rca tv troubleshooting no picture

Here we’re introducing an RCA TV troubleshooting no picture guide!

If this is your case and your RCA TV does not emit any picture, here you will definitely find the steps you’re looking for to get this issue solved.

The troubleshooting steps include inspecting your cables, power flow, remote and TV settings. From there you can determine whether to reset, configure or replace faulty parts of your configuration.

Before we dive into the troubleshooting process, let’s first take a look at the most common causes for this reason with a quick explanation for each.

RCA TV Troubleshooting No Picture Possible Reasons

Many users have realized that their RCA TV is constantly losing pictures or the display isn’t working permanently. Many things could have happened to your RCA TV, including visual damage to your TV screen.

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It is recommended to first ensure you haven’t lethally damaged your TV before proceeding any further.

This way you may save some of your time without going over things that are impossible to help your TV.

With that mentioned let’s take a look at the possible causes:

Problem With Cables

It is possible that your HDMI/Power cable has gone faulty. Your TV will instantly lose a picture and you won’t be able to see anything until the faulty cable is replaced with a brand new one.

Problem With Power Flow

An incorrect power flow could also disrupt your RCA TV from showing pictures. It could sometimes be the power source.

Enabled Power Saving/Sleep Setting

If your RCA TV’s picture is occasionally going off, it is possible that you have enabled a power-saving or sleep setting.

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Not Working Remote

If your RCA TV’s remote batteries had gone faulty or the device is simply not working, you won’t be able to even turn on your TV in the first place.

Incorrect Selected Source

It is possible that you have selected a source on your TV which doesn’t contain any broadcast and it’s only a black screen.

Problem With the Third-Party Device

If you have selected a source of a third-party device connected to your RCA TV, it is possible that the device has gone faulty. This means your TV won’t display any pictures.

Broken Display

If the display on your RCA TV is damaged, there won’t be any available picture either.

We cannot make any conclusions yet so let’s jump into the solution steps right away!

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How To Fix RCA TV No Picture Problem?

fix rca tv no picture problem

A quick reminder before we begin with the troubleshooting methods is to test out the power button of your remote several times more.

Better yet, if your RCA TV has a hardware power button, try pressing the corresponding button to see if something will happen.

If this does not help, let’s start with our first step:

Step #1 Hard Reset Your TV

The troubleshooting should begin with a simple hard reset on your RCA TV. If you’re not familiar, a reset of this kind will release all current electricity located within your RCA TV.

Once ready there is a high chance that your TV will turn on without a problem.

Here are the steps to a hard reset on your RCA TV:

  1. Press the power button on your remote several times to ensure your TV is turned off.
  2. Unplug the power cable and wait for at least 5 minutes.
  3. After waiting for the appointed time, plug the power cable back in and check your TV for pictures.
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This is how to perform a hard reset on your RCA TV in a few simple steps. Test your TV and if it doesn’t work, move on to our next step.

Step #2 Check RCA TV Remote

It is possible that your remote’s batteries or the remote itself have gone faulty.

In that case, you won’t be able to turn on the TV using it. If the TV turns on but there is no picture it is possible that the power button of your remote is stuck ON.

In that regard first, press the power button several times applying more pressure than usual.

Then make sure there is nothing in front of the TV receiver and that you can make a direct IR line of sight.

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Lastly, it is recommended that you replace your RCA TV remote batteries with a fresh pair of new ones. If the issue happens not to be related to your remote, let’s jump to the next step.

Step #3 Check RCA TV Cables

If you have any external HDMI or TV cable connections, it is possible that some of them may have eventually gone faulty.

These cables can easily develop power issues if you occasionally leave your TV plugged into the power while an ongoing thunderstorm.

Since you don’t have many options, try connecting the cable to a different device to check them for functionality.

If they turn out to be working, you will be looking elsewhere for your issue, but if not, replace them as soon as possible!

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If you don’t have another device to test with, you can proceed with the next methods, but you won’t be able to fully close the circle of possibilities. It might be the cable after all…

Step #4 Change Power Source

If you’re still wondering how to fix RCA TV with no picture, here we will inspect the power source of your TV.

If the wall outlet is broken or impacted after a power surge, for example, your TV might not be getting enough power to turn on the display.

Try plugging your TV’s power adapter into another power outlet and check if the picture will appear. Don’t forget to exclude any power divers from the workaround at least temporarily until you discover the true cause.

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Note: It is recommended to test if that particle outlet is working by plugging another device into it beforehand.

Step #5 Turn Off Power Saving/Sleep Settings

If the picture of your RCA TV happens to disappear and appear afterward, there are some things you can do during the time you still have pictures.

First, head to the Settings by pressing the menu button on your RCA remote and go to the Power-saving settings. Check if some of them are enabled and disable them if they are.

Next, check if the Sleep settings are Enabled by going into the tap, beneath the power saving settings. Again, disable anything that is turned on within the sleep configuration.

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What To Do If the Screen Is Black?

If your TV screen is not turning on but the TV is working, you can find a video showing all RCA TV Options and Menu, and using the remote you can follow the guide even if you don’t see anything.

Simply start by pressing the menu and follow the sequence of keys leading to turning off the power-saving settings.

Step #6 Update RCA TV

Again, if your TV is working but only the screen is black, you can still perform software settings configurations including updating the TV.

Simply find a video showing the exact way to reach the update menu settings and follow them blindly.

Eventually, you’ll be able to update your TV without actually seeing anything, and hopefully once updated it will emit a picture.

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Step #7 Remove External Devices

Lastly, ensure the external device you have connected to your TV with HDMI is functional. You can straightforwardly disconnect those devices to make sure that they are not related to the issue.

Once ready, you can jump back to method #1 to perform another hard reset, and hopefully the issue will be gone for good.

To fix RCA TV’s picture, you can try changing the power source and disabling the sleep and power-saving settings. Ensure all cables are working and the external device is functional, then change the power source of your RCA TV and test.

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Bottom Line

After a quick step-to-step guide of RCA TV troubleshooting no picture, we are confident that you can fix the issue by yourself easily.

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Getting in touch with the manufacturers about the issue is never excluded, so if nothing works, don’t hesitate to do so!

You can find many other helpful posts like this one in our technical guide so if you haven’t already checked it, you’re missing out!

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