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Don’t know where the Polk soundbar disable AUTO OFF feature is located?

We will explain in detail how to disable the auto shut-off feature on your Polk soundbar via detailed instructions.

Additionally, you will be provided with an explanation of how the auto-off feature works and how you can adjust it as per your requirements.

To disable the AUTO OFF feature on your Polk soundbar, hold the “Power” along with the “Volume Down” button for around 10 seconds. The soundbar will not be shutting down for the next 4 hours. Repeat to extend the cooldown.

Where Polk Soundbar Disable Auto OFF Feature Is?

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Sadly, you won’t be able to permanently stop the auto shut-off feature on your Polk soundbar.

You can extend the duration of which your Polk soundbar keeps outputting without shutting off.

You can extend the duration up to 4 hours with a sequence of specific buttons.

Let’s guide you through how to disable the auto shut-off on your Polk soundbar:

Step #1 Turn ON Your Soundbar

For your soundbar to keep playing continuously and not shut down, you should first turn the device on.

For that purpose, make sure to press the “Power” button on your soundbar for 10 seconds to start the device.

You must wait for around 10-15 seconds until your device boots the software, thus, it is ready to receive the audio from the transmitter.

Note: You can tell when your soundbar is ON when the LED on the device starts flashing.

Step #2 Connect Your Soundbar

To disable the auto-shutoff, there must be active audio output at least for the well-duration of the 4 hours that you will prevent the shutting off from.

In that regard, you must first connect your soundbar and start playing music.

To connect your soundbar, you could either use a hard-wired connection (HDMI, HDMI ARC, Optical cable) or a wireless Bluetooth connection.

It is up to you what type of connection you will choose for your soundbar, but keep in mind that hard-wired connections are mainly intended for connecting with televisions.

We assume you’re familiar with how to connect your soundbar, but we made sure to remind you that the soundbar must be connected to disable the auto shut-off.

Step #3 Play Music

play music

The next thing you should do is play music on your soundbar.

Since you will be preventing the auto shut-off for 4 hours, it’s preferred that you choose a longer playlist on the connected device or play something on loop.

Let’s now learn how to disable the auto shut-off on your Polk soundbar easily.

Step #4 Disable Auto Shut-OFF

Now that your soundbar is playing music and is fully prepared, it’s time to disable the auto shut off.

What you should do exactly, is hold down the “Power” along with the “Volume Down” button for 10 seconds.

This will extend the auto-shut-off time to 4 hours, therefore your Polk soundbar is going to shut down after 4 hours from now.

You must press the following button on the soundbar and NOT the remote. It’s important to press the buttons on the panel of the soundbar to disable the auto shut-off feature, cause the remote won’t be able to extend it.

Note: Ensure you’re holding the Power and the Volume button until you hear audio output from your Polk soundbar.

This means that the auto shut-off timer has been successfully extended and that the command got extended.

Step #5 Extend Auto Shut-Off Timer

Unfortunately, you will have to manually extend the auto shut-off timer when the 4 hours come to an end.

You can press the same sequence of buttons before the end of the 4 hours to extend the auto shut-off timer for another 4 hours.

Notice: Pressing the same sequence for the disabling of the auto shut-off timer won’t add 4 hours to the timer every time. 

It will just reset it to 4 hours every time you click the buttons and not extend.

Steps On Polk Signa S2 Disable Auto Off?

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With Signa S2 Polk soundbars, turning off the auto-off feature is a little bit different.

Moreover, the manufacturers have explained in the manual that holding the TV button on the remote for 5 seconds will turn the AUTO OFF.

With Signa S2 soundbars, the auto-off feature is actually called auto-standby, so this is what we’ll be turning off in the upcoming steps.

Here’s how to TURN OFF the auto standby feature on your Signa S2 Polk soundbar:

Step #1 Prepare Your Soundbar

First, you will have to turn on your soundbar and play music on it, so you could measure how long the auto shut-off feature will be disabled.

Connect the soundbar to the transmitter and play anything. Once your Signa S2 soundbar is prepared, proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Locate The TV Button

Unlike with the variety of Polk soundbars, disabling the auto shut off on Polka Signa S2 soundbars requires pressing the TV button on your soundbar remote.

For that purpose, you should first locate the button on the remote.

Note: If you’re unable to find the TV button on your Polk remote, look at the tip of the device, near the power and source buttons. 

There should be the TV button you’re looking for.

Step #3 Disable Auto Shut OFF

Finally, to disable the auto shut off on your Polk Signa S2 soundbar, simply press and hold the TV button on your remote, while pointing it towards the soundbar.

You will want to press the button for 5 seconds before releasing and once again, wait for audio output from your soundbar as an indication for command acceptance.

Note: Once you hear the audio output, the soundbars auto lock has been disabled.

To disable auto shut OFF on the Polk soundbar, press the Volume Down along with the Power button for 10 seconds and wait for a sound indication. To disable auto shut off on Polk Signa S2 soundbar, press the TV button on the remote for 5 seconds.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know Polk soundbar disable auto off instructions, feel free to prevent your soundbar from shutting down for as long as you want.

Users find it bothersome when the soundbar automatically stops so we hope our post was helpful for you to disable it.

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