genie garage door opener no power

Want to fix the Genie garage door opener no power issue? We’ve got you covered on that one!

There could be a variety of problems cutting the power supply to your Genie garage door.

In this post, we will provide you with the best troubleshooting solutions you can find online that will re-establish the electricity flow of your Genie opener!

To solve the problem, first, check if the powerhead is securely connected to the source and make sure to turn the Sure-Lock off (it may also be called vacation lock). Next, check the wired connections and replace any cables if necessary.

Let’s review the possibilities behind this sudden power outage of your Genie door opener and come up with the best solutions to the problem.

Why Is There No Power To Genie Garage Door Opener?

A variety of things could be interrupting the power flow to your Genie garage door opener, including wires, power outlets, and certain features.

In this guide, we will review ALL of them and their respective solutions.

Let’s begin with the most common user reports, across the Genie community:

1. Sure-Lock Enabled

This feature will leave your garage door opener without an opener whenever you’re away and if you leave it enabled, you can’t help opening your garage door.

2. Outlet Problem

There might be an issue with the power outlet that is supplying your Genie garage door opener with electricity.

3. Wiring Issue

In most cases, this problem could be occurring due to a fault in the wiring across the Genie garage door opener configuration.

4. Console Problem

If no power is reaching your Genie console, you will have a hard time getting the garage door to open either way.

5. Powerhead Issue

Even if the powerhead is somewhat related to the wiring bullet above, there might be a separate problem with this certain component of your Genie configuration.

Now that we have these potential causes aside, let’s proceed with the best troubleshooting solutions available for issues such as yours!

How To Fix Genie Garage Door Opener No Power To Sensors?

fix genie garage door opener no power

First, check if your sensors are working. If they aren’t working either, keep in mind that they are mainly responsible for moving your garage door up and down.

In that regard, if they aren’t getting power, you can assume that the door opener isn’t getting power also.

Knowing whether the garage door opener has power or not, proceed with the first solution:

Solution #1 Turn Sure-Lock OFF

In your Aladdin Connect application, designed by Genie, there is an app named “SureLock”.

If left working, your Genie garage opener’s power will be cut until further notice as prevention from theft while you’re “away”.

The feature is mainly designed for users whenever they are on vacation to lock their garage opener so thieves can’t open it whatever they try.

In that regard, we suggest checking your Aladdin connection application to determine if that feature is enabled and potentially disabling it.

You can find the feature in the main menu of the applications, in the features tab.

If disabling the sure-lock didn’t help solve the issue, let’s inspect the power supply of your garage door.

Solution #2 Test Power Outlet

check power outlet

Your Genie might not be getting power due to a faulty or not working power outlet.

In that regard, our next suggestion is related to inspecting the power outlet where your Genie garage door opener is plugged.

How Do I Tell If My Genie’s Power Outlet Is Faulty?

There is an easy way to test out the power outlet of your Genie garage door opener, before plugging the device elsewhere.

Follow the steps down below to test out your Genie’s power outlet:

  1. Disconnect the powerhead of your Genie.
  2. Get an easy-to-carry device that you can connect to the outlet.
  3. Enable the power supply of the device and check the device for any output.
  4. If you’ve plugged a lamp and the lamp lights up, then the outlet is working properly.

If the outlet doesn’t work, then you should consider plugging your Genie elsewhere.

Solution #3 Inspect Genie Console

inspect console

If you’re currently attempting to trigger your garage opener using the Genie remote, we suggest trying it out with the console.

The console is an alternative way to control the garage door if the remote doesn’t seem to work.

You can inspect your Genie console by taking a look at the cables on the back.

How To Trigger Console Opening?

There is a little tip by the Genie technicians that will let you know if your console is still intact.

Follow the steps down below to trigger a manual opening of your Genie’s door.

  1. Locate your Genie console’s cables.
  2. Disconnect them from the console.
  3. Touch them together and see if the door is going to open.
The console might visually not receive power, but if there is any electricity, after all, the doors should be opening now.

If not, you might have to replace your Genie console if the remote doesn’t work either.

If that couldn’t solve the Genie garage door opener no power issue, let’s move on with a different approach than the ones by now.

Solution #4 Reconnect Powerhead’s Cables

As you probably know, the powerhead is responsible for supplying your Genie with sufficient electricity.

If any of the cables that are connecting to the powerhead have gone faulty, the power to your Genie garage door opener will be cut.

In that regard, we suggest reconnecting all of the cables that are being connected to the powerhead.

You will know where the powerhead is since all of the cables that go into your console and garage door will be coming out of this very component.

Solution #5 Reset The Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker responsible for the room where your garage door is might have got tripped.

Users report that after bothering for hours to resolve this problem, they identified that the circuit breaker got tripped, therefore the garage won’t be powered in any way.

In that regard, flip the circuit breaker of your garage for 15 seconds and push it back on.

This will reset the breaker, hopefully fixing the power of your Genie garage door opener.

Solution #6 Reset Garage’s Power

reset power source

If you have a door opener, then you most likely have a GFCI receptacle which stands for ground fault circuit interrupter.

It’s most likely that it got tripped and your garage has completely lost power.

It should be located near your front door and it looks like a little panel with a latch. You will want to open it and hit the reset button.

After a couple of moments, the power to your garage should be restored and the garage door would have power.

To fix no power supplying your Genie garage door opener you will first want to inspect the power outlet, the powerhead, and its cables. Next, reset the circuit breaker and make sure the GFCI receptacle is not tripped.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the Genie garage door opener no power issue occurs, we hope you were able to resolve that problem on your own.

In case the solutions in our post did not help you can always consider contacting a professional is never excluded!

Nicole B