why does my tv flicker with hdmi

Wondering why does my TV flicker with HDMI? Well, luckily for you there is a way to resolve this issue.

Here, we will discuss the best methods you can apply at home to get your TV working without flickering.

The approaches you will find in this post are actually justified to work by people experiencing the same issue as you.

The whole issue could be based on a faulty cable or connector, so it is strongly recommended to try using an altered HDMI cable to see if this is going to resolve the problem.

You can also attempt plugging the current HDMI cable into another socket if your TV comes with more than one HDMI slot.

If this does not work, do not get discouraged as further in this post we have a bunch of other helpful methods for you to try.

Why does my TV flicker with HDMI?

TV keeps flashing black screen with HDMI is a common issue is well-known throughout the community and there are several widely popular causes.

The problem could be caused by a faulty cable, a bad HDMI port, or if your cable is not plugged all the way in.

There is also a possibility of resolution error which can be solved by configuring the settings.

Stick around as we will jump into details and how to properly apply the troubleshooting methods we are about to share with you.

Method #1 Change Your HDMI Cable

A common method you can use would be to check if the HDMI cable you are currently using is faulty or has interruptions.

As time passes, the cable could start malfunctioning which could eventually lead to the black screen flashing issue.

In order to see if your HDMI cable is faulty follow these simple steps:

  1. Unplug your HDMI cable.
  1. Plug your HDMI cable into a different device.
  1. Let the device run with the HDMI cable for a few minutes.
  1. Observe if there is a black screen flickering.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to determine if the HDMI cable is responsible for the annoying TV keeps flashing black screen HDMI issue.

If this method doesn’t seem to be helpful in your situation, keep reading because we are about to take our troubleshooting one step further.

Method #2 Check If Your HDMI Port Is Working

If your HDMI cable is working correctly, it is time to see if this black screen flickering is the TV’s fault.

Most of the time, at older TVs, HDMI ports could start interrupting the signal which could also result in the annoying flickering you are experiencing.

In such cases, there are a few ways you could determine whether it’s the port’s fault or not.

Most of the newly released TVs have 3 HDMI slots located on the back bottom of the TV and one HDMI located on the side of the TV. 

In order to see all of the HDMI ports as well as all other inputs, head to the “Sources” option. You can find this option by pressing the Home button on your TV and navigating to Sources.

Simply check if your TV has more than one HDMI slot available, if it does, try unplugging your HDMI cable from the current port and plugging it into another slot located on your TV.

Once done check if the issue is resolved.

If this doesn’t help, you might reconsider grabbing a new HDMI cable for your TV in order to get the HDMI connection blinking issue resolved.

Method #3 Check HDMI Connectivity

check hdmi connectivity

A casual mistake when using an HDMI cable is to not plug it all the way in, which eventually results in very bad signal interruptions and sometimes no signal at all.

Make sure to check if your HDMI cable is fitted perfectly in the operational HDMI port.

Keep in mind that if you push your HDMI cable in the slot too hard, it might result in the disintegration of both an HDMI cable and port, so remember to be gentle upon plugging HDMI cables into your TV.

Also, make sure that the cable is not being under pressure and straighten the cable as much as possible.

Method #4 Check for Internal Connection Problems

Keep in mind that this annoying flickering could also be caused by a loose or failing connection located inside the TV set itself.

Such an issue could only be resolved by an experienced technician.

This flickering will constantly happen, regardless of the HDMI cable and such issues often indicate that the TV you are using could be near death.

Of course, such issues are rare to occur, and if you still have an intact warranty, it should be able to cover it entirely.

If you decide to troubleshoot this issue by yourself and open the TV’s panel, their warranty will be instantly voided.

HDMI Connection Flickering on LCD TV

Luckily there is a solution you can try that only works on LCD TV.

So, if you’re using one and you’re experiencing flickering with HDMI, do not hesitate to apply the below-described method.

LCD screened TVs are always flickering, but human eyes aren’t able to see fast enough to spot it because the screen updates really fast.

TVs that are using LCD screens are much less likely to be interrupted by screen flickering than older ones that are using Ray Tube or CRT, just because the LCD screens are having a higher refresh or update rate.

However, if you are currently observing the LCD screen under a very dark or very bright environment, you may be able to notice the LCD screen’s black flickering.

Adjusting the screen’s brightness or the room lighting itself could eventually resolve this issue.

HDMI Flickering on TV Is Still There…

If none of the above-listed methods seem to resolve your issue, there are some alternative options for you to try.

If the issue persists after you have applied all of these steps above, your problem might be more complex and require technical support from the manufacturer team.

Contacting your TV’s technical support is always recommended.

Even if they don’t accept your TV for repairment they might give you some helpful tips on how to troubleshoot the issue.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you know why does my TV flicker with HDMI and how to properly resolve this issue.

The information we have shared with you is gathered from community guidelines by users struggling with the same issue as yours.

So we can provide you only with methods that are known to be successful.

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