amazon echo randomly talking

Is your Amazon Echo randomly talking without giving it any commands? Does it give out a natural response even if it’s not called or activated?

Yes, it could be a nuisance especially if you’re trying to do manual voice commands to it.

At the same time, it can be creepy if it talks randomly in the middle of the night. But, what could possibly be causing this to happen?

In this guide, we’ll be unearthing some of the casual reasons why your Echo randomly talks. Furthermore, you will also learn how to fix and resolve this permanently!

To stop your Echo virtual assistant from making random noises and sounds, check the routines and try to clear out the routine that could have triggered it.

Before we get to the resolution, let’s try understanding the possible underlying causes of it, first.

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Why Does My Echo Randomly Talk?

You could have experienced it at any time during the day, or worse, at night. Relax, your Echo device isn’t haunted – or is it?

1. There Are Glitches in Some Routines

There are actually quite a few reasons why this is happening. However, the most common reason would be a routine that’s glitched.

Glitches can happen even if they’ve been working perfectly for a whole year straight. It’s pretty normal given the fact that a lot of people already complained about it.

2. There’s a Connected Bluetooth Device

There are also some reports that have stated Alexa randomly activating and talking because of the Bluetooth connectivity that it has.

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So, a Bluetooth device like an external speaker, a smartphone, or any other device could be the cause of it, too.

3. Alexa Could Have Misheard the Wake Word 

Another reason is that Alexa could have misheard the “wake” word or the word that triggers it. This is quite often the result of people being loud within the vicinity of where the Echo is.

For instance, if someone in your house is named Alexa and you call her, it may talk and respond.

These are three of the customary reasons why your Amazon Alexa is speaking randomly. But, now that we know the reasons, is there a permanent fix or solution to this? Is there a way to work around this complication?

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How to Fix Your Amazon Echo Randomly Talking?

fix amazon echo randomly talking

It’s amazing and quite creepy at the same time, but if it happens too frequently then it should be, it is a cause for concern.

So, here are the steps on how you can fix and prevent your virtual assistant to talk randomly.

Step #1: Check on Alexa Routines

The first thing you want to do is to check the routines that are set for your Echo device. To see and access this, follow these steps:

  • Open and access the Alexa app
  • Once you’re in, you then have to click on the menu or the hamburger icon
  • Select Settings > Routines
  • This will display all the routines that are set
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Step #2: Delete Possible Routines That Could Cause It

After checking what routines are there, try to map out what made the Echo talk randomly.

You can see it depending on what Alexa said when she spoke. Try looking at all the routines that you have and match them with what she said.

When you determine that routine, try to delete that routine.

Step #3: Look at the History

A lot of people didn’t know this, but they can actually take a look at Alexa’s history. This will be able to give you the information you need in determining what caused the virtual assistant to speak and wake up.

From there, you can rule out some skills, commands, and routines that could possibly be the reason.

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Step #4: Enable Do Not Disturb

While this step would only work during the hours you set it, it can still prevent Alexa from speaking randomly, especially at night.

Just like many other devices, Alexa has a Do Not Disturb feature. This feature will allow you to disable all alerts, notifications, and routines while it’s activated.

You can easily turn it on through the Alexa app. To help you even further, here’s how you can do it:

  • Access and open the Alexa app
  • Once you’re in, go to Alexa Menu, and hit on Settings
  • Choose Device Settings and select the device you want to toggle
  • Scroll down until you see Do Not Disturb
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Alternatively, you can use the voice command to activate it. You can simply say, “Alexa, set Do Not Disturb.”

Note: By enabling this, you’ll be able to keep your Amazon Echo device quiet during specific timeframes.

Step #5: Disconnect Paired Bluetooth Devices

And for the last step, you would want to disconnect Bluetooth devices that are paired. According to several reports, there have been instances where the random talking of the virtual assistant is caused by paired and connected Bluetooth devices.

You can disable this by following these steps:

  • Go to Alexa Menu and proceed to Settings
  • Open Device Settings
  • Select the specific Echo or device that you’re looking to toggle
  • Tap on Bluetooth Devices
  • Select the device you want to forget then hit on Forget Device
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Once you’re able to follow these steps, you can have the assurance that your Amazon Echo wouldn’t be randomly talking any longer!

You’re now free from the constant dilemma of your virtual assistant spewing out random words in the middle of the night!

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My Echo Device is Still Talking?

Are you sure that you were able to follow all the steps we outlined above? Is it still being such a nuisance for you?

Unplug Alexa When Not In Use

Another thing you can do, as an additional step to aid the process is to unplug your Echo device when you’re not using it.

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Doing this can absolutely give you the guarantee that it wouldn’t be bugging you when you don’t need it.

Contact Amazon Support

Should you be looking for a permanent solution to this, then, the next best thing you want to do is to contact Amazon’s customer support team.

Tell them about the dilemma you’re experiencing, as well as the process you’ve already done.

They have their set of troubleshooting steps to help and assist you, so be prepared.

You might think that your Amazon Echo is possessed or haunted, but it’s neither of those! You just have to make sure that all settings are correct and none triggers its commands!


When you find that your Amazon Echo is randomly talking, try to look at the technical side of it first. Check the settings, the features, as well as some of the devices that are connected to it!

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