graco swing vibration not working

Wondering why the Graco swing vibration not working? Let’s find out in the guide!

The Graco swings are a well-known and reliable brand to choose when buying swings for your baby.

However, people may have trouble operating the swings, especially when they stop working so continue to read if you’re also experiencing the Graco swing vibration issue!

The Graco swing vibration stops working when the power supply is interrupted or other common causes such as batteries, faulty switches, or bad settings. There are also other surrounding factors that we’ll discuss later in the solution guide!

Now let’s find out more detail about the not working swing vibration!

Graco Simple Sway Swing Vibration Not Working?

why sway swing not working

Usually, the Graco swing vibration stops working when it can’t get the proper power supply.

The swing can be powered via batteries or from the power outlet but of course depending on what you choose.

This is why there are quite a few different possible causes for the vibration issue.

The following are the most frequent causes of not working Graco swing vibration:

  • Low or Dead Batteries
  • No or Bad Power Source
  • The Vibe Switch is Turned OFF
  • Vibration Settings are Set to High
  • Batteries are Misaligned
  • Defective Vibration Component

These are the causes that most frequently impact the vibration of your Graco switch.

To learn how to quickly solve the problem continue reading the solution guide below!

How To Fix When Graco Swing Vibration Not Working?

how fix graco swing vibration

We’ll now proceed with the solution guide where we’ll talk about some basic yet effective fixes for the vibration of your Graco sway swing.

However, to ensure that you get the best results, make sure you can attempt every step from the guide without skipping anything.

Let’s go!

Solution #1 Check The Swing Power Supply!

The very first thing you need to check is of course the power source of the Graco swing.

It is possible that the swing is not getting the power and that is why the vibration is not working.

The swing may be operated using batteries or a power outlet so let’s learn more!

Graco Swing [Power Cable]:

the swing power adapter

If the swing is getting power from the electrical outlet, you must check both the outlet and the swing power cable for any defects or issues.

Also, try plugging another device into the same socket to see if it works or not,  which will suggest more about where the problem comes from.

If you discover any defective power component in your setup, get a replacement!

Graco Swing [Batteries]:

If your swing unit runs on batteries, then maybe the batteries are not properly seated into the swing system, or they are very low or completely dead.

However, before replacing the batteries, correctly reinstall them, and then test the swing to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Try other solutions if the swing won’t start vibrating!

Solution #2 Replace The Sway Swing Batteries

replace the swing batteries

If your Swing is powered via batteries, then you will surely need to look at this method.

As you already know the batteries need to be changed periodically to maintain the performance of the product.

If you have already tried to reinsert the but this didn’t work, keep reading!

Note: Graco Sway swing requires a 1-D(LR20-1.5V) battery!

Here is how you can test the swing batteries:

  1. Locate the battery compartment under the swing seat.
  2. Open it with the help of a key.
  3. Remove the batteries from the swing.

Then use a Multimeter and connect the positive probe to the positive end of the battery and the negative probe to the negative one.

Then check on the meter for Continuity, if the batteries don’t show any voltage, then you’ll need to replace them.

Note: Sometimes the batteries cause power issues, so replacement is quite a good option!

Solution #3 Inspect The Vibration Settings!

check vibration setting

If your Graco swing vibration is still not working after trying the above methods, then now you should check the Vibration Settings switch from the swing.

It is possible that the vibration settings are set to too high or are turned off and that’s why the feature is not working.

  • Turning on the “Vibe” switch can fix the vibration issue easily!

Here is how to inspect the vibration settings of the swing:

  1. First, locate the battery compartment that will be located under the swing seat.
  2. Then open the compartment using the key and look for the Vibe Switch there.
  3. Check whether the Vibe switch is turned ON or OFF.
  4. If it is on, then hold it to set the settings to Low.
  5. If the switch is turned off, then simply turn it on and close the compartment.

Restart the swing after activating the Vibe vibration settings to see if it is functioning properly.

If the vibration is still not functioning, hold down the Power button for roughly 3 seconds then use the Arrow Keys to navigate through the Vibration Settings

Tip: Use the Enter key to confirm your selection!

Solution #4 Remove Physical Obstruction!

remove a physical obstruction

Sometimes obstacles might prevent the Graco swing from vibrating properly and maybe you haven’t noticed the object that’s causing all this fuss.

Maybe there is any object such as toys, towels, blanket, or even any furniture if the swing is placed very near it.

Possibly the swing itself is automatically stopped to prevent the swing from any damage so the best possible way to justify this is by relocating the Graco swing.

Therefore, place the swing in an open space and make sure that there are no obstructions nearby.

Solution #5 Reset The Swing Motor

reset swing motor

One of the most obvious factors is the swing motor’s overheating failure. The swing’s motor usually overheats and causes issues when it is used for a long time.

This often appears when the vibration is set to too high and used for a long time, for most users when forgotten. 

However, aside from overheating the motor may also get dusty and clogged, which makes it unreliable and prevents the swing from vibrating.

To address the swing motor issue, you need to try different ways and we’ve managed to create a step by step guide:

Step #1 

First, try to reboot the swing. To reboot unplug the unit from the power outlet or by removing the batteries.

Then wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Turn on the swing power and then check if the vibration will start working.

Step #2

a step 2

Another thing you should attempt is to unclog the swing motor. To clean the motor dust, use compressed air to vent out the surrounding space.

Then turn it on the swing and check whether it is properly working or not.

Step #3

If the above two ways don’t help to fix the issue, then possibly the motor is defective and the replacement is the solution to fix the issue.

For the replacement of the Graco swing motor, contact Graco Support and share the detail of your product with its model, so they will send you a compatible motor component.

Still Here?

If unfortunately your Graco swing still doesn’t vibrate even after trying every way from the guide, then you need to contact Graco Support.

Maybe the vibration component in the unit is faulty or the swing itself is defective that’s why professional repair will be best. Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Whenever the Graco swing vibration not working, first check the Power Source such as the outlet or batteries, and then reboot the swing.

Moreover, replace the batteries in the swing and make sure that the Vibe switch is turned on before drawing conclusions!

We hope you find this post helpful, and make sure to follow us!

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