how to hide channels on roku tv

Wondering how to hide channels on Roku TV in order to prevent them from ever appearing again upon browsing?

Here we will provide you with the whole process in detail and tell you everything that you should know.

The action itself is not complex at all, as all you have to do is access the settings and rearrange what you want to prevent from showing on your Roku TV.

Channels can be hidden using the Roku app for either iOS or Android. In order to hide items such as Movies and TV shows, head to the Roku device’s settings and select the home screen page.

Next, use the “hide” button and from now on this series will never appear again.

Of course, you can always allow them later by clicking on the “Hide” button again which if enabled will be highlighted.

Let us now learn the steps in details without much delay!

How to Hide Channels on Roku TV Process?

As mentioned above, the process doesn’t require any complex actions and for the best results on hiding channels within Roku TV, it is recommended to set up a Roku Pin.

Once the Pin is created channels can now be successfully removed from your television later on.

Keep reading, as we explain the whole process of hiding any channels or TV shows on your Roku TV.

How To Create A Roku Pin?

Creating a Pin is of great importance when it comes to preventing any Roku users from adding inappropriate or pornographic content to your TV.

Although some users might want to enjoy this type of content, by later on changing the parental settings you will be able to allow such shows and movies to appear.

Follow the steps below in order to set up your Roku Pin first:

  • Log in to your Roku account
  • Click on the update icon underneath Pin Preference
  • Enter your Pin and create it

After entering a strong Pin, hit the Verify button in order to save the changes and put the Pin into use which we will later use to block channels.


Keep in mind that once you create a Pin, any purchases and actions will require that Pin.

Following these simple steps, you should now have a Pin that will block any inappropriate content or channels that you don’t want to be viewed from you or any other users of this Roku account.

Removing Roku Channels Via Pin

Once establishing the Pin, we can now move on to the actual process of how to remove channels on Roku TV.

Follow the steps below, in order to restrict any channel from your Ruku content list:

  • Grab your Roku remote, and select My Channels on the Roku home screen
  • Find the channel you want to hide and hit the Options button
  • Select Remove Channel and click OK
  • Following these steps, remove any other channels you want

Selecting “Remove Channel” will disrupt this channel from appearing on each user’s profile within this Roku account, so keep in mind to remain compliant with the other Roku users.

The same process remains the same for both the Android and iOS platforms just in case you don’t have a desktop account in hand.

In order to hide specific items, unlike the channels, you must access the Roku device’s Settings Menu and click on the Home Screen button.

Next, click on the Hide button for the specific show or movie you want to hide, and later you can always bring them back.

This way, you can forbid specific channels or movies/TV shows from ever appearing on the home page for you and other users of this Roku TV.

Before proceeding further, make sure that you have fully understood how to forbid channels on Roku TV efficiently.

Keep reading as we explain how to maintain your children’s Roku content using the provided option Parental Controls.

What Are Roku Parental Controls?

A great way to observe and maintain what movies and shows content your kid will be encountering, Roku TV has a Parental Control option.

Enabling this feature will forbid your children from visiting any age-restricted content on Roku and will eventually block some channels according to how you have set up the parental controls.

In order to enable the parental control feature and set it up correctly follow the steps below:

  • Select the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Scroll down/up until you locate the Settings tab
  • Navigate until you find the Parental Control feature
  • Enable the Parental Controls

Once ready adjust the viewing ratings of the Roku movies and TV shows, then choose which unrated programs to block from appearing.

The program you have restricted will not contain any video or audio and won’t have any title/description.

If you want to allow any specific channel for free viewing, enter your Roku Pin as mentioned above.

How to Hide Antenna Channels on TCL Roku TV?

how to hide antenna channels on tcl roku tv

You will now learn how to successfully block antenna channels specifically on the TCL Roku TV.

The process does not differ much from the methods mentioned above.

The first steps are almost identical but we still recommend paying attention.

Antenna channels are known to come with the TV provider you are currently subscribed to, and it is of great importance for some Roku users to hide any inappropriate content.

Some antenna channels are just not suitable for a family environment or they are simply not wanted.

Regardless of your case follow the steps below in order to block antenna channels from appearing on your TCL Roku TV:

  • Hit the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Locate and select Settings
  • Head to TV Inputs and click on the Antenna TV option
  • From there, restrict any channel of your desire


Keep in mind that if your provider supports more than one TV in the house, blocking antenna channels will disrupt other TV users within your household from viewing the blocked channels.

Having your Pin in hand, you could always unblock antenna channels in order to enjoy watching them.

The Pin will be required each time the channel is selected, but the content will not start until the Pin is accepted.

Although you have blocked the channel and any video, sound, or subtitles that come with it, you will be granted a little area containing exactly 4 spaces where you should enter the Pin you have established earlier in the post.

Easy as that, you should be able to block any antenna channel your provider has in store for you that doesn’t seem to fit your taste.

You will be having them restricted from the whole TV connection throughout your household and will also stop any other Roku account users from viewing the inappropriate content this channel contains.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you know how to hide channels on Roku TV and you are able to deal with and resolve any issues that might come with the process.

Being acknowledged on how to restrict any antenna channels is also of great importance both for the privacy and enjoyment of your children using the same Roku account as yours.

If you are interested in more content related to Roku TV, in our blog you will find many more interesting articles to read.

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