youtube not showing full screen on tv

What to do when YouTube not showing full screen on TV?

Once in a while, we want to watch YouTube videos most comfortably: on our large TVs while lying on the couch. But if videos don’t show full screen, that is not possible.

When videos do not show full screen, you must check the screen settings to ensure the videos and the TV’s aspect ratio match. Other troubleshooting steps include ensuring your TV’s firmware and the YouTube app are up to date. 

If you are streaming from another device onto your TV, the device must support the TV’s screen size.

It may not be clear enough for you how to proceed precisely with each one of those solutions.

We get that managing settings is something not everyone is used to. However, the guide below will address everything you must do.

There is nothing overcomplicated, so follow the steps, and all will be fine!

Why Is YouTube Not Showing Full Screen On TV?

youtube not showing a full screen on tv

When you stumble upon YouTube not showing full screen on Smart TV, many different reasons might be behind it.

You must investigate them and proceed accordingly. 

Sometimes it takes work to tell what the reason is right away. In such situations, attempting different solutions is the best approach.

Other times, you can notice certain TV failures that will indicate the exact problem.

Check below the most common causes of the issue at hand:

#1. Incompatible Aspect Ratio

The TV’s aspect ratio is not the same as the video you are playing.

#2. Incompatible Resolution

the incompatible resolution

You may be watching a video with an unsupported resolution.

#3. Incorrect Settings

Your TV’s settings might prevent YouTube from going full screen.

#4. Outdated App

If the YouTube app is not updated at all times, a few functions will not work.

#5. Incompatibility Between Devices

If you are streaming from a different device on the TV, it might be that the configurations between devices won’t allow full screen.

#6. Slow Connection

Your TV is connected to a slow Wi-Fi, and when you try to go full screen, it won’t load because there is insufficient bandwidth. 

How To Fix YouTube Not Showing Full Screen On TV

how fix youtube not showing full screen

When you wish to watch things in the best quality possible but YouTube on tv not full screen is happening all the time, you must find a solution.

Luckily for you, we will teach you all the best fixing methods below.

Solution #1: Ensure YouTube App Is Fine

If an app isn’t updated, the TV might have trouble running it correctly. Apps should usually update themselves automatically.

Therefore this is a strange occurrence. However, if it didn’t, you may always try updating it manually.

The steps for doing that are as follows:

  1. Locate the place for Apps on your TV
  2. Find the YouTube app
  3. Find the “update” option
  4. Choose to update and follow the prompts

Get Rid Of Corrupted Files

get rid of the corrupted files

Let’s say the app is at the latest version already. Thus, another possibility indicates that the app’s files are corrupted!

Follow these steps to have it fixed:

  1. Find the app’s options again
  2. Choose to uninstall
  3. Navigate to the app store
  4. Find the YouTube app
  5. Install it again
Note: When an app is deleted, the cache is likewise removed. The data cache is used to relaunch an app quicker each time you open it again. However, proper operation is made impossible by a corrupted cache.

Solution #2: Upgrade Your TV’s Firmware

When your TV stops playing certain content inside a specific app, updating the TV’s firmware is another option.

upgrade the tv firmware

The TV will notify you, just as your phone or computer would, whenever an update is available.

But, on the other hand, when we’re in the mood to catch up on our favorite programs, we can choose to disregard the update.

But ignoring the update prompt can prove a massive issue in the long run, as it will prevent certain apps from playing correctly. Let’s go into how to locate the pending update and get it set up.

Here is how most modern smart TVs operate:

  1. Navigate to Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Support
  4. Choose Software Update
  5. Confirm on Update Now
Note: If no update is available, you won't find the "update now" option.

Solution #3: Change The Screen Size Settings

change the screen setting

The screen/picture size settings on your TV interact with apps and connected devices.

They are responsible for allowing apps to play on full screen.

If the settings don’t match the requirements for a particular app such as YouTube, you might fail to visualize it in proper full screen.

Here is what you must do to be able to watch YouTube in full screen finally:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote
  2. Select Menu 
  3. Choose Settings 
  4. Find “Picture”
  5. Navigate to Picture Size Settings 
  6. In Picture Size, choose “Wide”

That should be the standard way to adjust the screen size to allow full screen in most TVs.

Then, once you relaunch the YouTube app, try to view any video on full screen.

If it doesn’t work, go back to picture settings and choose a different but similar option.

Solution #4: Adjust The TV’s Aspect Ratio

A YouTube video may not fill the screen if its resolution differs from your TV’s.

If the TV’s native resolution is higher than the video’s, the video will not fill the whole screen.

adjust the aspect ratio

Watching full screen without black borders may require changing the TV’s aspect ratio.

However, changing the aspect ratio won’t always fix the resolution, so keep that in mind.

“Aspect ratio” describes the width-to-height ratio of a video or television screen.

Typical examples are 16:9 and 4:3, ratios that you have probably seen around.

For instance, if you watch a movie on a device with a different aspect ratio than your TV, the image may seem stretched, or you’ll see black bars on the sides.

Changing the video’s aspect ratio can achieve the desired result of filling the screen.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote
  2. Select Menu 
  3. Choose Settings 
  4. Find “Picture”
  5. Locate “Aspect ratio”
  6. Change to an option that fills the whole screen

Solution #5: Manage The Settings On The Source Device

manage the setting on device

Let’s say you are not using the YouTube app on your TV but rather screen mirroring from another device.

It could be from your phone or your laptop. In any situation, the failure to set things up correctly will make it difficult for the full screen to work.

A common way of connecting a laptop to the TV is via HDMI. Below is how you can ensure the settings are correct to allow proper full screen. 

First on the Laptop:

  1. Go to the display settings 
  2. Select the TV as the primary display
  3. Adjust the resolution to match the resolution of the TV
  4. Right-click on “video”
  5. Select the aspect ratio option
  6. Choose the same aspect ratio as your TV

On TV:

  1. Access the settings menu 
  2. navigate to the “picture” or “display” settings
  3. Find the option to adjust the aspect ratio
  4. Set to “16:9” 
  5. Look for an option to adjust the overscan
  6. Turn it off 
Note: Overscan is an option that, when toggled on, can cause the edges of the image to be cut off on the TV. 

Solution #6: Connect To A Faster Network

connect to fast network

Sometimes your issue with the full screen is that you click for the video to go full screen, but it stops loading, right?

When that happens, it is because your connection is not fast enough.

That might be caused for a few reasons:

  • The router is too far
  • The signal from your ISP is suffering a bad time
  • Your bandwidth is not good enough
  • You are connecting to a 2.4GHz frequency

The first and the last causes are easy to solve. If the router is too far, you must position it closer to the TV or get a signal repeater. 

On the other hand, if the TV is connected to the wrong frequency, do the following:

  1. Open Wi-Fi settings on the TV
  2. Disconnect from the current network
  3. Locate your router’s 5G network
  4. Connect to it

What We Learned

Is YouTube not showing full screen on TV? That is an annoying situation when you want to sit back and relax.

However, it is not impossible to solve. Sometimes, you can get the full screen working by pressing a few buttons to change the TV’s settings.

In any case, the guide above will help you have a great experience watching YouTube on TV.

Nicole B