winix air purifier red light blinking

Winix air purifier red light blinking can be challenging to fix, as it can be caused by a wide variety of causes.

Typically, a red light blinking can indicate that your filter is due for a change or an issue with the air quality.

To fix your Winix air purifier’s red light blinking, check the UV-C bulb and ensure your filter is in working condition. Next, check for obstructions and incorrect configuration.

Now that you have a rough estimate on the fixes for a red blinking light let’s briefly explore what causes it.

Why Does My Winix Air Purifier Red Light Blink?

winix air purifier red light blink reasons

There are many different models of Winix air purifiers, so the exact reason for a red light might vary between them.

However, in most cases, a red light indicates that your filter is congested or that it’s due for replacement. Rarely, red light blinking can be due to software or power issues.

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Here are the top most common causes for Winix air purifier red light blinking:

  • Filter is Depleted
  • Power Related Issues
  • Environmental Factors Cause Issues
  • Periodic Filter Replacement Reminder
  • UV-C Bulb has Malfunctioned
  • Software Runtime Error

At this point, you have a better grasp of the most typical reason for a red light to blink on your Winix air purifier.

Let’s now explore the actionable solution steps.

How to Fix Winix Air Purifier Red Light Blinking

Tip: Avoid placing your Winix purifier in areas with high moisture or humidity levels.

Step #1: Check the UV-C bulb

check the uv-c bulb

Winix air purifier’s red blinking light can be due to issues with the internal antimicrobial UV light.

Please note that not all Winix air purifiers have this feature, but a red blinking light can also indicate your bulb is due for replacement. 

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Here is how to check for ultraviolet bulb-related issues on your Winix device:

  1. Ensure your Winix air purifier is turned off and disconnected from the power source.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes for the UV-C bulb to cool down before you handle it.
  3. Open the Winix panels or remove the filter to expose the UV-C bulb.
  4. If you are unsure how to access the UV-C bulb, consult your Winix manual.
  5. Check the UV bulb for proper alignment – both ends should be fully seated to the socket.
  6. Look for cracks, discoloration, or blackened stains on the UV bulb, indicating it has burned out.
  7. If needed, replace your bulb with a new one; pay attention when ordering the correct replacement part.
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After you have replaced a damaged or burnt-out UV-C bulb, power on your air purifier and check if the red light is now gone. 

Note: True HEPA filters should not be reused or washed with water or detergents; replacement is best.

Step #2: Clean or Replace the Filter

clean or replace the filter

Universally, a blinking red light across most Winix air purifier models means that your filter is congested or due for replacement.

With time and normal use and depending on the air quality, your filter will naturally degrade. 

Here is how to clean or replace your Winix air filter if needed:

  1. Power off your Winix and unplug it from running power.
  2. Open your WInix side panel or remove the top half to access the filter. 
  3. Gently tug to remove the filter from your air purifier.
  4. Inspect the quality of the filter and check for excessive dust buildup.
  5. You can use a vacuum cleaner and a dry, soft cloth to try and remove some of the dust present.
  6. If your device uses a carbon-based filter, it’s best to replace it, as cleaning won’t restore its properties.
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Some Winix purifiers have an internal timer, usually set to 6 months, to tell you to replace the filter.

The issue, in this case, can be cleared by simply pressing and holding the filter replacement indicator for a couple of seconds.

Note: Your Winix air purifier sensors need around 5 minutes to correctly measure air quality.

Step #3: Check the Filter Installation

check the filter installation

Winix air purifier blinking red light can also occur if your Winix filter is incorrectly installed.

If the filter isn’t fully seated or installed facing the wrong way, it can reduce the air filter power of your device and raise a red warning light.

Here is how to check the Winix air purifier filter for proper installation:

  1. Turn off the Winix air purifier and detach it from the electrical outlet.
  2. Open the device’s front-facing panel or remove the filter cover.
  3. Check the filter for proper orientation – check if there are airflow arrows or markings pointing in the correct direction.
  4. Confirm that your air filter is securely in place, not loose or damaged.
  5. Some filters come with a seal around them; check if their integrity is not compromised.
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After these steps, monitor the performance of your air purifier for any issues. If the red light blinks again, proceed with the next steps.

Note: Never use detergents to clean the filter itself, as they could damage its integrity.

Step #4: Ensure no Obstructions are Present

ensure no obstructions are present

If your Winix purifier device is incorrectly positioned or has detrimental environmental conditions, a red light might appear, indicating poor air quality.

If the air quality is constantly poor, this will drastically reduce the lifespan of your device.

Here is how to ensure your Winix air purifier is correctly set with no obstructions:

  1. Avoid placing the Winix purifier near heaters or heat-generating appliances.
  2. Never put the Winix purifier in direct proximity to walls or furniture; keep a distance of 3 feet in all directions for optimal airflow.
  3. Never cover the top vents with any clothes to dry them or place them over carpets that could obstruct the bottom air intake.
  4. Ensure your device is not overheating if placed in an overly dusty, smoky, or hot room.
Note: Don't connect multiple appliances to the same power outlet as your Winix air purifier.

Step #5: Clean the Pre-Filter

clean the pre-filter

Some Winix air purifiers come with a pre-filter to filter out the largest particles before they reach the primary filter.

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This both improves the lifespan of the primary filter and makes the device easier to routinely clean.

A red light can occur if air can’t flow through due to a congested pre-filter.

Here is how to properly clean your Winix pre-filter and ensure its dust free:

  1. Make sure your Winix air purifier is turned off and unplugged.
  2. Locate the cover for the pre-filter and remove it, usually a panel on the side.
  3. Take out the Pre-filter and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the larger particles of dust.
  4. Grab a slightly wetted cloth with mild detergent and thoroughly scrub the pre-filter until no more dust comes off.
  5. Leave the pre-filter to dry fully before reinstalling it back.
  6. Plug in your Winix air purifier and observe if the red light blinks.
  7. If after cleaning the primary and pre-filters you still get a red light, hold the glowing indicators button for 10 seconds to clear the message.
Note: When setting up your WInix air purifier, never place it below or close to an air conditioner. 

Step #6: Perform a Hard Reset

perform a hard reset

If, after all of the steps mentioned above, the red light still blinks, it’s possible that your sensors are malfunctioning due to a software-related issue.

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For air purifiers, this can occur due to static electricity interfering with the electronics, which accumulates as air particles move through.

Here is how to hard reset your Winix air purifier properly:

  1. Power down and unplug the Winix purifier from any electrical outlet.
  2. Locate the main power button and press and hold it for 30 seconds. 
  3. Let the air purifier cool down by leaving it unplugged for at least 30 minutes; this will discharge any previous static buildup.
  4. Plug your Winix back in and look for a small pinhole near the power button or around the main interface panel.
  5. Using a paperclip, press and hold it for at least 5 seconds to hard reset the device.
  6. A hard reset will clear any stored data and revert the Winix to its factory state.
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After these steps, power on your Winix air purifier and check if the red light is now gone.

Note: If you plug into the Winix air purifier in AC other than 120 volts, please use a suitable adapter.

Quick recap:

To fix the Winix air purifier red light blinking, start by checking the filter for issues and proper installation.

Next, ensure there are no obstructions and hard reset the device if needed.