bissell vacuum won't turn off

Wondering why the Bissell vacuum won’t turn off? Don’t worry we know!

The wireless Bissell vacuums are prone to turning on/off issues since they’re not connected directly to the outlet. Stay with us to uncover why the vacuum won’t turn off automatically!

The Bissel vacuum is not turning off due to obstructions in the airflow, a defect in the power switch, or simply due to a faulty battery.

The solution requires an inspection of all involved factors as well as their surrounding possibilities.

Why The Bissell Vacuum Will Not Turn OFF?

why the bissell vacuum will not turn off

Different factors can cause the wireless Bissell vacuum to not turn off, including power issues, battery issues, system issues, dirt, and many more.

However, it is quite important to know the causes to see what needs to be investigated to troubleshoot the vacuum issue.

The following are the potential causes of not turning off the Bissell vacuum:

  • Blockages in the air pathway
  • Stuck or defective power switch
  • Defective or Wrong Charger
  • Low or faulty vacuum batteries
  • Faulty or damaged device motor
  • Loose or faulty device wiring 

Let’s jump in next to begin troubleshooting the vacuum not turning off issue!

Top 8 Ways To Fix When Bissell Vacuum Won’t Turn OFF?

Quick Reminder!

If you are experiencing any issues with the corded vacuum, unplug it for a while and then plug it back in.

In case the vacuum still won’t turn off, remove the vacuum’s batteries, and check whether this will help. As a last resort, check your warranty or call a technician for help!

1. Press The Power Multiple Times!

press the power multiple times

The vacuum power button may often become stuck in the “ON” position due to the accumulation of dirt and debris.

Therefore, press the vacuum power button multiple times by applying mild force to determine whether this will work.

In addition, clean any stuck debris from the button.

To clean the power button, use a toothpick or paper clip to remove any built-up dirt, and try pressing the button all the way in.

2. Check For Air Flow Blockages!

Any blockage in the vacuum hose, wand, or internal components may block the air pathway inside the appliance, which leads the vacuum to run continuously.

Therefore, it’s important to check whether the vacuum is clogged and clean the blockages from the components.

check for air flow blockages

Here is how to check for blockages in a Bissell vacuum:

  1. Turn off the Bissell vacuum power. 
  2. Hold the vacuum hose from the back.
  3. Twist the hose counterclockwise
  4. Disconnect the hose from the vacuum. 
  5. Clean the hose using a long and soft brush. 
  6. Then, unscrew the foot hose from the vacuum.
  7. Tip: Use a Phillips screwdriver. 
  8. Next, unscrew the vacuum cover. 
  9. Lift the vacuum cover and clean any obstructions.
  10. When ready, reassemble the components back. 
Tip: If the vacuum hose is fully clogged, then lean the hose using soapy water!

3. Inspect the Vacuum Hand Vac!

inspect the vacuum hand vac

It is very important that the hand vac is securely and tightly attached to the unit, the vacuum is not turned off even after pressing the power button.

Therefore, you need to check whether it’s loose or not embedded correctly. 

Here is how to inspect the vacuum hand vac connection:

  1. Turn off the Bissell vacuum power source.
  2. Locate the vacuum hand vac screws.
  3. Tip: Check on the back or bottom of the vacuum.
  4. Tighten the hand vac screws using a screwdriver. 
  5. Also, check the vacuum charging prongs.
  6. Ensure that they are intact and not damaged.
  7. Test the vacuum by turning on the power.

4. Inspect the Power Switch

If you have tested and cleaned the power button but the problem persists, then maybe the power switch is faulty.

When this happens the device won’t receive power from the main circuit, hence we need to inspect and replace the power switch.

inspect the power switch
Note: Power button location may vary from model to model!

Here is how to replace the Bissell vacuum power switch:

  1. Unplug the Bissel vacuum from the power source.
  2. Locate the power switch from the back of the vacuum. 
  3. Unscrew the vacuum to access the power switch.
  4. Disconnect the wires from the power switch.
  5. Take out the power switch from the vacuum.
  6. Then test the power switch using a Multimeter.
  7. Address the problem based on your findings:
  • If the meter shows continuity, then the switch is in working order.
  • If the meter doesn’t show continuity, replace the power switch.

It’s also recommended to check whether there is any physical damage to the switch!

5. Check the Vacuum Charger!

check the vacuum charger

It might be possible that your Bissell vacuum battery is experiencing some technical glitch because of the use of an incorrect or defective charger.

Therefore, it’s important to only use the original charger that came in the box with your vacuum.

  • Inspect the charging (USB) ports for any visible damage/obstruction!

In addition, check whether the batteries of your Bissell vacuum are due for replacement.

Fully Charge The Bissell Vacuum! 

Before continuing further, set the vacuum on charging, adjust the power switch to the “OFF” position, and don’t use the vacuum until it has completely charged.

The complete charge requires 4 hours, but when the battery is not brand new, 2 and a half hours are enough!

Note: A new Bissell vacuum battery lasts up to 40 minutes!

6. Test the Bissell Vacuum Motor

test the bissell vacuum motor

Sometimes, when the vacuum motor gets faulty, it may not supply power to the vacuum on/off switch, and the vacuum stays turned on.

Therefore, it’s important to check whether the device’s motor is in working condition, and if not, consider servicing.

Here is how to test the Bissell Vacuum motor in easy steps:

  1. Before testing, ensure that the vacuum battery is fully charged.
  2. Next, turn on the vacuum power and listen for any unusual noises.
  3. Next, check the vacuum suction and airflow by placing your hand.
  4. Check the vacuum brush roll and make sure it is spinning properly.
  5. Inspect a vacuum for overheating by feeling the heat on the touch.
  6. If you found the irregular working of any component, replace it.

For the replacement or repair of a motor, it is important to take your time and get a proper repair and diagnosis of your vacuum by taking professional help. 

7. Inspect The Vacuum Wires Connection

inspact the vacuum wires connection

A faulty wiring connection or defective wires can often cause power issues with the Bissell vacuum system.

It’s possible that the power is not evenly distributed throughout the vacuum, and that’s why the device is unable to determine what has to be done and what can’t.

  • Disassemble the vacuum thoroughly and tighten the wires connection!
Note: Only inspect the vacuum wires connection if you are knowledgeable!

Need Further Help?

If the vacuum won’t turn off using the aforementioned fixes, then contact Bissell Customer Support for more help. They will further assist you with any additional troubleshooting ways or any recommended repair options if necessary.

Quick Recap:

To fix when the Bissell vacuum won’t turn off, clear the blockages from the hose and wand and tighten the hand Vac connection.

Then press the power button multiple times, and inspect the switch before disassembling the Bissell vacuum for a wiring checkup!

Nicole B