how long does twitch take to approve emotes

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The emotes approval in Twitch is usually subject to approval and it’s going to be within a timeframe of 24 to 48 hours.

Learn more about the factors involved in this by reading our guide below!

Understanding Twitch Emotes

Before we jump right into answering how long does it take for Twitch to approve emotes, let’s first tackle and discuss what Twitch emotes are.

Twitch emotes, simply are emoticons that you can use to interact with a live stream.

Just like with our smartphones, these Twitch emotes can express what you feel, what your thoughts are, as well as can project what you want to say in a more stylish way.

There are about 120 emotes that are set by default on Twitch.

But, upon reaching the Twitch Affiliate status, you will be able to have the ability to have custom emotes.

How to Get Emotes on Twitch

Getting emotes is one way of telling everyone that you are climbing the ladder and that your channel has unlocked a couple of special features.

So, how do you get emotes on Twitch?

Step #1: Know the Requirements

The first thing you want to do is to know what the requirements are for you to get emotes.

As per the company, the requirements of an account to be eligible to have custom emotes would be:

  • Must be under the Twitch affiliate program.     
  • Must have valuable and interesting content that can pull viewers.

Once you reach this level, then you will unlock your ability to get and send custom emotes.

Step #2: Create Your Twitch Emotes

So, how do you create Twitch emotes? Creating Twitch emotes is simply like creating a clipart.

You will need to have a program or an application that you can use to create the art you’re looking for.

Some experts suggest the use of Photoshop since it’s advanced, but others use other software such as Canva, KAPWING, Emotes Creator, etc.

After you create your custom emote, it’s time to submit them.

Submit Twitch Emotes

Just like any other type of submission, when you’re going to submit the art you’ve done, Twitch will actually ask for a couple of requirements for them to easily render and process it.

The most typical and general requirements in submitting these include:

  • Different Sizes (28px x 28px, 56px x 56px & 112px x 112px).
  • Must be in PNG format.
  • Should be within 25kb of file size.
  • Background of the emote must be transparent.
  • Must not be animated (like a GIF, etc.).
  • Needs to be square-shaped.
  • All three (3) boxes should have the same image or photo.

There you have it! Those are the requirements for the emote you want to get or add!

Step #3: Wait For Twitch Emote Approval

Once you have all that figured out, the next thing you want to do is to submit it!

Take note, though, not all emotes are approved, and this is the reason why you must send them off for approval.

Twitch has specific criteria in selecting which to approve, and there are a lot of guides out there, so be sure to check them all out.

And with that, you’ll just have to wait for them to approve or OK your emotes and you’ll be good to go!

But wait, how long does it take Twitch to approve emotes?

How Long Does Twitch Take to Approve Emotes?

how long does it take twitch to approve emotes

As per the company, the average time they go on to approve emotes would be around 48 hours.

That’s two (2) days, but some emote, especially those that are quite sensitive can take longer in the approval basket.

It’s very rare for emotes to be approved within the 24 to 36-hour window, so set the expectation that you’ll hear back from them in two (2) days.

No Approval Process?

Some partners do not have to sweat because they don’t need to go through the approval process.

In fact, these users and partners are people who were able to prove their credibility with the company.

Oftentimes, these are Twitch Partners who have good standing for at least 60 days.

So, build up your image and your credibility, maintain it for two (2) months, and never worry about how long Twitch takes to approve emotes again.

A lot of people like taking this path because it’s actually an ease of burden to them, especially those that have good intentions for creating emotes.

How Can I Upload My Emotes on Twitch?

Currently, there are two (2) ways on how you can upload your emotes on Twitch.

There’s the auto-resize mode and the manual mode.

To upload it using the auto-resize method, head on over to the dashboard and hit Viewer Rewards > Emotes.

Hit on the “+” sign on the specific tier where you want to upload your emote then upload the art you want to board to the system.

Toggle the Auto-Resize button below the image boxes and it’ll automatically resize it for you.

If you want to do it via the manual method, don’t toggle the Auto-Resize box and follow the requirements that we have above.

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Don’t worry, we were a lot worse when we’re trying out how to do it.

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If ever you find yourself wondering how long it will take your emote to be approved, the answer is here!

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