roku tv game mode not working

If your Roku TV game mode not working, there are some really helpful methods for you to try and get your game mode working again.

Whether you’re having issues with the manual game mode activation or the automatic feature on Roku TV, here we will reveal everything important that you should know.

Throughout the post, we will share helpful tips and recommendations following which you can’t go wrong.

To fix your Roku TV game more simply plug out your TV from the power outlet and wait for about 3 minutes before plugging it back in.

By performing a restart you will reboot all services including the game mode feature and hopefully, it will get it working.

If not, keep reading as down below we have prepared a list of methods proven to resolve functionality issues with Roku TV.

Why Does Roku TV Game Mode Not Working?

To reduce input lag, all Roku TV models have an inbuilt feature called “Game Mode”.

It helps to reduce key elements such as motion, de-interleaving, and noise reduction.

In other words, game mode optimizes the Roku TV for a great gaming experience.

Now when you have a basic understanding of what game mode is, let’s find out if you’re turning it on correctly.

How Does Game Mode Work?

Roku TVs are equipped with an automatic game mode enabler.

Basically, whenever a game console that supports THX Game Mode is detected on the Roku TV, it will automatically switch to Game Mode.

This setting is enabled by default and we recommend ensuring that the console you’re using actually supports THX Game Mode.

The game mode will only be activated on the HDMI slot that your console is connected to.

You should not expect your other HDMI inputs to have game mode applied if there is no console connected to them.

If you want to enable game mode on a specific HDMI port without having a console connected to it, you can do it manually by following the steps below.

How To Manually Turn On Game Mode On Roku TV?

Down below are the correct steps to manually turn on your Roku game mode feature. Make sure to follow the steps carefully:

  1. Go to the input on your Roku TV where your game console is connected
  2. Press the Start button
  3. Using the diagonal pad, scroll up or down to find Advanced Picture Settings
  4. Select Advanced Picture Settings
  5. Scroll up and select Game Mode


The possible inputs would be (HDMI1, HDMI2, AVIN, etc. If your game console is connected to HDMI1, then select it.

Your TV screen might flicker for a moment which indicates that the picture settings have changed.

If game mode is activated you might notice a slight change in picture colors.

If there is absolutely no feedback nor flicker from your TV upon enabling game mode, then you definitely need to apply some troubleshooting methods.

After all, the game mode is just a feature that makes it part of the Roku TV software.

We all know that no matter how good certain software is, the possibility of something going wrong is higher than you might expect.

In that regard, the methods below are mainly focusing on your Roku TV software (OS), which is the main suspect.

How To Fix When Roku Game Mode Is Not Working?

fix roku game mode not working

Below we have listed several methods that will address your Roku TV functionality and hopefully resolve your game mode not working issue.

We recommend applying our methods below in numerical order to prevent unnecessary troubleshooting.


Our investigation led us to a forum conversation in which people complain that if you’re using any sort of HDMI adapters the Roku TV picture settings do not work as expected.

Only a direct HDMI connection without devices in between is proven to work.

Method #1 Restart Your Roku TV

If you still haven’t restart your Roku TV, this should have been the very first step.

Here is how to restart your Roku TV the right way:

  • Power off your Roku TV
  • Disconnect the TV from the power outlet
  • Wait at least 3 minutes before plugging it back in
  • Turn on and test the Game Mode

If your issue is gone after a simple restart then there is nothing to worry about.

Bugs and glitches are happening all the time and if a restart resolves the issue, you can only be thankful for it.

To ensure that the issue will not happen again in the future, we recommend applying our next method as well.

Method #2 Factory Reset Your Roku TV

Here you will learn how to restore your Roku TV to its default state.

In other words, the operating system will be restored as it was when booted for the first time.

A Factory Reset will most likely resolve the not working Roku game mode issue.

It is important to know that all your personal settings and configurations will be permanently lost.

In that regard, we recommend creating a backup of your settings so you can restore them easily after the restore is complete.

To factory reset your Roku TV follow the steps below:

  1. Take your Roku remote and press the Home button
  2. Scroll up to find the Settings
  3. Select Settings and go to System
  4. Locate and press on Advanced System Settings
  5. Press on Factory Reset
  6. Select Factory Reset Everything

Once there, simply follow the steps that will appear on your Roku TV screen.

If the operation was successful, your TV should restart and it will be restored to its default settings.

If there were any settings with the OS, they shall be gone after the factory reset.

Scroll up and find our guide to manually enable the game mode, which we’ve discussed earlier in the article, and hopefully, it will be working now.

Method #3 Update Your Roku TV

You might be having the not working game mode on Roku TV issue because your OS is out of date.

Especially if you haven’t carried out an update in a while.

We highly recommend updating now, because the game mode is probably not the only broken thing on your Roku TV.

To update your Roku TV to the latest possible version, follow the steps below:

  1. Take your Roku remote and press the Home Button
  2. Find and press Settings
  3. Go to System and then System Update
  4. Select Check Now to search for available updates
  5. Install the updates

Once the updates are installed, ensure to restart the TV.

You can apply the steps to restart your Roku TV that we’ve discussed earlier in the post. Once done try to enable your game mode.

If there are no updates and you’re running the latest version, a message alerting you will appear.

In that case, you might be dealing with an issue that you can’t troubleshoot at home and we are going to address this in our last method.

Method #4 Contact Support

If nothing helped so far, then the Roku game mode not working issue might be related to the hardware of your TV.

To be sure we recommend contacting the official customer support and asking for help.

The team might come up with an idea that we haven’t thought of, so it is worth the shot.


To save yourself time applying the same steps as you did in this post we recommend providing the support team with all the methods you’ve tried so far.

Bottom Line

We can safely conclude that the Roku TV game mode not working issue can easily be resolved.

However, sometimes the issue is far more complex than you would expect and you might end up looking for professional help.

Either way, we hope our post was helpful and if you are interested in similar content, you will definitely find many more interesting posts to read in our blog.

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