how to get a wired connection in another room

Wondering how to get a wired connection in another room and establish the cables correctly?

Luckily, you have come to the right post!

For many people, it is of great importance to have a wired connection to their devices in order to have faster internet.

Unfortunately, their device isn’t sharing one room with the router.

Because of that, we have described some detailed methods in order to establish your wiring correctly and extend the ethernet cable coming out of your router.

First, you have to plug the powerline adapter into an outlet that is near your router and connect it to the router using an ethernet cable.

Then, in the room, you want to extend your cable to plug the powerline adapter of the device in an outlet near its position. Then connect the device using the ethernet cable.

Following these simple steps, you should have properly established the router’s wiring reaching the other room.

Without further ado, let’s first check what is everything that you should be aware of.

How To Get a Wired Connection In Another Room Easily?

In order to successfully set up a wired connection that could be transferred to a different room from the one your router is located, you have to get more familiar with the basics.

There are three main hardware components you must learn more about before starting to carry out cables through your household and they are

  • Router
  • Switches
  • Hubs

All three of them share different functions and must be manipulated with caution in order to prevent any network malfunctions.

It is strongly recommended for this wiring to be executed by either your internet provider or a technical engineer who is experienced in the field of work.

This does not mean that you cannot perform all this on your own, but it requires some technical knowledge.


Working with these network components without being experienced could seriously damage the devices and eventually stop them from working.

As mentioned above, the main network hardware components we are now going to discuss could be of major help for setting up a wired connection to another room.

They will contribute to a better transmitting of the signal provided from the central component, the Router.

Keep reading as we share some common facts about the three hardware devices which take part in the wiring process.


As the centerpiece of the networking takes place the router.

All information about the connection runs through this device and it transmits all of the networks throughout your household.

At the back of the device, there are some quite important ports that are an essential part of the process in how to get wired connection transferred to another room.

One of the main components which go within the router is the Ethernet Cable which you will have to wire in the dedicated input.


If you are willing to hook all of the devices to your router, you might notice that there aren’t enough ports for all of the wiring.

This is where the switches come into play.

They are known to add additional ports to the router, as their function is to direct the incoming traffic from multiple ports into a single one.

Let’s say your router has 4 slots. When you plug the switch into a single port the signal is transmitted across all switch inputs.

These devices are used by households that own and transmit more than one routers in order to split the usage into a few networks.

A handy piece of tech that would definitely come in handy when wiring your internet connection to another room.

Now you can connect as many cables as your switches allow and you can have as many wired connected in your home as you want.


Hubs could be often mistaken as switches, but we can guarantee you that they are not the same.

Although they share almost the same purpose and could definitely help you when it comes down to how to setup a wired internet connection.

Their function is to broadcast the model, while the switches are using a virtual circuit model.

In other words, hubs are passing the network traffic to all of the devices connected to it while switches only transfer data to the destination device.

Make sure that you know what you are doing when purchasing one of these network hardware components, because if not used correctly they may cause more damage than help.

If you aren’t experienced, we recommend purchasing a cheaper switch than a hub.

How To Setup a Wired Internet Connection?

setup wired connection in another room

After getting familiar with the basic network hardware components, it is time now to move on to the essential process of setting up your wired connection in another room.

There are two main methods of doing that and we will start with by far the easiest one to perform.

The methods we’ve prepared for you are not hard at all, but they require your full attention as there are many things that could go wrong.

In case of any trouble call your internet supplier for help when wiring the connections.

Method #1 Running Ethernet Cables

One of the simplest methods to wire your network is to connect your router with all of the devices which you want to benefit from the connection.

This is performed by using Ethernet cables, which should be wired carefully throughout your home in order to get the most of your internet.

As we have mentioned above, if the ports in your router don’t cover all of the devices you are willing to use, it is recommended to use Switches.

Grab a cable long enough to reach the desired room you want to connect with your router and try to keep it as hidden as possible when wiring it through doors and other furniture.

There are also featured products in the market that are known to help hide your cables upon wiring and you won’t make a mistake if you purchase one.

Although, if you have plenty of short ethernet cables that aren’t long enough to reach the desired room where your device is located.

But don’t worry as we have some handy tips on how to extend ethernet cable to another room.

This is done by using the powerline adapter’s features which we will talk into detail in the next method.

Method #2 Using Powerline Adapters

If running cables throughout your home just aren’t your thing, as you are seeking a yet more minimalist approach, installing powerline adapters into use might just suit your taste.

The way these devices work is via electric lines later on used to transmit data.

The way you could benefit from the transmitted data is by using once again ethernet cables.

Just find a comfortable outlet long enough for your ethernet cable to cope up, plug the adapter and connect the cable with your device.


Make sure that you are using a direct outlet and not a power strip because these powerline adapters wield great consumption, which could eventually endanger your power strip.

The adapters are usually delivered in a kit with two extra ethernet cables for your network connection.

Also make sure that the purchase is refundable, just in case the device doesn’t seem to work for some reason or you just aren’t satisfied with the product.

Also, those powerline adapters have inbuilt power outlets, so once plugged you can still use the power socket for another device.

Bottom Line

Any questions on how to get a wired connection in another room and any other inquiries bound with the process should now be answered.

Applying these methods could really help in transferring the wiring from your router to another room successfully without struggling with how to set up the ethernet cables.

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