how to connect polk soundbar to wifi

Asking how to connect Polk soundbar to WiFi? You’ve come to the right place!

Connecting your Polk soundbar to the WiFi is relatively easy since Polk has made it really accessible for its users.

In this post, we will guide you through the complete process of connecting your Polk soundbar to the WiFi in easy steps and instructions.

To connect your Polk soundbar to the WiFi, hit the “WiFi” button on the surface of the device and go to your phone’s network settings. Look for the connection named with “PlayFi” and tap on it once. Download the Polk application, choose your own network and enter the WiFi password.

If you’re looking for more detailed steps regarding the process, keep reading as we explain how to connect your own Polk soundbar to the WiFi in simple steps.

How Do I Connect My Polk Soundbar To WiFi?

connect polk soundbar to wifi

When connecting your Polk soundbar to the WiFi, you must make sure that your network along with the network device is active.

Pairing your soundbar to the network happens through the WiFi settings of your mobile device, unlike the regular Bluetooth connection.

Keep reading as we are revealing the process in-depth:

Step #1 Plug & Setup Your Polk Soundbar

The first step is to set up your Polk soundbar and make it ready for connection with the network.

If you’re unboxing your Polk soundbar just now and haven’t even plugged it already, you will want to do that before moving on with the next step.

When plugging your Polk soundbar, you need to wait for the ring at the front of the device to blink once.

This means that the device is receiving sufficient power and you’re ready to go with the rest of the guide.

Info: The blink that will indicate that your soundbar is on standby, looks like a blue flashing through the front ring of your device.

Step #2 Hit The WiFi Button

use wifi button

Unlike other soundbars that have a Bluetooth button on their top, your Polk soundbar has a WiFi button that is used for connection with your mobile device.

Generally, the connection happens by connecting with your soundbar’s network and then pairing it manually to your WiFi.

With that being said, you will want to hit the WiFi button on your Polk soundbar. It is of great importance to wait for the two blinks that will follow up on your soundbar.

If your Polk soundbar doesn’t blink in blue twice, it means that the WiFi hasn’t been activated and you will have to be patient.

Note: Don’t hold the WiFi button for too long, since there’s a chance that you will turn on the WiFi and shut it down immediately. A singular press will do.

Step #3 Download Polk Application

Before pairing with your soundbar, you should download Polk’s application on your smartphone first.

The application is available on both Google Play and App Store.

Note: The application is named “Polk Connect”, but you will also be able to find it by simply typing “Polk” in the search field of your app store.

Here’s how to download and set up the Polk application:

  1. On your smartphone, make sure that you’re connected with the WiFi.
  2. Open the App Store/Google Play on your phone.
  3. Write “Polk connect” in the search field of your app store.
  4. Initiate a download (by pressing on the “Download” button) on your smartphone.
  5. Wait for the installation.

Once the Polk application is downloaded on your smartphone, don’t open it yet.

You should first connect the soundbar with your smartphone and then move on to connecting the soundbar to Wi-Fi from the application.

Step #4 Pair Soundbar With Your Smartphone

pair soundbar with phone

Now that your soundbar is on standby and ready to connect with the network, the next step is to pair the soundbar with your smartphone.

This will happen through the WiFi settings of your phone and your soundbar will appear as a connection once the Wi-Fi button has been pressed (which you did back in step #2).

Here’s how to pair your Polk soundbar with your mobile smartphone:

  1. Open the Settings of your mobile device.
  2. Head to the WiFi setup tab and tap on the “Connections” list.
  3. Search for a connection named “PlayFi” and the model of your soundbar.
  4. Tap on the connection and wait for the status to display “Connected”.

Once your soundbar is connected to the mobile smartphone, proceed with the next step to proceed to connect your soundbar to the WiFi.

Note: If you don’t find a connection that is labeled as PlayFi, you will want to hit the WiFi button on your Polk soundbar once again and then attempt to connect again.

Step #5 Register Soundbar In Polk

After installing the Polk application on your smartphone back in step #3, you should enter the application.

On the welcome screen, you will be prompted to make a Polk registration. If you already have one, enter your login credentials.

Alternatively, you should register in Polk to connect your soundbar. Of course, you can bypass registering and connect your Polk through a guest user account.

However, by not registering, you will lose benefits such as firmware updates for your soundbar, one additional year of warranty for your device, and some other advantages.

To register, press the “Sign Me Up” and follow the on-screen prompts to finish your registration.

Step #6 Select Network In Polk App

Once you’re done registering it’s time to learn how to connect Polk soundbar to WiFi.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to select a network for your Polk device. Here, all available WiFi networks will become available for clicking and you will want to select your own WiFi network.

Note: It’s suggested to connect your soundbar to a 2.4GHz network for better performance.

Older Polk soundbars do not support a 5GHz network, but we suggest choosing the 2.4GHz broadband to guarantee reliability.

Step #7 Enter WiFi Password

enter wifi password

After selecting your WiFi in the Polk app, next you should enter the password of your network. You will be given a field to write down the password for WiFi.

Once you’re done writing down your password, tap on “Connect” and your soundbar should get connected with the WiFi soon!

Note: If you don’t know the password of your WiFi, you can check the bottom of your router for the keycode of the WiFi.

Step #8 Follow The On-Screen Instructions

follow onscreen instructions

Once entering your password, you will want to follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finalize the setup.

They include choosing a room for your device, making a name for the soundbar, and basics of this kind.

Once you’re done with all of them, your soundbar will remain connected to the network and you will have all the benefits of an online Polk soundbar!

Thus, to connect the Polk soundbar with WiFi, plug in your device and press the WiFi button. Connect the soundbar to your phone through the WiFi settings and download the Polk app. Choose your own network in the Polk application and enter the WiFi password to connect!

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to connect Polk soundbar to WiFi, follow our easy steps to get your own soundbar connected.

Polk has made it easy enough for non-technical people to get their soundbar connected without spending too much time wondering how it’s done!

Nicole B