element tv blue light no picture

Element TV blue light no picture and you’re not quite sure what to do?

Well, in this post, you will learn everything that is out there to learn regarding the issue and also get familiar with some handy workarounds to fix with!

To fix an Element TV emitting blue light but the picture, try performing a power cycle on the device and a reset afterward. If that doesn’t work, ensure the power and coaxial cable are functional and check if your set-top- box is connected to the television.

You will perform better if you first get familiar with the possible causes aligning with your issue so let’s take a look.

Why Element TV Has Blue Light But No Picture?

Since the blue light is still on, that means your TV is working nonetheless.

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However, there could still be some power interruptions if the picture on your display is disrupted even if the blue light is intact.

Let’s stop assuming and bet on the obvious. Your TV is working considering the light, but why would it lose its picture? Let’s find out!

1. Power Interruptions

It is possible that the power flow to your Element TV display is disrupted, causing it to lose picture but the blue light persists blinking on!

2. Coaxial Cable Problems

If the coaxial cable is disrupted and your TV doesn’t have a connection with the set-top box, the TV will still lose its picture until further notice.

3. An Issue with The Set-Top Box

If you’ve chosen direct broadcast from the set-top box which may be faulty, your Element TV will lose its picture until the cable box device is fixed.

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4. An Issue with Third-Party Devices

If you’ve chosen a third-party device, connected with an HDMI cable, it is possible that your TV won’t display pictures if the device is faulty.

5. Problem With HDMI/Power Cable

If the HDMI or power cable is having interruptions, your TV may lose display picture in that case too.

6. Faulty LEDs

If your blue LED flashes before the black screen appears on your TV, it is possible that the LED light on your Element TV has gone faulty.

7. Hardware Issue

At last, hardware malfunction such as faulty circuit boards can also keep the blue light on, but make your display go black.

Now that you’re more familiar with all of the causes for your Element TV screen to go black, let’s proceed to the troubleshooting guide.

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How to Fix Element TV Blue Light Comes on But No Picture Issue

fix element tv blue light no picture

Before we proceed any further, an audible suggestion is to press the power button on the hardware of your Element TV.

Try holding it for several seconds and see if something will happen.

If it doesn’t work or you cannot find your Element TV’s power button, proceed with the troubleshooting steps below.

Step #1 Power Refresh Element TV

First, we are going to power refresh your Element TV. This will erase the current power flow and grant your TV with a cold boot upon its next start-up.

Here are the steps:

  1. Press the power button on your remote once, to ensure the TV is turned off.
  2. Check if the LED is still on and if it is, keep pressing the power button until it’s off.
  3. Unplug the power adapter out of your TV and the power source.
  4. Let it lay for 5 minutes.
  5. Plug the power adapter back into the TV and see if it has a picture now.
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If this doesn’t manage to fix your issue, you can proceed with our next suggestion.

Step #2 Check Set-Top Box

The next thing that could make your Element TV’s display go black is a faulty set-top box.

If you’ve selected a direct broadcast from the cable box, but turns out the device doesn’t work, you will be seeing nothing but a black screen.

Since there isn’t anything to do, you can try restarting your cable box. For this purpose, unplug the coaxial cable connected to your Element TV and the power adapter of the cable box.

Wait for several minutes and plug all of the cables back into their places.

If Element TV blue light no picture issue still persists, you can proceed with our next troubleshooting step.

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Step #3 Check Wiring

The next thing that may be faulty for the black screen on your TV is possibly the wiring. Here we underline all of your equipment wirings, including the coaxial, power, and HDMI cables.

Since there aren’t many ways to ensure whether the wiring is functional or not, the only one out there is to plug them into a different device.

For this purpose though, you must be certain that the third-party device is functional before plugging them in.

Step #4 Check Third-Party Device

At last, a not working third-party device could also make you lose the picture of your Element TV.

If you’ve chosen an HDMI source, where a third-party device is plugged in and there is no picture, try restarting the device to see if that will help.

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If not, plug the HDMI cable into a different port on both your TV and device. If this manages to bring back the picture of your Element TV, keep in mind that you should take a look at the device in the near future.

Step #5 Factory Reset Element TV

If nothing so far seems to work for you, you can try factory resetting your Element TV.

The factory reset button is located within the hardware of the TV. In order to reach it, you would need a small sharp object such as a needle or paperclip.

Important: Keep in mind that if this manages to fix your TV and it regains the picture, you will lose all of the temporal information stored on the hard disk of your device!

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Here are the steps:

  1. Ensure your TV is turned on by looking at the blue LED. (If it is blinking, then your TV is on)
  2. Open the small factory reset button compartment and insert the paperclip into the hole.
  3. Press and hold using the paperclip for an averagely of 30-60 seconds for the TV to reset and restart.

This was how to perform a factory reset on your Element TV even if there is no picture. If it did not help, let’s move on with our last step.

Step #6 Contact Element Support

If nothing manages to help, the last option you’ve got would be to reach out to the official Element support crew.

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With a little luck, they will manage to locate the issue and hopefully restore your Element TV’s picture.

Don’t forget to share what you have tried so far in this post to save time performing the same steps over again.

To fix an Element TV with no picture but a blue light blinking, you should power-cycle the device, ensure the wiring is functional, and check the set-top box. Then, inspect all third-party devices for their functionality and make sure you’ve selected the correct source.

Lastly, perform a factory reset if nothing works.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know exactly what the Element TV blue light no picture issue is, you should have already resolved the problem.

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If it does not work, it generally means that there is a hardware problem but before rushing to conclusions we recommend reaching out to Element support.

To read more helpful posts related to Element TV and many more, don’t hesitate to check out our technical blog!

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