do i need a fire stick for each tv

Asking do I need a Fire Stick for each TV? In this article, we will go over the essentials of the Amazon fire stick and let you know the features and specifications of this streaming media.

We will explain how they work with more than one TV and whether you can use a single Firestick for multiple TVs throughout your household and how.

A swift answer to this question is that you can NOT use a fire stick for multiple TVs at the same time. You would have to unplug the streaming media’s adapter and use it with the TV you are willing to control with your Fire Stick.

There are, however, other ways to get the most out of your Fire Stick so make sure to stick around and find out.

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Let’s first get familiar with the fire stick’s specifications and think of a reliable way to pair your Fire Sticks with all TVs in your household.

How Firestick Works

The Fire Stick streaming media is a device meant for connecting it to your TV.

It is a central repository for all of your digital content, such as movies, TV shows, videos, and so on. It is being connected to your TV via HDMI cable and it uses Wi-Fi to broadcast online media.

The Firestick comes with a remote with a built-in microphone so you can use voice control and HDMI output so you can connect it to almost any TV.

Fire Stick works with Amazon and once logged on, you will have access to any videos or music purchased using your Amazon account.

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There is no monthly fee and all purchases made would be for the device only. You can download apps, stream media and play games on your Firestick.

But is it possible to hook up your Firestick to more than one TV? Let’s find out!

So, Do I Need a Fire Stick For Each TV?

do i need a amazon fire stick for each tv

So, Can You Use Amazon Fire Stick on More Than One TV? Unfortunately, you will need multiple Firesticks if you want to use more than one TV simultaneously.

This way you will be able to watch different shows on each of the TVs as you wish.

Both of the Firestick devices will be listed within your Amazon account and there won’t be any monthly separate charge for using this Firestick, but only the initial and the buying cost.

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How To Connect Firestick With TV?

Although you can’t pair one Fire Stick with multiple TVs, you will be able to pair multiple Fire Sticks with one Fire TV.

You can manage the Fire remote devices by going into your Fire TV’s settings and clicking on Controllers & Bluetooth.

From there, head to the Devices tab and click on “add new remote”.

Then you would have to hold the home button for five seconds then select your new remote’s name from the ones displayed on the screen of your Fire TV.

Next, simply press the home button on your Fire Stick remote, until you hear beeping. The beeping will indicate a successful connection between your Firestick and remote.

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How To Connect One Fire Stick to Multiple TVs?

Although you cannot use one fire stick with multiple TVs at the same time, there is still a way to use the firestick remote temporarily with each TV.

Simply unplug the Firestick from one TV and plug it onto the other. Use the same Prime account as well as the same remote to interact with each TV easily.

The Firestick switch is proven not to harm your TV’s hardware so in case this solution works for you, you should not be concerned about performing these actions as much as required.

Once you’re finished you can return your Firestick to your main TV and resume your experience.

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Multiple Fire Remotes in One Account?

According to the Amazon Fire TV department, you are fully capable of using more than one firebox/stick at the same household/address, but as long as they are both connected to the same Prime account.

You will even be granted the possibility of using them at two different addresses for extra comfort when distributing users in your Amazon account.

When it comes down to how many Fire remotes you can pair with a single Fire TV, the announced limit is two.

Even after attempting, you won’t be able to pair more than two Firesticks into a single Fire TV database due to the internally built-in limit.

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How Mirror Firestick Output to Multiple TVs?

If you are still wondering do I need Fire Stick for each TV, well we have got a kind of a solution for you.

In case you have got several TVs and you want to mirror one’s content onto another, without actually having to purchase another Firestick, the solution is really easy.

You will need to purchase an HDMI splitter so you can get more than one output from your Firestick. 

The only downsides would be that the second TV must be on the side and relatively close to the main TV, as well as, that you cannot play different content as you will just establish mirroring.

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This method will allow you to mirror the main TV and send it over to several TVs at the same time.

If this sounds like a suitable solution for you, make sure to investigate the prices first, as the hardware equipment you would need might turn out more expensive than you think.

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If you purchase another firestick you will be limited to a maximum of two devices playing the same content simultaneously.


Now that we have answered the question “do I need Fire Stick for each TV?” you should not be having any follow-up inquiries.

Even if you do, feel free to navigate to our tech blog to find solutions to any problems with the devices in your smart home.

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As far as using a firestick on multiple TVs, we hope that now you have learned what’s possible and what’s not.

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