headphones quiet at max volume

If your headphones quiet at max volume, the issue may be due to several main factors.

By the end of this post, we will review them all, as well as provide you with the best solutions to fix the issue in a matter of minutes!

To fix your headphones from being quiet at max volume, make sure the audio file is at full capacity and you’re not receiving any calls or notifications. Next, check the device’s audio settings and ensure the connectivity is good for wireless headsets.

Let’s first take a look at the issue and learn more about what could be causing it in the first place.

Why Headphones Sound Quiet At Max Volume?

The issue might be occurring with your device even if you increase the volume to the max capacity.

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There might be a restriction preventing you from increasing it any further.

With iPhones for instance, you will constantly receive warnings for listening to music too loud. This will eventually lower the volume of your audio file automatically.

Besides all that, here is what else might have happened:

1. Individual Volume Controller

Some headphones might contain a button, controlling the volume of the headphones individually.

2. Volume Restriction

If the volume is restricted to surpass a certain point, you might not be able to listen to your headphones at max capacity.

3. Audio File

In case the audio file’s volume is low, you will hear the playback from your headphones quietly.

4. Connectivity Issue

A problem with the connectivity in the wireless headphones might cause the audio to be heard silently.

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5. Headset Problem

Lastly, a problem with the headset itself might drop the volume you’re hearing in general.

Now that we’ve discussed what’s wrong with your headset, let’s troubleshoot the issue with the best solutions available.

How To Fix Headphones Quiet At Max Volume Issue?

fix headphones quiet at max volume

Since a variety of users are experiencing this issue both on Android and iPhone devices, we will make sure to provide you with solutions for all mobile platforms.

With that being said, let’s proceed with the first solution.

Solution #1 Re-Plug The Headphones

Sometimes the jack of your wired headphones might not have entered the AUX correctly.

We suggest replugging your headphones from the jack on your phone and making sure they are plugged in tightly.

plug headphone

For the headphones to work, the jack must be in your phone all the way in, and you must hear slight distortion from the headphones when plugging in.

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If you don’t hear any sound when plugging your headphones in, it is possible that the 3.5 mm jack is not working quite well.

Solution #2 Maintenance The Headphones/Output Device

Users suggest that cleaning their headphones resolve plenty of issues for them.

Especially with earbuds, earwax can often prevent you from hearing the volume as you used to.

Down below we have prepared some easy steps to maintain your headphones and mobile device to fix the issue.

Clean the Headphone Jack

It is really important that the jack of your headphones is free of any dirt that could potentially impact the audio signal transfer.

clean headphone

Clean the Phone Port

Next, make sure to check the headphone port on your mobile device and clean it.

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We recommend blowing in a couple of times or reaching in with a toothpick to take any dust build up on the walls of the jack hole.

Clean the Earbuds

Both for wireless and wired users, we recommend cleaning your earbuds out of any dirt or earwax, suppressing the volume.

Check for Damage

Make sure no damage is inflicted on your headphones. If the problem wasn’t with the hardware of your headphones, let’s look for the problem elsewhere.

Solution #3 Turn Off DND Mode

If you’ve enabled a DND mode on your phone, it is possible that the sound of the music you’re playing might get a little bit quieter.

If the headphones quiet at max volume on iPhone, try flipping the DND switch on the side of the phone.

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For Android users, you should be able to find this very feature in the settings tab of your device. Once found, tap on the slider to disable the feature.

Note: Keep in mind that the airplane mode could also work like the “DND” mode, so make sure it is disabled as well.

Solution #4 Change The Audio Balancing

It is possible that the audio balancing has been automatically configured by your headphones and you’re hearing one side of your earbuds a little stronger than the other down.

We will now explain how to change the audio balance on both, Android and iPhone:

Change Audio Balancing On Android

To change the audio balancing on an Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. Tap “Sounds & Vibrations”.
  3. Adjust the “Media” and “Ringtone” features to be in the same volume strength.
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Change Audio Balancing On iPhone

To adjust the audio balancing of your iPhone device, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Open the Settings and go to General > Accessibility.
  2. Tap “Hearing Selection”.
  3. Scroll to the BALANCE mode and make sure the slider is balanced equally between LEFT and RIGHT.

Once you’re done with these steps, your headphones should now be running on the same volume strength from both sides.

Solution #5 Play A Different Audio File/Platform

play different audio

No matter whether you’re playing music from Windows, MAC, iPhone, or an Android OS, the strength of the audio file you’re playing might be quiet.

This could be the reason why you’re hearing your headphones quietly, while they are at full volume.

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We suggest playing an mp3 file stored on your phone, or music from specific media apps such as Youtube Music or Spotify.

Wait for the file to play along and determine if you’re hearing your headphones right.

Note: The best way to determine the quality of the audio file is by storing it on your phone.

Your OS would automatically configure the file’s volume strength and increase it accordingly to your volume preferences.

Also, you should know that on different online platforms the audio level is different.

For example, on YouTube, the audio will NOT be as high as if played from iTunes or Amazon Music. The same goes for Spotify.

Solution #6 Re-Pair Wireless Headphones

For users who use wireless headsets to listen to media from their device, we suggest reconnecting via Bluetooth.

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This would help fix if headphones quiet at max volume Android, since the Bluetooth of some of these phones might lose the signal at some point.

To reconnect your device from the Bluetooth, go to Settings > Wireless > Bluetooth > Devices > Forget/Disconnect.

Once you’re done, re-discover your headphones and connect with them.

Try playing audio from multiple sources to determine if the issue is fixed.

Solution #7 Reset Your Device Settings

Since there isn’t a specific feature allowing you to erase the audio settings on your smartphone or computer, the best way to reset is via Settings Reset.

To reset the settings on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the settings of your phone.
  2. Tap on General and find the Reset tab.
  3. Tap “Reset Only Settings” and confirm with PIN.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes.
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This process will put all settings you’ve configured back to their default state, therefore resetting any changes you have made to the audio settings.

If the headphones audio is still quiet, regardless of which device or platform you’re listening to music on, maybe there is an internal issue with the unit itself.

Take your headphones to a repair service, where they’ll be able to tell you right away whether the issue is hardware related.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix low volume on headphones, restart your device and check the Bluetooth connectivity with wireless units. Next, reset the device settings, maintenance the headphone connectors, and try playing audio from multiple sources.

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Now that you know why the headphones are quiet at max volume, you will be able to troubleshoot the issue with our easy solutions.

In the end, it might all come down to a hardware fault and you might be looking for a replacement for your headphones any time soon.

Nicole B