forgot to remove their account from the device.

You will now have access to the account, including subscriptions, purchases, photos, and personal details. Deregistering the account is simply the moral thing to do.

You cannot use your account

Without removing the account attached to the Fire TV Stick, you will not be able to register without your own account.

That means you will have no access to your personal files and subscriptions.

How to Deregister an Account on Amazon Fire TV Stick

firestick deregister

You can deregister someone else’s account on your Amazon Fire Stick in a few easy steps.

  • Start by using your Fire TV remote and navigate to the Settings menu
  • Choose the Account section.
  • Select the Amazon Account option and then choose “Deregister”.
  • You are now asked to confirm your choice to finalize the change.

Once the deregistration is complete, the Amazon Account page will now give you the option to register with your own account.

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Buying a Fire Stick registered to someone else is a rare occurrence, but it does happen.

By reading the guide above, you can understand the reasons why this happens and know how to deregister the account.

It is worth noting if you decide to sell or give away your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you should always deregister your account first.

Nicole B