graco swing not working when plugged in

Wondering why is Graco Swing not working when plugged in? Keep reading!

The swing comes along with 15 songs and sounds, comfortable head support along with two-speed vibration modes to keep the child entertained.

However, sometimes we experience issues such as not turning ON, and the solution can be found here!

The Graco Swing will not work even when plugged in case the power income is insufficient, which is often due to the power equipment or power source. Users should inspect ALL possibilities and when nothing works, replace the power adapter!

Why Graco Swing Won’t Turn On When Plugged In?

why graco wont turn on

If your Graco swing refuses to work even when plugged in, multiple things could have affected the device.

Since the swing doesn’t require insertable batteries, it is all-powered by an AC power adapter

Note: The Graco Swing still has a battery compartment on the top!

If the swing doesn’t turn on, here’s what could have happened to the device:

  • The power adapter of the Graco Swing has gone faulty!
  • There is no power in the connected source
  • Problematic swing motor
  • An issue with the internal rechargeable battery
  • Unable to boot from the software
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Keep in mind that the problem could be related to the Graco Swing monitor and not to any of the other hardware components.

Sadly, a broken or faulty monitor can only be replaced so any of the troubleshooting below won’t help. 

Let’s check what are the best solutions for whenever your Graco Swing doesn’t work:

Graco Swing Not Working When Plugged In – FIXED

fixed graco swing not working

The solution in this guide is specifically designed when the Graco Swing is not turning on, even when directly plugged into the power.

It’s important to follow the guide in its order for the best effect in troubleshooting. With that being said, we can proceed to the solutions!

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Solution #1 Power Cycle the Draco Swing

The first thing that you should attempt is to power cycle your Draco Swing

If your device is experiencing power problems, the power circulation will cause all of the electricity to be discharged from the device and refresh ALL services at once!

Here’s how to power cycle your Draco Swing in easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Disconnect the Power Adapter of the Draco Swing.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds while the power adapter is unplugged.
  3. Connect the cable back into the power source.
  4. Turn on your Draco Swing. 

In case the problem is gone, congratulations! However, when the issue is persistent, maybe the device does not receive sufficient charge to be able to turn on.

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Next, we’ll learn why!

Tip: Keeping the device unplugged for longer, provides more efficient power circulation!

Solution #2 Reset/Switch the Power Supply

reset the power supply

If the power cycle didn’t help to start your Draco Swing, perhaps performing a reset on the power supply is going to resolve the problem.

For this solution to work, you will have to disconnect the power adapter of your Draco Swing from both ends and give it a while.

Here’s how to reset your Draco Swing’s power supply in simple instructions:

  1. Disconnect the power adapter of the Draco Swing from the power source.
  2. Detach the other end of the cable from your Draco Swing.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while the adapter is out of place.
  4. Connect the power adapter to a standalone power outlet (no strips).
  5. Plug the other end of the adapter into your Draco Swing.
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Now with the new, standalone power source, the Graco Swing should be able to turn on.

Important: Inspect the power entry of the Graco Swing to remove any obstructions that are preventing the cable from going all the way in.

Solution #3 Replace Batteries In Draco Swing

replace the batteries

Although your Draco Swing could either be powered through an AC or batteries, having batteries inside of the device is always recommended.

The Draco Swing uses 4 D batteries which are positioned inside the battery compartment, located on the top part of the swing. 

You will have to open the battery compartment and insert fresh pair of batteries!

Follow these instructions to replace the batteries inside your Draco Swing:

  1. Locate the bottom panel (which has the control buttons) on your baby’s swing.
  2. Open the battery compartment by pulling its top cap towards you.
  3. Once the panel comes loose, pull it out.
  4. Expose the batteries inside and take them out.
  5. Insert 4 x new D batteries inside of the compartment.
  6. Close the battery compartment tightly.
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Now with the new batteries, you can even unplug the device from the power outlet. Test whether the device is turning on and if, yes, you’re good to go.

That would mean a problem with the power cable, which we’re going to review how to solve in the next solution!

Note: Even when one of the batteries is dead, the swing’s motor won’t be able to start!

Solution #4 Replace the Power Adapter

replace the power adapter

If nothing worked so far, then we suggest replacing the power adapter of your Graco Swing. 

There’s a chance that the unit isn’t receiving power due to the fault of the power cable and by replacing it, you will fix this problem once and for all.

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The issue could have started prior to your device shutting OFF permanently because the rechargeable battery was in use.

To replace the Graco Swing’s power adapter, you will have to disconnect it from both ends.

The power adapter that Graco Swing uses is a 5V Power Cord which you can purchase from Amazon at a very approachable price. 

You can also acquire one of these power cords from a nearby technical supply store!

How to Install the New Power Adapter?

Once you have your new Draco Swing power adapter, your next step is to install it on your device.

Assuming you already know how to do that, the small power cord must go into your Draco Swing’s power output port, and then you need to connect the other end to power.

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With fresh batteries and new power supply equipment, the Graco Swing should turn on!

Draco Swing Is Still not Working When Plugged In…

graco still not working properly

If your Draco Swing is still not working, even after attempting all of our solutions this most likely is a motor problem.

Of course, we can’t exclude the possibility of a hardware failure with one of the internal components but the swing motor would be our best guess! 

At this point of this, we strongly suggest getting in touch with your Draco Swing supplier to inquire about your issue.

They will guide you through some troubleshooting (specifically created for your model) and with a bit of luck, the issue would be gone in no time!

Tip: Don’t forget to mention what you’ve already tried in this guide!

How to Contact the Graco Swing Support Team?

contact graco team support

No matter where did you purchase your Graco swing product, you could get in touch with Graco Swing at the following hours:

  • Customer service – Monday to Friday (7:30am – 5pm CT) – 1-800-690-2894
  • Technical Support. Monday to Friday (7:30am – 5pm CT) – 1-800-541-9788
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For technical issues with your Draco swing, dial the second number during the appointed hours.

They will take care of any issues with your Draco swing and provide you with the next step toward the solution to the problem.

Good Luck!

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Quick Recap:

Hence, the Graco Swing is not able to turn on mainly because of a power problem with the currently used source or an issue with the power equipment of the device. We’ve learned that the solution includes addressing each possibility until the problem is found.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why is Graco Swing not working when plugged in we can use the solutions in this guide to solve the problem permanently.

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If not, at least we’ll have a better understanding of what’s wrong and what would be the best next step. 

Perhaps this would be your chance to put the Graco Swing warranty into use!

In case you find this post helpful, follow our blog for more relevant topics and guides.