genie garage door sensor one red one green

Asking why Genie garage door sensor one red one green? In this post, you’ll learn it all!

The Genie brand has been around for many years now and users have often pondered what is the meaning of the opener’s lights.

Fortunately, there is an easy explanation to the light sequence of your Genie and we will review it all by the end of this guide!

The Genie opener would have two sensors. The one should be in green color, which indicates that both of the units are powered up, which is a good thing. The other one should be in red color, which means that there are no obstructions between the sensors. They’re sort of “seeing” each other and have a clear vision.

If this wasn’t enough to help you understand the meaning of your Genie garage door sensor’s lights, let’s move on and explore all possibilities.

Genie Garage Door Opener One Sensor Green One Sensor Red Meaning

Your Genie garage door opener sensors should be in a certain color as an indication that everything is functional.

Generally, red and green lights on your Genie sensors are indicating proper functionality.

Note: Your Genie must always be in red and green colors in order to work as intended and don’t run into any troubles.

In case you’ve seen other colors or blinking patterns on your Genie garage sensors, let’s learn more about the different types of lights next.

Meaning Of Static Lights On Your Genie Door Opener

static lights means

Whenever the lights of your Genie are static, in most cases there is nothing for you to worry about.

However, there is another situation where one or both of the sensors are blinking, and this might be considered as an issue in the functionality.

Let’s review the meaning of the static LEDs you can see on your Genie.

Red Light (Static)

Whenever there is a red light on your Genie, no matter which sensor shows it, it means that there is no obstruction between the sensors, and they are sort of “seeing” each other.

Keep in mind that this statement only applies whenever there is only one red light.

In other words, if the red light is lit up (not blinking) then the receiver is transmitting a signal, and everything is okay.

If there is more than one red light, then you might be looking at an issue with your Genie door sensor.

Green Light (Static)

Each sensor on your Genie door opener will have light regardless. The green light is also a common thing on your Genie door opener.

If you’re seeing a green light, no matter what the other sensor is showing, then this means that the door opener units are powered up. This is a good thing and this is how it should be.

There is no situation where the green light should be blinking, so there is nothing for you to worry about if one of the sensors is in green light.

One Green Light One Red Light (Static)

In regard to the situation where your Genie door opener has one green light and one red light, we can say that everything works normally.

The combination of green and red light as long as neither of them is blinking, means that the units are powered up and that there is no obstruction between the sensors.

In other words, this is not counted as an issue, since green and red light is the regular LED functionality you should be seeing on your Genie door opener.

After reviewing the Genie garage door sensor one red one green situation, let’s additionally learn what is the meaning of potentially blinking lights on your door sensors.

Meaning Of Blinking Lights Or No Lights At All On Your Genie Door Opener

blinking lights or no lights mean

Unlike the static lights which usually indicate nothing is wrong, there are cases in which the lights are blinking.

We will now review what is the meaning of a blinking red light on your Genie garage door opener and what does it mean?

Red Light (Blinking)

If your Genie transceiver eye is blinking in red light, then that means that the signal is blocked or that the transmitting eye is bad.

This is mainly where you should worry and not when one receiver is in red and the other one is green.

You can attempt to resolve a blinking red light by checking the motor head, inspecting the logic board, searching for corrosion across the motorized parts, and of course, inspecting your setup for bad wirings.

No Light At All

If you’re not seeing any light at all, then this most certainly means that your Genie garage door opener has lost power or there is a terminal fault across the device.

There should always be light on your Genie garage door sensors regardless of what’s happening, except if there is a power outage.

In case you’re seeing a different behavior than the ones described in his post, make sure to contact Genie customer support and report your problem.

The green and red light on your Genie garage door is nothing to be worried about. The red (static) color means that there is no obstruction between the sensors and the green one means that all mechanized units are powered up and your door works perfectly!

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know the meaning of Genie garage door sensor one red one green, we hope you were able to understand that there is nothing wrong with your garage door.

In case your garage door sensors are blinking you might try to identify the cause using the provided tips above.

We hope that you now know the LED patterns of your Genie garage door and if you’re having other problems with it, you might want to check our online blog for a solution!

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