bissell steam mop not steaming

Whenever Bissell steam mop not steaming we often can’t quite assume what’s wrong so in this guide we’ll explore all involved possibilities.

Let’s first unwrap what the solution includes:

The Bissell steam mop is not streaming because a different liquid or mixed water is used in the water tank.

Another possibility for not steaming would be a blocked filter or nozzle or simply incorrect settings, which requires a thorough inspection to identify further.

Let’s learn more!

Why Bissell Steam Mop Doesn’t Steam?

Many factors can cause the Bissell mop to not steam, especially a low level of water in the tank or liquid different from water.

However, it’s crucial to determine the true cause so we’ve listed some of the most frequent reasons why the Bissell steam mop is not steaming:

why bissell mop does not steam
  1. Use of another liquid than water
  2. Incorrect Bissell steam settings
  3. Blocked steam mop filter or nozzle 
  4. Plugged in a not working outlet 
  5. Defective power cord/equipment
  6. Low level of water in the steam tank
  7. A damaged water tank or tank cap
  8. Incorrect installation of mop foots
  9. Hard water mineral layers buildup 

Now let’s start troubleshooting the mop to identify the root cause to fix the issue!

Best Ways To Fix When Bissell Steam Mop Not Steaming?

1. Check The Power Supply

First, make sure the Bissell steam mop is plugged into a functional outlet and receives a 120 V power supply.

Also, test the outlet by plugging in any lamp or other appliance, and in case the outlet is not in working order, try plugging your mop into another outlet or directly into the wall.

check power supply

If the mop outlet is working, next completely check the mop’s power cord for any defects or breakage.

If there is a problem with the power cord, then find a replacement before proceeding.

If the outlet and power cord are working fine, try the next methods from the guide!

2. Fill The Water Level In The Tank!

It is possible that the water level is too low in your Bissell mop water tank and that’s why the appliance is having issues producing steam.

Simply check the mop’s water tank, fill it to a sufficient level, and then see if the mop releases steam or not.

Alert: Never use another liquid or cleaning solution except for the water in the steam mop!

Here is how to fill the water in a steam mop:

fill water level in tank
  1. Unplug the Bissell mop from the power outlet.
  2. Locate the water tank cap from the top of the mop.
  3. Pour the water into the provided cup of the mop.
  4. Open the lid of the Bissell steam mop water tank.
  5. Fill the water in the tank using the filled water cup.
  6. Then close the cap and plug the mop into the power.
Info: In case you’ve poured anything other than water, no worries, simply empty the water tank, thoroughly clean the insides using a brush, and pour water.

3. Adjust the Mop Steam Settings

As you are familiar, the Bissell mop has two steam settings, Low and High. It is important to choose the appropriate steam level for floor cleaning.

Simply try adjusting the settings to a different option and then see if the mop produces steam.

If you have no idea how to adjust the steam mop settings, follow the steps:

adjust mop steam settings
  1. Plug the Bissell mop into the working power outlet.
  2. Be sure that there is enough water in the mop tank.
  3. Then locate the steam settings button on the top.
  4. Press the Low or High button according to your suitability.
  5. Then press the Trigger button to activate the settings.
Note: If you have already selected any button, but the mop doesn’t steam, press another button, then check if the mop is steaming.

4. Inspect the Mop Water Tank!

If the steam is still not coming even if there is enough water in the tank and the mop is set to appropriate steam settings, then carefully inspect the mop tank.

Simply take the water tank out of the mop, then look for any breaks, scratches, or leaks.

Here is how to thoroughly inspect the Bissell steam mop water tank:

inspect bissell steam mop water tank
  1. Disconnect the Bissell steam mop from the power supply.
  2. Ensure that there is water inside the tank to check for leaks.
  3. Gently remove the water tank from the Bissel steam mop.
  4. Use a flashlight or take the mop into a lit place for inspection.
  5. Then properly inspect the tank for cracks, leakage, or defects.
Note: Any of the aforementioned scenarios should be ignored and the water tank should be replaced as soon as possible!

5. Unclog The Mop Filter

To keep the appliance working well, it is crucial to clean the mop filter regularly.

If your steam mop’s filter is completely obstructed then that’s why your mop motor is having issues producing the steam. Just cleaning and clearing the mop’s filter will solve the mop steam problem.

Note: Remember to replace the filter of your steam mop after every 3 months!

Here is how to unclog the Bissell steam mop filter:

unclog bissell steam mop filter
  1. Unplug the mop from the power source.
  2. Locate the dirt tank below the water tank.
  3. Then rotate the lever of the tank to unlock it.
  4. Hold the dirt tank and gently take it out. 
  5. Remove the filter cartridge from the tank.
  6. Take out the appliance’s pre-motor foam.
  7. Then unclog the filter and clear all the debris.
  8. Next, put the foam back into the filter.
  9. Connect the filter cartridge to the dirt separator.
  10. Set up the dirt tank to its place on the mop.
  11. Then turn the lever to the right side to lock it.
Note: If your mop has an additional water filter, make sure to check it and replace it if it is completely green.

6. Check the Water Tank Cap!

Next, check the cap of the water tank as well. It’s highly likely that the tank is fine but the tank cap is having issues such as cracks, or the cap gasket seal is loose.

In those cases, this will cause a delay in the steaming function or no workability at all.

Inspect the water tank cap and in case it seems loose, damaged, or defective, replace the component as per the user manual instructions.

Note: In case the warranty is intact, you can call Bissell or the supplier directly for servicing!

7. Reinstall The Mop Foot

reinstall mop foot

Sometimes when the Bissell steam mop isn’t properly attached to its feet, then it faces issues producing steam.

This is why it’s important to check and see if the feet are properly connected with the extension of the unit and, if possible, reinstall the mop feet to secure them further.

Here is how to reinstall the Bissell steam mop foot:

  1. Unplug the steam mop from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the mop extension wand from the foot.
  3. Then properly install the wand into the mop foot.
  4. Wait for the  *click sound* and wait 30 seconds.
  5. The pad light has to convert from flashing to solid.
  6. Next, select the steam settings from the touchpad.
  7. Then press the Trigger button and check for steam.

Need More Help?

If after trying every troubleshooting way in this guide and your steam mop doesn’t produce steam, then contact Bissell Support and share the issue you are facing.

It’s important to share what you’ve already attempted to jump straight into new ways to solve the issue!

Tip: Check whether your Bissell steam mop warranty is intact.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Bissell steam mop not steaming, be sure to plug the mop into a working outlet, and clean the filter and steamer nozzle.

In addition, fill only water in the tank, and then choose the correct steam settings to make the steam mop start producing steam.

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