how to hide channels on roku tv

If you’re wondering how to hide channels on Roku TV then stay with us and learn multiple ways of doing so and how to regain them later. Let’s start with hiding channels on Roku TV.

To hide channels on Roku TV go to the channel you would like to remove and press the “Star” button on your remote.

Then you need to press the “Remove Channel” option and confirm your selection by pressing the OK on the remote when “Remove” appears again.

Let’s first explore a bit more about hiding channels on your Roku TV!

Hidden Roku Channels – Explained

hidden roku channels explained

A quick explanation about hiding channels on Roku would be the fact that these channels are not permanently blocked or hidden.

They only disappear from your device and can be acquired later when needed.

Also, an important factor about hiding channels on Roku is that this action is done and reflected on your account. Hence all other Roku devices with the same Roku account will also receive the changes made on your operational Roku TV.

Let’s next explore the different ways to hide channels on Roku TV.

How to Hide Channels on Roku TV? – 3 Different Ways!

To clarify, the “hiding” channels on the Roku option remove the channels from the home screen as well as from the channel list.

However, the same channels will still be available in the Roku channel store as well as in your Roku subscription and can be retrieved anytime easily.

hide roku channels

1. Hide Roku Channels via the Remote!

To remove a channel from your Roku, it’s completely enough to have your setup turned on and the Roku remote available.

To remove Roku channels via remote, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Home Screen of your Roku device.
  2. Find and start streaming the channel for removal.
  3. Then press the “Star” button on the Roku remote.
  4. Select the “Remove Channel” and press “OK
  5. Confirm again, when the “Remove” prompt appears.
Note: Your Roku TV or streaming stick must be connected to the WiFi or via Ethernet!

2. Hide Roku Channels via Roku Website!

In case you didn’t know, you can manage your Roku account as well as all channels included remotely by visiting the official Roku website.

The only requirement is to have an available device with an internet connection and an operational online browser.

go to roku website

Here’s how to remove channels on your Roku from the website:

  1. Go to on your device.
  2. Sign into your account via the login credentials.
  3. Click on the “My Account” button on the top.
  4. Then select “Manage My Subscription”.
  5. Locate a channel and click “Unsubscribe”.
  6. This will remove the channel from your Roku.
Note: This method will affect all Roku devices associated with this Roku account.

3. Hide Roku Channels via Roku App!

One of the easiest ways to manage your Roku account and remove channels quickly and efficiently is to use the Roku mobile app.

The application is called “The Roku App” and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices, hence you can download and install it now.

channels on roku app

Simply, open the Roku app on your device and follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your account in the Roku app.
  2. Tap on the “Channels” from the bottom.
  3. Scroll and locate the channel for removal.
  4. Tap to select the channel and tap “Remove”.
  5. Confirm and the channel will be removed.
Info: When channels are removed they can be easily re-acquired back as long as your Roku subscription includes them.

How to Find “Hidden” Roku TV Channels?

As we’ve already mentioned, “hidden” Roku channels only disappear from the home screen and from the channel list on your devices.

However, these channels remain available in the Roku channel store and can be easily re-acquired anytime.

To regain a “hidden” channel open the Roku Channel Store and go to “My Channels re-add the channel on the Roku TV.

Then the channel will appear in the channel list and on the home screen of your Roku and will be available for streaming anytime.

hidden roku tv channels
Info: The same operation can be done via the Roku mobile app or through the Roku website!

Can you Hide Roku Channels in the Store?

In short, you can’t hide channels from the channel store but you can block them!

Unfortunately, “hidden” and removed channels on your Roku still appear in the Roku channel store, hence they can be acquired anytime easily.

To protect children from sensitive content there is another useful way to manage the content and completely block certain channels.

Roku – Parental Controls (Block Channels)

The Roku parental controls are made to block channels by their rating level as well as specific channels or individual shows and movies.

You can adjust the Parental controls via all sources – the Roku app, the Roku website, or by using the Roku TV remote.

setup parental controls

Here’s how to set up parental controls and block channels on Roku:

  1. Using the Roku remote, go to the home screen.
  2. From there, go to Settings > Parental Controls.
  3. Choose the “Enable Parental Controls” option.
  4. Insert a 4-digit PIN code for operation access.
  5. Select the “Block TV Shows & Movies option.
  6. Alternatively, select the“Block TV Channels” option.
Info: You can block content based on the rating level such as TV-PG, TV-G, TV-MA, and more!

How to Hide Streaming Channels on Roku TV?

In addition, by using Roku parental controls you can also exclude and restrict a Live TV input as well as “over the air” and antenna signal.

Since some of these channels can be acquired from the Live TV Channel Guide, they can be removed and/or hidden.

To remove channels from the Live TV Channel Guide on Roku, follow the steps:

  1. On your Roku TV go to Settings.
  2. Then select the TV inputs option.
  3. Then select the “Live TV” feature.
  4. Select “Hide streaming TV channels”.
  5. Then choose “Hide all” to remove them.
Info: The parental controls on Roku work according to a US or Canadian rating so any other countries might not be able to block certain live input.

How to Hide Antenna Channels on Roku TV?

hide antenna channels

Again, to hide the Live TV or HDTV antenna channels from your Roku, we need to use parental controls. In order to access these controls you need to select the TV Tuner setting and the Roku TV will ask whether to start scanning for channels.

The scanning process must end, which takes several minutes and then before completing the setup, you will be able to access the TV tuner sub-menu.

This is where you can manage and set parental control settings in regard to the discovered channels before adding them to the TV Guide.

Here are the TV tuner “sub-menu” options that you’ll need to configure:

  • Enable/Disable Parental Controls
  • Block/Unblock Roku Content Type
  • Set a Movie/TV Show Rating Limit.
  • Set Canadian English rating.
  • Set Canadian French ratings.
  • Block/Unblock all unrated channels.

In order to know which content types to block as well as the rating limitations we suggest reading about TV Ratings and Parental Controls.

Keep in mind that once these options are set the channels will not be discovered until a repeated TV tuner operation as discussed above.

Need More Help?

In case you’re unable to hide or block unwanted channels on your Roku account and Roku TV, the best next step would be to seek qualified help.

Simply content Roku Customer Service and share the struggle you’re been facing. They will surely help so good luck!

Quick Recap:

Now that we’ve learned how to hide channels on Roku TV, we know that we can remove them from the home screen as well as from the channel list.

To achieve this goal we can use the Roku app, the official website or simply enable parental controls and manage all.

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