motorola baby monitor no sound

When the Motorola Baby Monitor no sound problem appears, then there is definitely something wrong!

So, you should thoroughly inspect the situation before drawing a conclusion. 

Here we’ve learned a way to solve the problem in minutes so let’s learn more!

The sound problem on the Motorola Baby Monitor could be caused by signal interference, long distance, bad speaker connection, or a fault related to one of the instances. The solution includes targeting ALL possibilities until the problem is solved.

Properly Connecting Both Units!

a properly connected units

Before we jump into the solutions, we need to learn the proper way of connecting the Motorola baby monitor to the other unit so we can use the steps throughout the guide. 

Since many of the steps below will cause both devices to disconnect, feel free to come back here when necessary!

Here’s how to connect the Motorola Baby Monitor to the camera unit:

  1. Press the M button for the Menu to appear.
  2. Press the left arrow button to highlight the camera icon.
  3. Press the up or down arrow buttons to select Add.
  4. Confirm by selecting the OK button.
  5. Select camera 1,2,3 or 4.
  6. Press and hold the Pair button on the baby unit.
  7. The “Pair OK” message should appear on the screen.

This is how to connect both units together correctly and when you need to do so throughout the guide, scroll up and make sure to use the steps above!

Let’s next jump into the troubleshooting of the Motorola Baby Monitor sound issue:

Motorola Baby Monitor No Sound – Solutions

a motorola baby monitor no sound

To solve the problem with the Motorola Baby Monitor sound, we’re going to undertake a series of solutions that will help us identify the root cause.

For the most efficiency at troubleshooting, follow the guide in order and make sure not to skip anything. 

Here’s how to bring back the sound of the Motorola Baby Monitor in a matter of minutes!

Solution #1 Perform A Power Circulation

The baby monitor’s sound is not working for several reasons. Before exploring those reasons further, it would be best to reset both units. 

This method will discharge both devices completely and reset ALL services. This is what often helps to bring the sound back!

  1. The first step is to turn OFF both units
  2. Disconnect them from the power source.
  3. Make sure the power outlet is working properly.
  4. In case the battery is drained, remove the battery cover and replace it.
  5. Wait for at least 15-30 seconds.
  6. Turn ON both instances.

After the power cycle, test whether the sound is back. In case the speakers are still mute, perhaps something else is causing the problem.

Let’s jump into the next step to find out what.

Solution #2 Close The Proximity!

close to the proximity

The Motorola baby monitor may have a sound problem whenever there is no signal or a poor signal between the parties. 

A strong signal is required to transmit the baby unit’s display and sound to the parent device.

The strength of the signal deteriorates if there is too much space or obstructions between both devices. 

The recommended range for both devices is 1000 feet and no more!

To make sure the distance is OK and interference is not the cause, follow the steps:

  1. Position both devices within 1000 feet of one another.
  2. For the test, you should position the line of sight.
  3. Remove ALL wireless devices in between their connection paths.
  4. Test the sound of the Motorola Baby Monitor.

Even though the recommended distance is 1000 feet, we strongly recommend bringing both devices in close proximity just to test whether the sound problem is related to the distance or not.

That will help you exclude this possibility and proceed further in the solution guide!

Solution #3 Secure The Speaker’s Connection

secure speaker connection

It’s time to inspect the speaker connections within the units when resetting and relocation fail to solve the issue. 

A loose speaker connection results in a loss of sound. The components can occasionally become loose from their positions due to the forceful handling of the units. 

Anyway, the issue can be resolved by using certain do-it-yourself remedies!

  1. Screw OFF the battery compartment cover first.
  2. Next, take the battery out
  3. One more Phillips screw can be found within the battery’s room. Unscrew it.
  4. The power button will pop out if you use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the interior unit. 
  5. Two cables going into the speaker are located here.
  6. Reinstall the battery and raise the volume to the maximum.
  7. Next heat up the speaker with a dryer set to high.
  8. Reinstall the power button once you hear the audio. 
  9. Reassemble the unit after connecting all the screws. 
  10. Activate the Motorola Baby Monitor.

Now there should be sound coming from the speakers. 

However, in case the issue is persistent, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #4 Reset The Motorola Baby Monitor

reset motorola baby monitor

The issue could be software-related, therefore the sound won’t come back until a proper technique is performed against the problem.

The factory reset will erase ALL data from the device and revert ALL settings to their default state. 

Here’s how to factory reset a Motorola Baby Monitor in a few easy steps:

  1. On the Motorola Baby Monitor locate the RESET pinhole.
  2. Start the device!
  3. Locate a thin and sharp object that will be able to freely reach in!
  4. Reach in the RESET pinhole and press the button for 15 seconds!
  5. The Motorola Baby Monitor should power OFF.
  6. After a few moments, the device should power ON automatically.

Once the reset is over, the sound should be back. Test by connecting both units together and in case the issue persists, we’re about to get technical.

Let’s jump into the next solution!

Solution #5 Replace The Parent Speaker!

When none of the aforementioned measures resolves the issue, the parent unit’s defective speaker is unquestionably to blame.

Taking one step further into the Motorola Baby Monitor troubleshooting no sound problem, we’re about to get technical.

Alert: Opening the Motorola Baby Monitor voids the warranty instantly!

Here are the steps for removing the parent unit’s plastic casing and changing the speaker:

replace parent speaker
  1. The battery plate should first be removed.
  2. Remove the battery’s slot by lifting it.
  3. Take a pair of fine tweezers.
  4. To remove the connecting wires, grasp the plug of the connector and wriggle it.
  5. The battery can then be removed with ease.
  6. Pull open the interior unit by unscrewing the wide-open Phillips screw.
  7. Now take a firm grasp of the metal while having the speaker at hand. 
  8. To complete it perfectly, use tweezers.
  9. Unsolder the speaker’s wire that is connected to the motherboard. 
  10. Discard the bad speaker.
  11. Put the new speaker, and solder the wire into its place.
  12. Put the unit back together, then switch it on.

With the new speaker, the Motorola Baby Monitor sound should be back. 

Note: Make sure that the volume is not turned all the way down!

Solution #6 Replace The Baby Listener 

replace the baby listener

The baby’s microphone that records the sound could be broken as well, in which case you need to repair it as soon as possible.

We assume that the warranty of the Motorola Baby Monitor is expired, in which case, you can freely open and work on the device!

Take the advised actions listed below:

  1. Turn the camera over to locate the rubber feet on the bottom.
  2. use tweezers to gently take out the feet.
  3. Underneath the feet you will find the 9.5mm screws
  4. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew them.
  5. When you’re ready, open the base compartment of the device.
  6. To remove the speaker, you need to undo the attached screw.
  7. Next, carefully lift the mic out while having the wires at hand.
  8. The wires connecting the microphone to the PCB should then be de-solder.
  9. Solder the wires after installing the new unit.
  10. Rebuild the device and then turn the baby unit ON.
  11. Lastly, connect the devices and listen to the sound. 

Suddenly, there ain’t no alternative except to find a professional to perform the task for you.

In case you’re not feeling confident, feel free to bring the device for servicing where you will definitely understand where the issue was coming from and receive professional assistance.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Motorola Baby Monitor sound won’t work because the distance between both units is too much or there is a software-related problem with one of the two instances. We’ve solved the issue by performing a reset on the monitor and replacing the faulty components.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned how to solve a Motorola baby monitor no sound issue we can now hear the cry of our little ones to know when they need us.

However, in case nothing from the guide managed to help, feel free to contact Motorola for further assistance in regard to the issue!

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