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Is your Nest Yale Lock keypad not working? Then you have found the perfect guide!

The Nest Yale Lock is perfect for Google Home users due to the great integration it brings. However, the overall number of devices will make you wonder what’s going wrong sometimes.

When the Yale Lock Keypad fails to work, it may indicate network or hardware issues. To troubleshoot, check the connected app/phone for access and restore its full functionality accordingly.

Below we will guide you through all the troubleshooting steps!

Nest Yale Lock Keypad Not Working – 8 Working Solutions

the solutions on nest yale lock keypad not working

1. Examine The Batteries

Is your Nest Yale lock keypad not lighting up? That could be due to the batteries being placed badly, without enough power, or damaged.

So it is time to check them and ensure your Nest Yale Lock received enough charge.

  1. Locate and detach the battery cover;
  2. Detach all the batteries;
  3. Examine them and check for damage;
  4. If they look fine, put them back and ensure they stay firm.

If the batteries look damaged, you need to replace them. However, if they look fine and the Keypad still won’t light up, you also need to replace them. 

Tip: It is a good idea to keep spare batteries at home. That way, you can always test your keypad, and you won't lose time when the old batteries are dead.

2. Update The Firmware (If Possible)

update the firmware

Is the Nest Yale lock passcode not working? It could be a matter of firmware.

In case your Lock is correctly connected to the app, you can look for a firmware update so the glitches are corrected.

How To Set Up With The App

In case you haven’t already set your lock with the app, here are the steps to do that:

  1. Power the lock on;
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your phone;
  3. Launch the Yale Access app;
  4. Select “Set Up A Device”;

Next, you will need to scan your lock’s QR code. Such a code can be seen in the quick user guide (you should have received one in the pack).

Updating The Firmware

updating your firmware

When the app finally connects with the lock, it will look for an update automatically.

  1. Wait while the app looks for a firmware update;
  2. When available, confirm the installation;
  3. Allow the app to finish the process.

If your lock has already been connected to the app before, all you need is to ensure the lock is online and then open the app.

3. Troubleshoot The Connection

Although the keypad should work offline, it is fine to assume that some issues on the network caused the keypad to stop responding.

In such a situation, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot.

Restart The Devices

reset your device

You need to restart your router and the Nest Yale Lock.

Here is how you restart the Lock:

  1. Remove the battery cover;
  2. Detach the battery;
  3. Wait a bit;
  4. Insert the batteries again;
  5. Wait for the lock to come back online.

Also, go to the Yale Secure app and check if the Lock appears online.

4. Examine The Nest Connect

Although the Nest Yale Lock is great for Google Home users, it requires a “bridge” device which you can choose between Nest Connect and Nest Guard.

Thus, you might want to check if there is a problem with your Nest Connect.

Check Its Connectivity

check the connectivity

You need to check if Nest Connect is truly online. Open the app and do this:

  1. Click on “Settings”;
  2. Locate “Nest Connects”;
  3. Select your device;
  4. Touch on “Check connection”;
  5. Follow the instructions to check the device’s status.

If the device shows up as being online, the problem isn’t it. If its status is offline, there is more to be done.

Restart The Nest Connect

If there is a problem with the Nest Connect, you need to restart it and make it go online once again:

  1. Ensure Connect is plugged into power;
  2. Hold down the device’s button;
  3. Release when it blinks blue;
  4. The device’s light should turn green.

Only when the green light shows up can you know that the restart has gone through. After that, check the app to see if Nest Connect shows up online.

5. Examine The Nest Guard

Just like the Nest Connect, you might also want to check the Nest Guard’s status on the app.

examine the nest guard

That can help you learn what is wrong and then proceed to fix it accordingly.

Check On The App

Open the app and do the following:

  1. Click on “Settings”;
  2. Locate “Nest Guard”;
  3. Select your device;
  4. Touch on “Check connection”;
  5. Follow the instructions to check the device’s status.

Restart The Nest Guard

Perhaps your Nest Guard is on, but it is not online, according to the app.

In that case, we suggest you restart the device:

  1. Set the Google Nest Secure to Off (on the app);
  2. Hold the button “5” on the Guard’s keypad;
  3. Release when the ring light spins blue;
  4. Wait for the ring light to turn off.

Next, check the app to see if it recognizes the Nest Guard as online. After that, check if the connection to the Yale Lock is established and the keypad’s glitch is gone.

6. Assess The Access Module

assess its access module

Another very important component on your Nest Yale Lock is called the “access module.”

It is an inner part that is installed near the battery. It allows the device to store data and connect to other devices.

If it is not working properly, it might not allow you to use your saved password.

  1. Unlock the battery cover;
  2. Take the batteries;
  3. Remove the escutcheon;
  4. Fixate the access module placement;
  5. Press the reset button for 3 seconds when reinserting the battery;
  6. Attach the cover again.

After doing the above, check if the keypad has returned to functioning normally.

7. Reset The Lock

The issue with the Nest Yale Lock’s keypad might also result from a hardware or software problem that can only be solved by resetting.

Remember that resetting the device will erase all of your previous data.

How To Reset Manually

how reset manually
  1. Remove the lock’s cover;
  2. Remove the batteries;
  3. Hold the lock button;
  4. Wait a minute;
  5. Put the batteries back;
  6. Hear for the lock/unlock with beepings.

How To Reset Through The App

If the keypad is working through the app and shows up as online, you can also reset through it:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your phone;
  2. Ensure the phone recognizes the device;
  3. Open the Yale Access app;
  4. Open “House Settings”;
  5. Choose “Yale Smart Keypad”;
  6. Tap on “Disconnect Keypad”;
  7. Confirm by tapping “Disconnect.”

8. Review The Physical Installation

It is important not to overlook the physical conditions of your Nest Yale Lock. Some issues with the installation might prevent basic functions from responding.

review the physical installation

So let’s do the following:

  • Check if the door is stuck or if you can use the key to unlock the Yale Lock;
  • Ensure that none of the lock’s vital components is damaged;
  • Use a level to ensure that the door frame and the lock’s installation are correct;
  • Examine the overall battery case and lock’s physical conditions.

In the worst-case scenario, it is a good idea to grab the Nest Yale Lock’s user guide again and uninstall it.

Then, install it again and pay attention to ensure everything is installed correctly.

Quick Recap

A Nest Yale Lock keypad not working is truly a headache since you can’t use the primary mode of accessing your Lock.

However, you can verify many of its components and also test its network connectivity. By now, you should have already solved it!

The rest of the site has more guides covering the Nest Yale Lock!

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