winix air purifier making noise

Winix air purifier making noise can be a concerning symptom, as it usually indicates that your device has some form of obstruction or issue with the moving components.

Having slight white noise is normal for air purifiers, but if the noise level is too high, it indicates an underlying issue.

To fix your Winix air purifier making noise, start by checking the filter for congestion and dust buildup. Then, see if your Winix is correctly placed with no obstructions present. 

Now that you have an overview of the possible fixes let’s examine what can cause the loud noise in the first place.

Why is My Winix Air Purifier Making Noise?

winix air purifier making noise reasons

If you hear an abnormally loud sound or noises from your Winix air purifier, it’s important to distinguish what type of sound it is making.

Depending on if it’s a rattling or a static buzzing sound, the causes can be completely different from each other.

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Here is a comprehensive overview of the causes of Winix air purifier loud noises:

  • Fan Blades Hitting Foreign Objects
  • Loose Internal Components
  • Clogged or Depleted Filter
  • Unstable Electric Current
  • Malfunctioning Fan Motor
  • Obstructed Airflow 

These are the most common issues that occur, and each of them comes with a set noise pattern that can give you a hint of what’s wrong. 

How to Fix Winix Air Purifier Making Noise

Tip: Follow the steps outlined below in the given order to eliminate possibilities for the noise.

Step #1: Clean the Filter

step 1: clean the filter

Winix air purifier making a hissing noise can be caused by the filter being congested and air particles struggling to pass through.

This can also put unneeded strain on the Winix air fan and cause it to work excessively hard to get air to pass through. 

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Here is how to ensure your Winix Filter is free of obstructions and issues:

  1. Turn off the Winix air purifier and unplug it from power.
  2. Open the front cover of your purifier or its top panel to access the internal filter. If unsure how to do this for your exact Winix model, check its instruction manual.
  3. Carefully extract the pre-filter from the base of your air purifier.
  4. Take a brush that is moderately soft and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pre-filter.
  5. Access and take out the primary filter.
  6. If your Winix uses the AOC Carbon Filter, rinse it under mildly warm water to clean.
  7. Let the filter dry down completely for at least 24 hours before reinstalling it.
  8. Check if the noise levels are reduced afterward.
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Please note that these filters should not be washed with any detergents, so use regular water instead.

If you have a True HEPA Filter, never wash or reuse it in case it has been degraded.

While the filters are removed, take your time to wipe the internal chamber where the filter sits from dust and debris.

Doing this will ensure no residual leftover dust will be reabsorbed into your clean filter.

Note: Pay attention to the type of filter your Winix uses; some filters are not washable.

Step #2: Inspect for Vibrations

step 2: inspect for vibrations

Vibrations can be caused if your Winix is positioned incorrectly, causing a high-pitched mechanical sound.

To ensure your device is running within normal conditions, you have to check the Winix setup.

Here is how to check for causes of vibrations in your Winix air purifier:

  • Always place your Winix air purifier on an even surface without any tilting.
  • Avoid having the Winix device placed on a carpet, as the fabric can interfere with operations and cause static charges.
  • Check the feet of your Winix air purifier for obstructions or built-up debris, as these could change the elevation of your device and make it uneven.
  • Don’t use the unit inside humid environments such as the bathroom or near drying clothes, as water ingress can cause vibrations.
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If any water has splashed or seeped inside the Winix purifier, power it off immediately and wait 24 hours for the water to dry.

Tip: Always let your Winix air purifier cool down before performing any cleaning or maintenance.

Step #3: Ensure Power Cable and Delivery are Good

ensure power cable and delivery are good

Winix air purifier making high-pitched noise is typically caused by an issue with the power delivery.

A coil-whine type of noise can be caused if the voltage is not consistent or too low or high.

To prevent this from occurring, it’s essential to check both the power cable and the output.

Here is how to check your Winix power delivery for issues:

  1. Start by disconnecting your Winix air purifier and thoroughly examining its power cable along the entire length. 
  2. Check if the prongs are misaligned, loose, or have parts missing. 
  3. If damage is found, replace the entire power cable unit.
  4. Try using a different electrical outlet to connect your Winix purifier.
  5. Use a surge protector on a suitable power strip to help filter electrical fluctuations.
  6. Check if the electrical outlet you use is properly grounded. For this step, you need a functioning multimeter to check the current of your power outlet.
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After verifying that your power supply is working as intended, check if the Winix unit still makes loud noises.

If the issue persists, proceed further with the solutions we provide.

Note: It is advisable to place your Winix air purifier under direct sunlight, as this can cause overheating.

Step #4: Check for Obstructions

step 4: check for obstructions

Winix air purifier fan making noise can be because the fan blades are hitting some other internal component or stuck foreign object.

If there are objects stuck inside the vents, then the fan blade might get chipped or damaged by hitting them at high speed.

Here is how to check for lodged foreign objects on your Winix air purifier:

  1. Turn off, then disconnect the Winix purifier.
  2. Identify the fan compartment area, usually at the top half of the device.
  3. Use a bright flashlight to shine a light inside the fan opening, and look for any lodged foreign objects.
  4. Try turning your Winix air purifier upside down, if needed, with the help of another person.
  5. Gently shake the purifier sideways until the objects get removed from the fan compartment.
  6. If the object can’t be removed, yet you hear it rattling, it’s best to take the Winix device to a licensed technician to remove it for you.
Note: Keep the Winix air purifier away from the reach of small children or household pets.

Step #5: Examine Winix for Loose Parts

step 5: examine winix for loose parts

Loose parts inside your Winix device might cause a rattling or buzzing sound whenever the unit is in operation.

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If you are getting these types of noises, it’s essential to check the internal components and look for loose parts.

Here is how to examine your Winix for loose parts:

  1. Power down and unplug the Winix purifier from the outlet.
  2. Remove any panels or components to access the internal components area of your Winix.
  3. Check if any screws, motors, or the filter panel are securely positioned and fastened.
  4. Pay special attention to how your pre-filter and main filters are installed. They must be fully latched on and facing the correct way.
  5. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust built up on any ionizing pins (if the feature is present on your Winix model)
Note: If your Winix air purifier is blinking in red, it indicates that the filter is due for replacement or the air quality is bad.

Step #6: Change Environment 

step 6: change environment

Sometimes, the environment or way you position your Winix air purifier can affect its performance and cause it to operate louder than usual.

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To prevent this issue from affecting the noise levels, you have to ensure your Winix is correctly set up.

Here is how to optimally place your Winix air purifier to reduce noise:

  • Don’t place any covers or fabrics on top of the air purifier intake vent or fan cover.
  • Putting your air purifier in open areas or areas with strong airflow, like doorways, can cause the device to be louder than usual.
  • Never put your Winix purifier in close proximity to a heating element, stove, or other appliances.
  • Always place your Winix air purifier with at least 12 inches of spacing between walls or furniture. 
  • Adjust your fan speed to be lower; a high fan speed will slightly increase the noise level.
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After performing these steps, your device should work properly now without any excess noise.

If, even after all the maintenance and cleaning, it’s still making a sound, please contact Winix support for further guidance.

Note: When handling your Winix air purifier, don't unplug it while it's running; use the power off button first.

Quick Recap

To fix the Winix air purifier making noise, clean the pre-filter and internal components and examine the main filter for issues.

Afterward, check for lodged foreign objects and verify the power delivery.