rca tv not turning on

If your RCA TV not turning on, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of causes and luckily, plenty of solutions.

In this post, you’ll identify where the issue is coming from and apply the aligning solution.

If your RCA TV is not turning on, first ensure that the remote is working and that you have pressed the power button at least twice. Then, check the power source and the power cable of your RCA TV and finally see if you have selected any black screen sources.

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting, let’s first take a look at the most frequent reasons your RCA TV wouldn’t be turning on.

Why Is RCA Flat Screen TV Not Turning On?

Since many RCA TV users have reported that their flat-screen TV refuses to work no matter what they try, we have prepared a list of possibilities.

We highly recommend reading the possible causes as yours is one hundred percent of them!

1. Faulty Remote

Your RCA TV might not be turning on because your remote’s batteries are faulty or the remote itself is broken.

2. Insufficient Power Supply

If something is interrupting your RCA TV from getting enough power, it is possible that the TV will be unable to launch until further notice!

3. Faulty Power Adapter

If the adapter you have connected to your TV and power outlet isn’t functional, your RCA flat-screen TV will be unable to launch either.

4. Faulty Wall Outlet

If the wall outlet your RCA TV is plugged into isn’t working, the TV won’t be getting any power so it won’t be able to launch no matter how hard you try.

5. Faulty Strip Or Divider

If you have your RCA TV plugged into a strip or divider, it is possible that the power transmitting device has developed issues, interrupting your TV from work.

6. Black Screen Source

It is possible that you are mistaking your RCA TV for turned off, while a black screen TV source is selected, deceiving you.

7. Visually Damaged Display

Your TV may be working, but if the display is impacted by water or physical damage, you won’t be seeing any picture until it is repaired.

8. Internal Malfunction

At last, if there is something internally wrong with your RCA TV motherboard it won’t turn on.

Now that we have all possible causes mentioned, let’s get to the troubleshooting part of this post and get your issue resolved in no time!

How To Fix RCA TV Not Turning On Issue?

fix rca tv not turning on

Before we proceed any further, it is important to mind whether your TV is a flat screen or not.

Flat screened RCA TVs are not granted with the hardware power buttons, which might be crucial to our operation.

Note: If your RCA TV happens to contain a power button, try pressing it once before we proceed, to see if that will help.

Method #1 Inspect Remote

We will first begin with checking your remote’s functionality. If you had inserted cheaper batteries inside of the device, even if it was yesterday, it is indeed possible for them to go faulty!

The thing you should do here is to take your remote apart by removing the battery compartment underneath the device and replacing the battery with possibly new ones.

This will help you determine if the device has gone faulty and if not.

In case you’ve got a universal remote, it would be the fastest way to check whether the issue is coming from the remote or not.

Method #2 Hard Reset

If the remote wasn’t the case, it is possible that your TV’s power flow is disrupted. The power cycle will help by relieving your TV from all current and providing a fresh flow.

To refresh the power of your RCA TV, follow the steps below:

  1. (Optional) Press the power button on the hardware of the device once. Press the power button on your RCA TV remote once.
  2. Wait for Several seconds and unplug the power adapter out of the power source.
  3. Wait for another 5 minutes for the electricity to drain.
  4. Plug the power adapter back into the power source and see if the issue is fixed.

This was how to perform a power cycle in a few simple steps.

Note: Not waiting for the appointed time may leave some electricity inside of your TV, in which case the power cycle will be pointless. The more time you wait, the better for your TV.

Method #3 Test Power Cable

If your RCA TV is not turning on, it is possible that the power adapter you have connected with your RCA TV has gone faulty.

Since there aren’t many ways you can check the cable’s functionality, but connecting it with another device, we will require you to find a similar TV device with the same power outlet.

Plug the power adapter into the TV and power source and check if the device you have brought will work with your power adapter.

If the device is not working as well, it would be pointless to troubleshoot further, but purchase a new power adapter.

Method #4 Change Power Outlet

If the power adapter is not causing the issue, try changing the power outlet your RCA TV is plugged into.

It is possible that it has developed issues, interrupting your TV’s power flow, which will eventually prevent it from being turned on.

Try with a different wall outlet and avoid using any power dividers in between. Use direct connection and check if your RCA TV will now turn on.

Method #5 Check TV Display Screen

Before delivering your TV for repair, you can try checking the TV’s display screen.

If there is visual damage delivered on the surface of your RCA TV screen, it is possible that the TV will be prevented from working permanently.

If you’re certain though that the damage is within the screen, try applying a few slight pressures around the damaged area.

By pressing a little bit harder, the screen may flicker for a second, letting you know that the essential hardware is functional!

Method #6 Contact RCA Support

If you’re still not able to turn on your TV and you’re not quite confident that the issue is hardware-related, you can always reach out to RCA customer service.

They will be glad to provide you with another round of troubleshooting and hopefully, the issue will be gone for good.

Note: Don’t forget to mention everything you’ve tried in this post to avoid similar recommendations.

To fix an RCA TV that isn’t turning on, you should perform a power cycle and check the functionality of your power adapter. Moreover, you need to make sure that the remote and power cable is working, lastly, switch the power outlet and test.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why is RCA TV not turning on, you should be able to confidently resolve the issue following our guidelines.

Even if you don’t manage at the end, delivering it for a repair is always the safest way.

For more helpful guides about RCA TV, don’t hesitate to visit our blog, ready to offer you plenty of home solutions for your smart home devices!

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