airpods connected to pc but no sound

If you’re experiencing the AirPods connected to PC but no sound issue, you are not alone.

AirPods are great and everything, but they are surely not free from flaws.

Many users have complained that once they connect their AirPods with their computer, the sound either comes from the built-in speakers or there is no sound at all.

So, what should you do if your AirPods are connected with computers, but there’s no sound?

First of all, try to update the Bluetooth driver on your computer or restart the Bluetooth support. Other than that, you can also update your OS while settings your AirPods as the default output device.

If there is no sound on one side, make sure the “AirPods Audio Balance” is truly “Balanced.” 

Reasons Why AirPod is Connected but No Sound

Before selecting a solution, you must know the possible reasons why your AirPod is successfully connected to a PC, but there’s no sound.

These reasons include:

1. Outdated Bluetooth Drivers

AirPods connect with your computer through a Bluetooth connection.

If you are not getting any sound in your AirPods, there is a possibility that your Bluetooth drivers are outdated or corrupt.

2. Speakers as Default Device

By default, your computer’s built-in speakers are set as a primary output device.

As a result, instead of using your AirPods, your computer utilizes speakers as an “audio output” device.

3. Mute Settings

Most often, users get a “no sound” error on the computer because they are using their gadget on mute.

The mute feature is a software setting that disables the sound completely.

As different reasons can cause the “no sound” issue, you’ll need to determine the actual reason before going any further.

Once you determine the reason behind your problem, pick one of the following solutions.

AirPods Connected To Pc But No Sound – Solutions

fix airpods connected to pc but no sound

AirPods offer a supreme wireless experience: from high-quality sound to a magical setup, these gadgets are unmatchable.

However, just like other audio devices, these gadgets do contain some sound-related errors.

One of the most common issues related to AirPods is the “no sound” error. There is nothing more frustrating than buying brand-new AirPods but not hearing anything.

Here are some of the most effective methods to solve this error:

Solution #1 Update Bluetooth Driver

Most input and output device glitches are related to driver issues. If you are using a corrupt or outdated driver, you won’t be able to use your AirPods effectively.

With an outdated Bluetooth driver, your AirPods may act up randomly or not produce any sound. In that case, you’ll need to update your Bluetooth driver.

Follow the following step-by-step guide to update the Bluetooth driver on your PC:

  1. Open “Search Box” or click Fn+F9
  2. Search “Device Manager
  3. Select “Bluetooth
  4. Right-click on your “Bluetooth Adapter Name
  5. Select “Update Driver

Once you click on “Update Driver,” select the automatic option. The windows will automatically download the necessary drivers for your Bluetooth device.

After that, restart your computer, and your AirPods will start working as normal.

Tip: To avoid “Outdated Driver” error, you can download a third-party app, such as “Driver Easy” or “Driver Booster.”

These apps will automatically update the necessary drivers without any problem.

Solution #2 Restart Bluetooth Support

restart bluetooth support

As mentioned earlier, AirPods work on Bluetooth. As a Bluetooth headphone, this gadget requires numerous services to work properly on your Windows computer.

If these services are not working properly, you might not be able to get any sound in your AirPods. In that case, you’ll need to restart Bluetooth support on the computer.

Follow these steps to restart Bluetooth support service on Windows PC:

  1. Open Run box by pressing Win+R
  2. Search “services.msc” and click “OK
  3. Right-click on “Bluetooth Support Service
  4. If it’s not running, press “Start
  5. If it’s running, click on “Restart

Once your device restarts, go to properties and select “Automatic” as the startup type.

Now reconnect your AirPods with Bluetooth and check if your gadget plays sound as normal not.

Note: If you don’t change the startup type of “Bluetooth Support Service,” you might need to run this service manually.

Therefore, we recommend it to be set as “Automatic.”

Solution #3 Update Operating System

Windows operating system requires regular updates to eliminate bugs and glitches.

Plus, these updates contain the latest utility programs that are crucial to running modern technology.

So, if you have just bought brand-new AirPods, they might not work effectively on your outdated operating system.

Follow these steps to update your windows operating system:

  1. Select “Start
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Scroll down and choose “Windows Update
  4. Click on “Check for Updates
  5. Download the “Important Updates

To install these updates, you’ll need to restart your computer. Once your computer restarts, connect your AirPods to Bluetooth and play something.

If, instead of AirPods, you are getting sound from built-in speakers, you’ll need to set the AirPods as the default output device.

Tip: Windows OS comes with two types of updates: important and operational.

If, for some reason, you cannot download all updates, select the important updates and avoid optional ones.

Solution #4 Set AirPods as default device

set airpods default

By default, your PC uses built-in speakers as an output device, meaning you won’t be able to use headphones unless you select them from settings.

To avoid this extra step, you can set your AirPods as the default audio device on your computer.

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to set AirPods as the default audio device:

  1. Open “Search Box” or press Fn+F9
  2. Search “Sound
  3. Select “Speaker” or “Output Devices
  4. Choose your “AirPods
  5. Click on “Set Default

That’s it. With these 5 simple steps, you will be able to set your AirPods as a default output device on your Windows computer.

If your AirPods are in working condition, this solution will surely eliminate the “no sound” error.

Note: Once you disconnect your AirPods with PC, Windows will automatically start using built-in speakers as an audio output device.

However, your settings will be saved so that you don’t have to apply this solution again and again. 

Solution #5 Adjust Audio Balance

AirPods models come with a feature that allows you to alter the audio levels of each side.

For instance, if the right side is 100%, but the left side is 0%, you won’t be able to hear anything from the left AirPod.

If you are not getting any sound from the AirPods, make sure the “AirPods Audio Balance” is indeed “Balanced.”

Follow these steps to adjust the audio balance on windows:

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Click on “Sound
  3. Select your AirPods and choose “Device Properties
  4. Make sure both Left and Right sides are set to 50
  5. Also, “Uncheck” the Disable Button on the Left

If there were uneven sounds in your AirPods, this solution would surely solve the error.

Furthermore, make sure to “Uncheck” the Disable button; otherwise, you won’t get any sound at all.

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Final Thoughts

For AirPods connected to PC but no sound issues start by updating Bluetooth driver on your computer then restart the Bluetooth support. These two often solves the problem. If not, you can also update your OS while settings your AirPods as the default output device.

Most users out there experience the “AirPods connected to PC but no sound” issue.

This error can be caused by several reasons: from outdated Bluetooth drivers to outdated Windows OS.

To help you out, above, we have mentioned some of the most effective solutions that you can apply to solve the “AirPods connected but no sound” error on a Windows computer.

Happy Listening!

Nicole B