how to change garage door code without old code

Wondering how to change garage door code without old code? Luckily for you, there is a way.

We know how frustrating it is to get locked out of your garage because you’ve forgotten the opener code so here you’ll learn how to reset it without the old one.

To reset the code without the old one, you’ll need to access the door motor. From there you’ll need to reset the entire motor, which will reset the code. Then you’ll have to create a new code of course, but once there you’ll be able to enter using the new and only code.

There is not much behind the process so let’s jump right in!

How To Change The Code On Garage Door Without Old Code?

change garage door code without old code

Regardless of the garage door type you’ve got (rolling or sectional), there should be motors on both sides of the door.

You need to make sure that you can access both since the reset button you’ll be looking for is either inside or on the outside opener.

Once you’ve located the motors (openers), follow the steps below:

Step #1 Inspect The Keypads

The garage door openers should have keypads and you must make sure that both have a working battery before you continue.

Otherwise, you’ll reset the motors and you won’t be able to set up a new code, leaving you with an indefinitely closed door.

If you’re concerned that the remotes or the keypads are not working because their batteries are dead, you can take a fresh 9V battery and replace them before you begin.

If everything with the keypads is okay, you’re ready to reset the code.

Step #2 Locate The Reset Button

As we’ve mentioned, the reset button is on one of the two motors. More specifically, where the control panel is.

The control panel should be looking like a large black box with many instructions written on it. When you locate the control panel you should be looking for the reset button.

Most often the reset button will be red or blue so once you have found the button, proceed with resetting the motor.

Step #3 Reset The Motor

When you have the reset button upfront, you should press and hold it for about 6 to 10 seconds.

Next to the button, there should be a light that must start blinking if the reset has started. If the light is not blinking, then you should press and hold the button again.

Once the light starts to blink then the reset has started and all that’s left is to wait a couple of minutes until the motor is entirely reset.

This is how to change garage door code without old code, but now the old code will be gone forever. You should now set up a new one so let’s find out how.

How To Set Up A New Garage Door Code?

setup garage door code

When you’ve reset the motors (openers), the old code is now gone. There are 2 more steps that you need to do before you can use your garage code:

  • Set up a new code
  • Reprogram the remote

Tip: We recommend preparing your new code in mind before you begin with the steps since you’ll have limited time to enter the new code.

Let’s start with setting up the new code first:

Step #1 Start New Code Programming

To create a new code you’ll need one of the keypads in front of you. On some garage doors, the button you’ll need is labeled a “learn button”, on others it would be a “reset button”.

Regardless of how it’s labeled you need to press and hold until the little keypad light lights up.

Step #2 Enter The New Code

Once the light is ON, that would mean that you have 30 seconds to enter the new code. You should do it quickly without any typos.

Enter the code and check the little light. It should now be blinking, which means that the new code is accepted and set.

Unfortunately, you’re not ready yet. Once the new code is set you would want to make sure that the remote (if you have a remote) is programmed with the new code.

Step #3 Reprogram Remote To The New Code

Since there are quite a few different approaches to programming the remote, depending on the model of your garage door, we’ve prepared a universal guide.

This guide is including every single step for all types of remotes and will certainly reprogram yours successfully.

  1. Aim your remote at the garage motor on the inside.
  2. Press ANY button and hold for about 10 seconds.
  3. Press the DOWN button on the remote.
  4. Press the LEARN button on the remote.
  5. Press DOWN & LEARN at the same time and hold.
  6. Let go of both buttons simultaneously.

If you saw your door reacting when you’ve pressed the DOWN button, it would mean that you’re ready.

If not, after step #5 it would definitely be ready. If the garage door is not reacting, repeat the process again and make sure to follow the steps precisely.

Tip: You may also try on the outdoor motor if it does not work when aiming at the one on the inside.

At this point, you should be ready. Your remote should be working and the code should be changed without having to insert the old code.

If something does not work and you were not able to reset the motor or program your remote make sure to take a look at the back of the opener.

There should be a detailed explanation of how to do everything and you might find the key to your problem there.

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Bottom Line:

To change the garage door code without the old code you’ll need to reset the entire motor. That can be done by holding the reset button that is usually located on one of the two motors. When the motor is reset, the old code will be gone and you will be able to set up a new one.

Now when you know how to change garage door code without old code you will no longer worry about what happens if you forget it. The process is really simple and can be done as many times as you need.

In case something is wrong and you cannot perform the process easier, you can call your garage door manufacturer for more information and possibly a solution to your problem.

Nicole B