youtube tv video format not supported

Wondering why Youtube TV video format not supported? Keep reading to know! 

Youtube TV is great for entertainment with many features but sometimes the application causes trouble by giving a “this video format not supported” error.

You are not the only one affected by this issue, and in this guide, you’ll learn how we managed to overcome this problem!

Sometimes YouTube says “video format not supported” because of a poor network connection, application bugs, permission issues, or corrupted browser data.

Therefore, the solution requires inspecting each possibility individually! Let’s find out more detail about the not supported video format issue!

This Video Format Is Not Supported Youtube TV – Why?

video format is not supported youtube tv

Depending on the device you are using to access Youtube TV and experience the issue, there are a number of reasons why the not supported video format issue may occur.

The Youtube TV application easily works on mobile, computer, and TV devices, hence there is a lot going on.

No need to worry though, you’re lucky that you’ve discovered this guide!

Several factors contribute to YouTube TV not supporting video formats:

  • No Location Access Enabled
  • Poor or No Network Connection
  • Use of Private or Restricted Network
  • Outdated Browser / App / Mobile version
  • Device Bug / Router Bug
  • Youtube Application Error
  • Incompatible Network Download Speed
  • Large Storage of Youtube TV App Cache

After knowing about all the possible causes, now we can easily move further to fix the issue!

What To Do When Youtube TV Video Format Not Supported?

solutions to format not supported

Now that we have a better idea of the possible causes, to fix the issue we will just need to implement some easy and effective methods.

But before you start, be sure to try out all of the methods discussed below according to the device on which you are using the Youtube TV app.

YouTube Format Not Supported on Mobile Phone!

In case you’re seeing the error message on your smartphone, follow the steps below:

Check Network Connection

The very first thing you have to check is the network connection on your mobile phone.

Maybe the network speed is less than 3Mbps and the file isn’t streaming properly from the server and that’s why you are getting a supported message.

youtube format not supported on mobile

Simply reboot the router by unplugging it for a moment, then plug it back in to stable the network.

Furthermore, ensure that your network has a 3Mbps speed or more and lower the resolution of the video to SD (480p). 

Tip: Feel free to test streaming videos from YouTube using your cellular internet!

Restart Your Mobile

The mobile device itself often encounters network issues or becomes overburdened by many background running applications.

It’s possible that your mobile device has a temporary issue or isn’t properly connecting to the network. The only way to tackle this is to restart the mobile!

Simply hold the Power button for a few seconds and turn off your mobile!

Reinstall The Youtube TV App

reinstall youtube on tv

An outdated app and the large storage of app data will begin to cause different unknown issues with the app.

Maybe you haven’t updated your Youtube TV app yet or the app data is too much or corrupted, causing issues. Thus, first, update the app and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Otherwise, uninstall the app and reinstall the Youtube TV app from Play Store or App Store.

Aside from the app reinstallation, also try to update your mobile OS version if the update is available to avoid any issues related to the firmware of your device.

Check App Permission

The performance of an app is significantly impacted by app permissions. For the Youtube TV app to effectively stream content, your device must enable location access.

check tv app permissions

Perhaps this is why Youtube TV this video format is not supported coming on the screen.

Simply go to device Settings > App Management > Permissions and enable all of them!

YouTube Format Not Supported on Smart TV!

If the video format error appears on your Smart TV, the steps below are for you!

Reopen The Youtube TV App

The app may occasionally stop functioning if the network unexpectedly goes down while you’re using it.

youtube format not supported on smart tv

If the video won’t load and an error message saying that it isn’t supported displays, there’s a chance that the app has some unidentified issue or is not connected to the internet.

Simply closing and reopening the app will resolve the issue.

Therefore, exit the app, restart the device by unplugging it for a bit, then plugging it back in, and then reopen YouTube. 

Tip: Also, make sure that the app has access to your device location!

Update The TV Version

If after reopening the app the video won’t play due to the not supported format issue, then check your TV Firmware version.

Sometimes the format issue comes not due to the app but due to the device’s outdated system so you’ll need to carry out any available updates first.

update youtube tv app

Maybe the YouTube TV app is updated on your device but your device system isn’t updated and can’t handle the app update features properly and causing the issue.

Therefore, simply update the TV system by going to Settings > System > About > Update

Reinstall The App

Try reinstalling the app on your smart device if none of the aforementioned fixes for the video format issue work.

Sometimes even though the app and the system are updated but still the app causes issues due to storage of app data or wrong settings of the app and its permission. 

So, delete YouTube TV from your device, reinstall it from the Store, and create an account. After that, run the same video to see whether the problem has been resolved.

YouTube Format Not Supported on Computer!

youtube format not supported on computer

In case the format is not supported on your computer browser, follow the guide below:

Restart Your Device

PCs often get overheated or slow down due to the background running process.

It is also possible that the Youtube TV app in your browser is not playing the chosen video due to a format issue because of any PC problem. 

Aside from the PC issue, sometimes the browser and the router also cause issues.

Therefore, simply restarting the devices will work best. You only need to close the browser, restart your computer and router and then test again. 

Update The Computer Browser

Sometimes problems with the app’s performance arise while using a browser other than Google Chrome.

update the computer browser

To see if the same video plays correctly, you should first go to the Chrome browser and try using the YouTube TV app there.

Also, update your Chrome browser version because maybe it has a too older version and that’s causing issues.

Simply open the Chrome browser and navigate to its Settings > About Chrome > Update the browser.

Refresh App Login Session

Refreshing the login session hasn’t any direct influence on the app but as we have discussed earlier, doing so will cause the app to store a lot of app data and cache.

In time, this will have a negative impact on the app’s performance, therefore signing in and out might help.

YouTube Video Format Is Still Not Supported…

youtube video format is still not supported

If after following the methods from our guide for your device, the not supported video format issues still won’t resolve, then now you need to contact the Youtube TV Support team for help. 

Note: Have you tried playing other or multiple videos on YouTube?

Quick Recap:

Whenever the Youtube TV video format not supported, first restart your device and router and make sure to update the app and your device system software.

Moreover, reinstall the app and enable the location access, and if nothing helps perform a reinstallation!

Keep following us for more easy but more effective troubleshooting guides!

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