element tv not finding digital channels

Your Element TV not finding digital channels after subscribing to the TV plan? Since many users are having the same issue as you do, today we’ve decided to wrap this topic up in this helpful guide.

We will explain where your Element TV digital channels might have gone and how to get them back!

Your Element TV may not find digital channels because of incorrect source input or an antenna’s fault. There also could be a problem with your Antenna box or something wrong with your subscription plan.

In this post, you’re going to find out for sure what is causing the issue and definitely, how to address the problem.

Why Element TV Not Picking Up Digital Channels?

First, it is good that you get to know your subscription plan. Upon signing with your TV provider, it’s good to first review the possible cooldowns before your digital channels arrive.

Sometimes, there might be other general points you haven’t heard about in your plan, impacting your experience with digital channels.

In that regard, we recommend checking your plan to ensure it contains digital channels as well as if there is any delay.

If there is nothing wrong with the subscription plan, let’s take a look at the possibilities:

1. Blocked Program Errors

It is possible that your digital channels are blocked because they are not supported by the format of your TV. This usually occurs with older Element TV models.

2. Problem with Antenna

If lighting or power surge has somehow damaged your Antenna, you won’t pick up any of the digital channels included in your subscription plan.

3. Problem with Coaxial Cable

If the coaxial cable that goes in your TV, provided by the manufacturers, has gone faulty, it is possible that you will lose some of the digital channels or won’t pick them up at all.

4. Antenna Not Selected

It is possible that you haven’t selected your Element TV to scan your Antenna for incoming digital channels. Antenna scanning is NOT enabled by default.

5. Problem with Your TV

If there is a temporal malfunction or outage in the hardware of your TV, your digital channels will not appear.

6. Problem with TV Providers

Sometimes whenever you attempt to scan for available digital channels through your Element TV, it is possible that there is a malfunction with the servers.

You can check on that by reaching out to Element customer service.

Now after taking a quick look at all the possible errors that could occur with your Element TV, you’re ready to proceed. Let’s get your TV fixed, shall we?

How To Fix Element TV Not Getting Digital Channels?

fix element tv not finding digital channels

Before we proceed any further, we recommend restarting your TV and enabling the digital channels to scan again.

Sometimes there could be a malfunction preventing your TV from scanning for any digital channels, so try restarting your configuration.

Once done and your digital channels are still not there, jump right into our first method.

Method #1 Power Cycle Element TV

If a simple restart didn’t work, it is possible that your TV is going through a power malfunction and needs its electricity refreshed. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered!

The power cycle is meant just for you and here is how to do it:

  1. Turn off your Element TV by pressing the power button on your remote once.
  2. Unplug the power and coaxial cable from their outlets.
  3. Wait for several minutes for the electricity to drain.
  4. Plug both of the cables back to their places.

After your TV boots, you can try scanning for digital channels again! If that turned out ineffective, proceed with our next method!

Method #2 Check Coaxial Cable

If your Element TV not finding digital channels, it could be due to a not working coaxial cable.

If exposed to water damage, they can easily go faulty and unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to tell as the only sign is digital channel loss.

The only way to determine whether your current coaxial cable is functional is to try it on another TV. If it happens to work with the third-party TV, then this means you will be looking for the issue in your Element TV.

If it doesn’t work on the other TV too, however, then consider contacting your TV providers for a coaxial cable replacement!

Method #3 Check TV Input

It is possible that you’ve selected the wrong input. By default, your Element TV may have selected an input that does not include your TV antenna if it has been installed later.

In such situations, it is best to revise with your manufacturers, whether they have installed and selected the correct input on your Element TV.

To select your Antenna TV input, you must press the input button on your remote and use the arrows to move. Explore all available inputs.

Antenna inputs usually go with the antenna’s brand name, so if you’re familiar with your configuration, you should have no trouble targeting the correct input.

Method #4 Check TV Mode

It is possible that you have not selected the Antenna mode on your Element TV.

Element TVs are supplied with the default TV mode selected, so if you install an Antenna on your TV, you will have to select the corresponding TV mode.

Otherwise, your antenna won’t be active, and the digital channels scan will fail at once.

To select TV mode, go to the options of your TV and scroll down until you find the advanced tab.

From there, you should find the TV mode tab and once you enter it, you’ll be prompted to establish your Antenna mode if your TV detects a coaxial cable.

Method #5 Check for Blocked Channels

Sometimes, it is possible that the digital channels your TV providers should be supplying to your TV are not compatible with your built-in TV format.

This usually occurs with older models of Element TVs, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that if your TV has been released after 2012.

To ensure this, get in touch with your manufacturers and unveil this issue.

They should be able to tell you specifics about the recommended configurations you should have and instruct you what kind of Element TV to buy if you tell them your current TV brand.

Method #6 Check for Maintenance

At last, if your issue persists, it is possible that there is maintenance happening in your manufacturer’s headquarters. Contact them and demand an explanation of what is happening with your digital channels.

If that’s not the case, ensure there aren’t any power outages or thunderstorms in your area as they can also affect the supply of digital channels to your Element TV.

If there were a furious storm recently, wait for a couple of hours and scan for channels again.

To get back your Element TV digital channels you should inspect your wiring, TV input, and mode as well as the supported channel format. Moreover, you can reach out to Element to find out if there is maintenance and inspect your subscription plan.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why Element TV not finding digital channels, you can confidently dispose of the issue following our guide.

We wish you successful troubleshooting and if you’re interested in similar posts, don’t forget to check our blog!

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