bissell carpet cleaner water not coming out

Wondering why Bissell Carpet Cleaner water not coming out? It’s simple!

The entire purpose of the Bissell Carpet Cleaner is to spray water and clean a stationary carpet without having to take it outside.

When the water is not coming out or merely spraying, we need to identify what’s causing the problem and undertake the respective solution! 

Whenever the Bissell Carpet Cleaner Water is not coming out we need to remove and install the red gasket as well as clean the spinner and the filter. In case that doesn’t help we should unclog the inline filter and spray tips before drawing conclusions!

Let’s next take a quick look at the most frequent causes for Bissell not spraying water!

Why Is Water Not Coming Out Of Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

why water not coming out

There are truly a lot of possible causes, taking into consideration all of the mechanical components that are involved in the Bissell water spraying.

This is why we’re going to list ALL possibilities at your disposal to be able to acquire a good understanding of the problem!

Here’s what might be preventing the water from coming out in Bissell Carpet Cleaner:

  • Empty or Clogged Water Tank
  • Dirty Bissell Carpet Cleaner Filters
  • Faulty Bissell Pump
  • Damaged Pump Belt
  • The Gasket is Not Affixed Correctly
  • Clogged Spray Tips
  • Water Tank Valve Not Depressed

Yes, there are quite a few different possibilities and to be able to address them ALL at once, you need to follow the troubleshooting guide below.

There are even more possibilities that we’ve included in the solutions so without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Bissell Carpet Cleaner Water Not Coming Out – Fixed!

how fix bisell carpet cleaner

It’s easy to solve the problem by performing an inspection of ALL possibilities but for the entire guide to work smoothly, you’re going to need a couple of things.

Important: Acquire Before You Start!

  1. Philips V
  2. Old Toothbrush
  3. Flat-head Screwdriver

When you’ve got the tools necessary for the guide, jump right in!

Solution #1 Reposition The Reg Gasket!

The very first step to undertake is to perform an inspection on the water located in the inner bladder of the main (water tank) and the formula within the formula tank.

It’s important to check whether the red gasket, which is on the bottom of the formula tank, is properly embedded.

  • The red gasket has to be pushed all the way down! 
reposition the gasket

When centralized pressure is applied, water should start coming out. You can push with your finger to test whether the water will start coming out.

In case the water won’t come out, use pliers or a flat-head screwdriver to remove the gasket from the base and affix the component.

One More Thing!

The Bissell Carpet Cleaner has a valve on the bottom panel underneath the water tank, which is what provides the pressure for the water spraying.

Inspect the hole for any solid obstruction or whether it’s clogged by any means. 

Solution #2 Inspect The Pump Belt

inspect the pump belt

The next step is to perform a thorough inspection of the Pump Belt and check whether the Bissell Carpet Cleaner operation is intact.

Most users have never done such an inspection and this is why we’ve created a step-by-step guide below!

  1. Plug your Bissell Carpet Cleaner into the Power Outlet.
  2. Turn ON the machine!
  3. Peek through the front nozzle.
  4. Check whether the Brush is rotating.
  5. Note: The spray and brush are powered by the same pulley.
  6. In case the brush is not rotating, unplug the machine from the power.
  7. Open the door to access the Pump Belt.
  8. The belt connects the Motor and Pump Pulley.

The belt has to be replaced in case it’s damaged, worn out, or missing. You can use your finger to inspect the belt and in case everything appears to be well, keep reading the next solution!

Tip: A replacement Bissell Carpet Cleaner Pump Belt can be found online for cheap!

Solution #3 Unclog The Inline Filter!

unclog the inline filter

The water on your Bissell Carpet Cleaner will not come out at full capacity when there is something blocking the Inline Filter.

There could be anything obstructing the filter such as hair or other particles that came into the machine with refilling the water tank.

Follow the steps below to unclog the Inline Filter in no time:

  1. Remove the Filter Cap (Flow Indicator) by unscrewing it.
  2. You’ll find two components inside (The Spinner & Filter).
  3. Use your flat-head screwdriver to pull both of them out.
  4. Remove ALL debris, hair, or anything clogging the filter.
  5. Tip: Use an old toothbrush!

When you’re ready install the spinner and filter as well as the filter cap. Then refill the water tank with fresh water and test whether the Bissell

Carpet Cleaner spraying is now working! In case the water is now spraying but really weak, keep reading the next solutions!

Tip: Run warm water on the inline filter to perform a better cleaning!

Solution #4 Inspect the Spraying Tips

inspect spraying tips

The next solution that will hopefully restore the water coming out of the Bissell Carpet Cleaner is to check the Spray Tips.

This is the last component through which the water has to come through in order to start spraying so it’s important to check whether everything is normal!

Follow the steps below to inspect the Bissell Carpet Cleaner spraying tips:

  1. Turn the carpet cleaner upside down.
  2. Use an old toothbrush to flip the brush.
  3. Remove ALL dust, hair, and debris!
  4. Refill the Water & Formula Tanks!
  5. Plug the Bissell Carpet Cleaner into the Power Outlet.

When you’re done with the steps, test if the water will start coming out from the tank, hence whether the machine is working properly.

In case the water is still not coming out, perhaps we need to dig deeper in order to discover the actual problem.

Note: Once again, check whether the water tank is affixed properly on the valve!

Solution #5 Feed The Valve With Water!

In order to determine why your Bissell Carpet Cleaner is not spraying water, we need to inspect the last two suspects – the water tank and valve.

We need to identify which of these both is holding the water so we’ll simply test the valve without the water tank on top.

Follow the steps below to identify the culprit:

feed valve with water
  1. Remove the Water Tank from the Bissell Carpet Cleaner.
  2. Plug the machine into the power and turn it on.
  3. Take a cup of water and feed the valve directly.
  4. The machine should spray the water right after.

Fix The Problem Using a Screw?

Alert: Performing the below solution will void the machine’s warranty!

If the water is being sprayed when the water tank is not installed, it simply means that for some reason the tank is not feeding the valve.

This typically happens because the peg is hollow and the only way to solve the problem is to insert a screw, which will fit inside the peg.

The goal is to raise the point upwards and then put the water tank back on top.

This way the valve on the water tank will be pushed, therefore the water will be able to enter the machine!

In case that didn’t help either, keep reading to reset the Bissell Carpet Cleaner!

Solution #6 Prime The Machine

prime the machine

It’s clear that the Bissell Carpet Cleaner trigger should spray the water from the tank when it’s pressed.

In case you want and the water is still not coming out perhaps the unit lost its prime. 

  • To Prime the machine, disconnect the unit and hold the trigger for 30 seconds!

When you’re ready, plug the Bissell Carpet Cleaner into the power outlet, turn on the machine and check whether the water is now coming out. 

Need More Help?

In case the problem is persistent, you would need to contact Bissell Customer Service for more assistance.

They would surely suggest more solutions and help you with identifying the problem and the next steps. Good luck!

Tip: Always share what you’ve already attempted to save as much time as possible!

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Quick Recap:

Whenever the Bissell Carpet Cleaner water not coming out, first reposition the red gasket, clean the spinner and the filter and refill the water tank.

In case the water is still not spraying, thoroughly inspect the valve and prime the machine to restore the function!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B