how to reprogram rca universal remote

If you’re wondering how to reprogram RCA universal remote, then you have come to the right post!

By the end of this guide, you will be able to manually reprogram your RCA universal remote and be aware of everything surrounding the process.

Turn on your TV manually, aim the remote at your TV panel while holding the TV button, and once the light is on, press and hold the on/off button until the light turns on again. Press the play or the slow button for five seconds and after this, your TV should turn off.

If you were not able to reprogram your RCA universal remote reading the oversimplified description, there is no need to worry as we’re revealing everything in detail.

How To Reprogram RCA Universal Remote Control?

The first step to reprogramming your remote is your TV. The TV you have chosen to pair your RCA universal remote with must be in good condition and have a free slot for a remote device.

Here is a list of things you will be needing in order to reprogram your RCA universal remote control to work with ANY TV.

  1. An RCA Universal remote control (ensure it is purchased from a trusted manufacturer).
  1. Newer model TV – It is proven that reprogramming may not work with older TV models, released below 2005.
  1. Brand new batteries were inserted into the remote – This will ensure the functionality of the remote when the reprogramming process takes place.
  1. Patience – The most important key you will be needing is patience. It may take you several tries to get your RCA universal remote to work with your TV.

When you’re ready with the preparation you can confidently start executing the guide blow.

How To Perform Reprogramming with TV Devices?

reprogram rca universal remote

To perform a reprogramming on your TV, using an RCA universal remote, follow the easy steps we have provided you with down below:

Step #1. Turn on your TV manually, by pressing the hardware power button or your older remote’s button.

Step #2. Aim the RCA universal remote at the TV panel and hold down the TV button.

Step #3. Once the light on the remote lights up, during the same time you must press and hold the On/Off button, by the moment the light turns on again.

Step #4. Next, press the play or the slow button on your RCA universal remote for several seconds.

Step #5. After executing these steps, your TV should automatically turn off.

Note: If the TV turns off, this means that the process has been successful and your RCA universal remote can now control your TV. But if the device doesn’t turn off, execute the same steps over again.

How To Perform Reprogramming With Other Devices?

To perform reprogramming with another device, it is recommended that you first know how to reprogram a RCA universal remote for the TV.

Since the methods are alike, getting to know the first one might help you with reprogramming your remote with another device.

Now that we have this mentioned, here are the steps to perform reprogramming on your RCA universal remote with other devices:

Step #1. Manually turn on the device you will be pairing your RCA universal remote with.

Step #2. Aim your remote towards the device and press and hold the button that matches the device you are pairing with.

Step #3. Wait for the light on the remote to start blinking and then press the device button at the same time as the power button.

Step #4. Wait for the light to turn off and on, which won’t take longer than 5 seconds.

Step #5. Release both of the power and device buttons, but keep in mind that the power button must stay on.

Step #6. Once done, use the power button on your RCA remote control to scan the code that is needed to establish a connection with your device.

Step #7. Finally, press the stop button to save the code of your device and try checking all functions to see if they work.

Note: If the process fails, keep retrying by performing the first three steps.

They must be executed carefully, or your remote won’t be able to scan for the device you are trying to pair it with.

What If Reprogramming Doesn’t Work?

If you have tried the steps above at least several times and the TV doesn’t manage to turn itself down at the end, there are some quick steps you can try in order to get it fixed.

Power Cycle TV

Excluding your remote, the other device that could be faulty for this issue may be your TV.

The power cycle is a proven way to refresh the power flow of your TV, which should resolve any temporal malfunctions that could be happening.

Here is how to perform a power cycle on your TV:

  1. Turn off the TV by pressing the power button on the remote or TV itself.
  1. Unplug the power cable and wait for several seconds.
  1. Insert the power cable back into its position and turn the TV on.

Now, re-do the reprogramming steps with your RCA universal remote to see if it is going to work.

Check Remote Batteries

If you couldn’t begin your reprogramming process in the first place, the batteries within your RCA universal remote can be faulty.

Try replacing the batteries with a new fresh set of batteries to see if that will help.

If your remote turns out to be functional still, there could be an issue with the device itself and you may have to either get it checked or buy a new one.

Check If You Have Paired Your Remote with Other Devices

It is possible that you have exceeded the device limit your RCA universal remote has.

After connecting your remote to a certain amount of devices, you won’t be able to make any connections, unless you have removed some of the current ones.

Try unlinking a device you’re not using anymore or have thrown away. This will free up some device space and make you eligible to pair your RCA universal remote!

There are two ways to reprogram RCA universal remote. One is by using a TV and the other by using almost any other device. Using the remote you need to aim at the device and hold the power button. You’ll know that you were successful whenever lights fade away and then light up again.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to reprogram RCA universal remote, it is up to you to decide what device you are going to use the remote for.

Since both ways are similar to each other, you shouldn’t have issues reprogramming your RCA universal remote with whatever device you want!

Nicole B