why does my polk soundbar keep turning off

Asking why does my Polk soundbar keep turning off? You’re at the right place!

Here we will go over all possible causes for your soundbar to keep turning off and provide you with the best solutions available on the web.

The methods that we will unveil are proven to work by users having the same problem so keep reading to learn more!

Your Polk soundbar keeps turning off due to issues with the power or the device’s wiring. Your soundbar could also be turned off due to the automatic shutdown function which you should inspect. Last but not least, a hardware problem with the motherboard can cause your soundbar to shut down.

Why Does My Polk Audio Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

The Polk soundbar’s power can be interrupted in a variety of ways. In the upcoming list, we’ve covered all possible situations that could cause your soundbar to turn off.

So, make sure to take a look before you jump into the solutions.

Here’s what could be causing your Polk soundbar to shut down randomly:

1. Problematic Power Adapter

An issue with the power adapter of your Polk soundbar can cause the device to shut down.

2. An Issue with the Power Source

Insufficient electricity being drained from your soundbar can cause the device to short-circuit and shut down.

3. Automatic Shut Down

A factory feature of your Polk soundbar is to shut itself down after a while of inactivity, which can be adjusted.

4. Too Low Volume

Your soundbar may count the low volume as inactivity and therefore shut itself down after a while.

Those were all of the possible problems that could have occurred with your Polk soundbar.

How To Fix Polk Soundbar Keeps Turning Off?

fix polk soundbar keep turning off

After learning why does my Polk soundbar keep turning off, you should attempt to solve the issue by restarting your soundbar through the power button.

This is the best way to start since it will restart ALL services and cold boot your soundbar.

If a restart didn’t help, here’s how to fix your Polk soundbar from turning off randomly.

Solution #1 Increase Volume Of Soundbar

Users and Polk themselves have admitted that having your soundbar running or playing music at too low volume levels might cause the device to shut down.

In that regard, our first suggestion is related to increasing the volume of your soundbar.

You have two ways of increasing the volume on your soundbar:

Increase Volume From Remote

You can use the Volume +/- on the remote to increase the volume of your soundbar.

Press the Volume + around 5 times and let your soundbar idle for a while to check if the issue is fixed.

Increase Volume From Panel Buttons

Your soundbar tends to have the same volume +/- buttons on its top panel. Same as with the remote, press the Volume + around 5 times and again, let your soundbar idle for a while.

Note: Ensure that you have music playing while you’re testing the volume of your soundbar so that the software of your soundbar has something to be busy with.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Your Soundbar

powercycle soundbar

You should attempt to solve the issue by performing a power cycle on your soundbar.

The power cycle practically works by unplugging your soundbar for a certain amount of time, until the point where all electricity has discharged.

If you’re unclear with how to do a power cycle, here are some detailed steps on the process:

  1. Shut down your soundbar from the power button.
  2. Unplug the device’s power adapter from the source.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes until the device is completely discharged.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter into the source and turn the device on.
  5. Test.
Note: If the problem doesn’t occur directly after the reboot, give your soundbar an average of 15-20 minutes to determine if it would still turn off by itself.

Solution #3 Change The Power Source

change power source

If power cycling your soundbar didn’t help, you should change the power source.

This is relatively easy to do if you set up the device on your own, so simply choose a comfortable place for the device, near a proven to work (standalone) wall outlet.

Wait for a couple of minutes to check if the device will still shut down.

Alert: Avoid using power dividers and plug your soundbar straight into a wall outlet.

Solution #4 Disable Auto Turn OFF Feature

Polk soundbars have the auto-turn-off feature enabled by default. However, there is a way to suppress it or more accurately, extend it for up to 4 hours by pressing a sequence of buttons.

Note: Your Polk soundbar is set to shut down by itself after 15 minutes of inactivity, thus, not playing music or audio.

Here’s how to disable auto turn off on your Polk soundbar:

  1. On your soundbar, locate the Power and the Volume Down buttons.
  2. Press and hold them for 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat every 4 hours as long as you want your soundbar to keep playing.
Info: Unfortunately, you cannot completely disable the shut-off feature.

Solution #5 Replace Power Adapter

One of the most major factors causing your soundbar to shut down is a faulty power adapter.

Don’t get discouraged, since the Polk soundbar uses standard power adapters, which you can get from any local tech store for around ~$20.

Note: It’s recommended to have the original adapter replaced by Polk themselves or buy from a trusted source, such as Amazon.

Here is how to replace the power adapter:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from the source.
  2. Disconnect the power wiring that goes into your soundbar.
  3. Get yourself a new adapter (UpBright 20V AC/DC Adapter or HQRP AC Adapter).
  4. Connect the new adapter’s power wiring into the soundbar.
  5. Hook up the adapter into the source.
  6. Test.
Alert: Avoid purchasing second-hand adapters!

Solution #6 Factory Reset Polk Soundbar

A factory reset tends to help with software problems that are causing your Polk soundbar to shut off by itself at random.

Be informed that a factory reset will reset ALL settings of your soundbar to default so make sure to proceed with caution.

polk soundbar reset

Here’s how to factory reset your Polk soundbar:

  1. On your soundbar, locate the Microphone Mute and Volume Down buttons.
  2. Press both of them down for 10 seconds.
  3. Release once the soundbar shuts down.

Once the factory reset is over, your soundbar will be brand new. In fact, you will need to carry out the initial setup again and then test.

However, if the problem is there even after the factory reset, the next step is to contact the Polk customer center for professional assistance.

Thus, to fix a Polk soundbar that keeps shutting down, power cycle the device and change its power source. Replace the power adapter and disable the auto-turn-off function of your device. Lastly, perform a factory reset to resolve the problem permanently.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why does my Polk soundbar keep turning off, feel free to apply our solutions to see if any of them will help.

If you end up with your device shutting down on itself even after our guide, perhaps it’s time to reach out for further assistance from a technician!

Nicole B