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The Nest Yale Lock connects to the Nest environment seamlessly, meaning it is the perfect smart lock for Google Home users.

However, some glitches might happen. Is your Nest Yale Lock offline? We will help you solve that.

If your Nest Yale Lock shows an offline status, it’s an indication of a network issue or a problem with the Nest Guard or Connect. Check the lock’s batteries and access module, look for potential interference

Below we will help you understand all the elements involved in the situation and how you can examine each of them.

There are easy solutions for each case, which we will help you deploy in a few minutes.

Nest Yale Lock Offline – Reasons

reason why nest yale lock offline

The Nest Yale Lock is a great device for people with a Google Nest automation system at home.

However, one status might confuse some people, which is the Yale Nest Lock offline. What does it mean, and should you worry about it?

Let’s first see what is causing it:

Lack of Available Bridges

The Nest Yale Lock requires a Nest Connect or Nest Guard as a bridge to connect to the Wi-Fi and go online.

Failure in the Bridging Device

The problem might be on the Connect or Guard rather than the Nest Yale Lock.

Bad Network

The network that sends signals to the Guard/Connect must be reliable and stable.


The lock uses 4 AA batteries, so they could get weak or run out. When they get weak, it is legitimate to suppose some functions will dwindle.

How To Fix The Nest Yale Lock Offline

how fix nest yale lock offline

The Nest Yale Lock being offline doesn’t mean you can’t use it at all. Some functions are still available, such as locking and unlocking the door (check the device’s user guide to see how).

However, its full range of features will certainly be compromised.

So let’s see how to solve the issue:

1. Check The Network

Since the issue is that the Nest Yale Lock keeps going offline, the first obvious potential culprit is the network.

The first thing you must do is check if the distance between the Connect/Guard and the router is reasonable.

The same is valid for the distance between the Connect/Guard and the Yale Lock.

Moreover, we recommend doing this:

  1. Turn all of the devices involved off;
  2. Wait a bit and turn the router back on;
  3. Check on your phone if the Wi-Fi is working;
  4. Turn the Guard/Connect and Yale Lock back on.

2. Troubleshoot The Nest Connect

troubleshoot the nest connect

If the network doesn’t seem to be the problem, you have to check the Nest device responsible for keeping the Yale Lock online.

If you have a Nest Connect, it is time to troubleshoot it.

First of all, go to the Nest app and do this:

  1. Click on “Settings”;
  2. Locate “Nest Connects”;
  3. Select your device;
  4. Touch on “Check connection”;
  5. Follow the instructions to check the device’s status.

If the device shows up as being online, the problem isn’t it. If its status is offline, there is more to be done.

Restart The Nest Connect

restart the nest connect

Here is the method to restart your Nest Connect to bring it online again:

  1. Ensure Connect is plugged into power;
  2. Hold down the device’s button;
  3. Release when it blinks blue;
  4. The device’s light should turn green.

That means the restart has been completed successfully. After that, the Nest Connect should stay online and be able to get the Nest Yale Lock online too.

3. Troubleshoot The Nest Guard

Do you have a Nest Guard at home? In that case, you will have to do a process very similar to that of Nest Connect owners.

First of all, open your app to check the device’s status:

  1. Click on “Settings”;
  2. Locate “Nest Guard”;
  3. Select your device;
  4. Touch on “Check connection”;
  5. Follow the instructions to check the device’s status.

Restart The Nest Guard

reset the nest guard

If your Nest Guard is turned on but showing as offline on the app, something is wrong.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Set the Google Nest Secure to Off (on the app);
  2. Hold the button “5” on the Guard’s keypad;
  3. Release when the ring light spins blue;
  4. Wait for the ring light to turn off.

Restarting the Nest Guard should make it go online once again. When it does, a connection to the Yale Lock will also be established.

4. Examine The Batteries

The batteries are one of the potential reasons causing the Yale Lock to stay offline even though everything else is fine.

That can happen even if there is enough battery for the device to turn on.

Let’s check:

  1. Remove the battery cover;
  2. Remove all the batteries;
  3. Check their appearance;
  4. If any looks damaged, replace them;
  5. Ensure you put all batteries back in the correct position.

If the lock still remains offline, the batteries are low on charge. So then, replace all old batteries with new ones.

Note: Not all locks support rechargeable batteries. It is wise to check on the user's guide if you can or cannot use rechargeable batteries for the Nest Yale Lock.

5. Check The Access Module

check yale access module

The access module may potentially cause the continual offline state of your Yale smart lock.

Behind the lock’s cover lies the access module, a component of the lock you installed. It may be found atop the batteries.

It will disable some functions if it is not properly fitted. 

  1. Remove the battery cover;
  2. Remove the batteries;
  3. Detach the escutcheon;
  4. Adjust the access module placement;
  5. Hold down the reset button for 3 seconds while putting the batteries back;
  6. Put the cover back.

Once everything is in place correctly, the lock should have no trouble staying online. 

Note: Check if the access module seems damaged. It might be necessary to replace it.

6. Get Rid Of Interference

get rid of interference

Since the Yale Lock is installed on your door, it is hard (say, impossible) to move it around.

However, it is possible to manage the devices nearby so that less interference is created.

Here are some tips to try and get the Nest Yale Lock to connect to the Guard/Connect:

  • Move the Guard or Connect a bit closer to the Nest Yale Lock;
  • Remove some devices from the proximities or connect them to a different network (if possible);
  • If the Connect/Guard is already on the router’s edge of coverage but still too far from the Lock, you need to move the router;
  • If the above applies but moving the router is unfeasible, it is easier to buy a signal repeater
Tip: Do you live in a large house with too much furniture and walls that weaken Wi-Fi signals? In that case, we strongly recommend buying signal repeaters to place in different rooms. 

7. Reset The Lock

reset the yale lock

Is the offline condition persisting? Then it is time to try resetting the lock. Normally, you’d be able to reset either through the app or manually.

Since the connection is lost, you will have to do it only manually.

Here is how:

  1. Remove the lock’s cover;
  2. Remove the batteries;
  3. Hold the lock button;
  4. Wait a minute;
  5. Put the batteries back;
  6. Hear for the lock/unlock with beepings.
Note: If your Lock was already set up before, but now you are resetting it, all of its connection data will be lost. That means you will have to set it up again.

What We Learned

Is Nest Yale Lock offline? It could be an annoying problem before, but now you know how to solve it, so it should come off as an easy task.

Remember to check all the devices responsible for the network functioning and the Nest gadgets. If you are unable to restore the connection, contact Nest support!

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Nicole B