youtube tv sound not synced

If your YouTube TV sound not synced we have just the solution for you!

In the upcoming guide, you’ll learn all about the problem with the YouTube application on your TV and how to efficiently find the resolution.

We’ll go through both basic and advanced troubleshooting to reach a solution to the problem with the YouTube app. Let’s go.

To fix when the YouTube TV sound isn’t synced on your TV, restart your TV along with the application and clear its browsing data and cache.

After that, adjust the audio settings of the TV, troubleshoot your TV’s WiFi, and reinstall the YouTube app.

Keep reading to find out more about the occurrence of the issue with the YouTube app!

Why Is My YouTube TV Sound Not Syncing Up?

tv sound not syncing up

Before we troubleshoot, it’s important to identify the syncing problem’s cause and why it is occurring on your TV.

To do that, we’ve listed all causes possible of making this problem come true, after thoroughly researching what the users say.

Here’s the list of possible causes for the problem:

  • There’s a WiFi Connectivity Problem with your TV
  • The YouTube App Has Piled Up too Much Cache/Data
  • There is an Audio Settings Problem with your TV

After learning more about the problem, let’s proceed straight to the guide!

YouTube TV Sound Not Synced – Best Solutions!

In the upcoming guide, you’ll learn all about troubleshooting your TV and YouTube application!

Make sure you’re mindful throughout our solutions and do not skip any steps or important notes and alerts included.

With that being said, let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Restart the YouTube App and your TV

yt app and tv restart

We’ll start with something easier, such as restarting the YouTube application along with your TV.

If this issue is related to a temporal bug or glitch with your device, this may help sync the YouTube video’s audio with your TV. 

  • You must restart your TV device along with the YouTube app!

Follow these instructions to restart the YouTube application and your TV in easy steps:

  1. Use your TV’s remote to exit the YouTube app.
  2. Once the app has shut down, press the Power Button on the TV’s remote.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds, while the TV is shut down.
  4. Use the remote to reboot the TV.
  5. Launch the YouTube app on your TV.
  6. Turn on a video from YouTube to test.

If the problem with your TV is still there, you’ll notice that the sync with the video will still not be right. If that’s the case, the problem is probably not temporal or power-related.

Note: You could judge if the sync is correct, just by the YouTube app’s startup sound.

Solution #2 Try with a Different Video on YouTube

try different video

Chances are that the video you’re playing on your TV is simply out of sync and the problem is rather not with your TV particularly.

What you should try, is stream multiple different videos through the YouTube app on your TV to judge things out.

  • Make sure the videos you play to test out are not uploaded by the same channel!

In that set of thoughts, go back to the home screen of the YouTube app and click a video completely at random. Keep playing different videos and determine if the sync of the audio and video will be off with each one.

Tip: You’ll know if a video is posted by the same channel by opening the video settings!

Solution #3 Change the TV’s Output Audio Setting

tv audio output settings

This issue is probably due to an incorrect TV setting that is running the sync with the audio and video. Since most TVs nowadays have different software and interfaces, we can’t know for sure which audio options your TV has and which it does not.

There is a particular feature available on most TVs that is responsible for the audio and video sync in particular. The option is called “AV Sync Adjustment”.

Here’s how to locate the “AV Sync Adjustment” setting in your TV’s interface:

  1. Using your TV’s remote, bring up the Settings tab.
  2. Use the “Arrow Up/Down” to scroll through the menu.
  3. Locate the “Audio” tab within the settings of your TV.
  4. Use the “OK” button on the remote to access the tab.
  5. Go to “Sync” in the audio settings of your TV.
  6. Find the “AV Sync Adjustment” settings.
  7. Use the Activation Slider to turn on the feature.
  8. Launch the YouTube TV app and test…

Be aware that adjusting settings on many TVs require you to save the changes made. Make sure to press the “Save” button at the bottom of the settings tab, if one is available.

Alert: Exiting the options straight away, may leave the settings unchanged.

Solution #4 Clear the YouTube App’s Cache and History

clear cache on youtube app

Using the YouTube app for too long may cause app cache and history to pile up, causing the “YouTube TV sound out of sync” issue.

If that’s the case, you should enter the settings of the YouTube app, locate the cache and history tab and clear the excess data.

  • The history contains all of the YouTube videos you’ve watched on this device!

Here’s how to get the YouTube app’s cache and browsing history cleared up:

  1. Open your TV’ settings.
  2. Navigate to the Storage tab.
  3. Tap on “Applications”.
  4. Choose “Cache” at the bottom of the page.
  5. You’ll receive a list of all installed apps on your TV.
  6. Find the YouTube app from the list of apps.
  7. Highlight the platform.
  8. Press “Clear Cache & Data” at the bottom of the page.

Keep in mind that clearing the cache of the installed apps on your TV must be done every once in a while to maintain the quality of life and performance of your TV.

Tip: You should repeat that process for each installed app on your TV to boost performance.

Solution #5 Troubleshoot your TV’s WiFi Connection

troubleshoot wifi connection

As you probably figured, the audio and video of the YouTube app failing out of sync could be a result of an improper WiFi connection.

In this solution, we’ve separated the best ways to troubleshoot the WiFi strength of your network and the connection that reaches your TV.

Tip: To track your results, run an internet test at “” through a browser!

Once you’ve run a test to determine the upload and download speed of your network,

follow these instructions to troubleshoot the WiFi and make it faster:

  • Hard Reset your Router (unplug it from the power for 3-5 minutes)
  • Free up Bandwidth (disconnect devices from the WiFi you rarely use)
  • Reconnect the Internet Cable (the coaxial cable going on the back of your modem)
  • Move the Router’s Antennas (move the router’s antennas to boost the coverage)

Once you’ve completed all of the following instructions, your TV will probably be disconnected from the WiFi. Go to Settings > WiFi > Networks > “Your WiFi” on your TV and reconnect it back to your router’s WiFi.

Solution #6 Disconnect Third-Party Devices

third party devices

If you’re not using your TV’s in-built speakers (default audio output device), this is another cause for the YouTube TV sound not synced problem to occur.

We strongly recommend getting any third-party speakers and audio output devices disconnected and testing things.

Here’s how to get rid of third-party devices temporarily and change the default device:

  1. Unplug any AUX or RCA Cables from the back of your TV!
  2. Go into the Settings of your TV.
  3. Access the Audio Settings.
  4. Scroll down and locate “Default Audio Device”.
  5. Tap the slider and choose “TV Speakers”.
  6. Test the YouTube TV app…
Note: As of now, your TV’ speakers will be the default audio device used for YouTube.

Solution #7 Factory Reset the TV

factory reset your tv

If nothing worked out so far, you should Factory Reset your TV to resolve this problem!

By resetting the device, you’ll get the YouTube app uninstalled and refresh all settings of your TV that could be causing the syncing issue with the platform.

Here’s how to reset a TV:

  1. Head into the Settings of your TV.
  2. Go to the “General” tab.
  3. Scroll all the way down.
  4. Tap on “Reset to AV Settings” or “Reset to Factory Defaults”.
  5. (Optional) If your TV is protected with a 4-digit parental PIN, enter it.
  6. Select “Erase Everything” in the rest options.
  7. Confirm that you want to perform a factory reset on your TV.
  8. Wait for the TV to reboot and erase all content…

We shall once again note that all installed applications will be erased as a result of this reset.

Note: If you wish to re-apply any particular settings, take a picture of them before the reset.

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when YouTube TV sound not synced, reboot your device and get the YouTube app updated.

After that, troubleshoot the WiFi connection of your TV, change the default audio output settings, disconnect any speaker and if nothing helps, Factory Reset the TV. 

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more YouTube TV content, check our blog!

Nicole B