xbox one won't load anything

When the Xbox One won’t load anything, there are not many possibilities!

The issue with your Xbox is most likely software-related or based on a faulty application or a certain set of applications.

Fortunately, in this post, you’ll find the top-rated solutions proven to be working by users having the same issue as you!

To fix when Xbox won’t load anything, first power cycle the device and attempt to load a different app/media/game than the one that cannot start. In case it does not help, update the Xbox firmware and free some storage. As a last resort, you should factory reset the console.

Let’s start with identifying the reason behind the problem and then learn how to solve it.

Why My Xbox One Can’t Load Anything?

The most popular user opinion regarding the problem where Xbox One is unable to load anything is not enough storage. We’re referring to both, HDD and RAM.

Here is more about what could prevent your Xbox from loading anything:

1. Full Hard Drive

In case your console’s storage is full, you might start noticing lag until a point where nothing could be loaded/started.

2. Full RAM

Too many applications/games open at once could prevent your Xbox from opening more until enough RAM is free.

3. Outdated Software

If not updated for too long, the software of your Xbox One might fall behind leading to a wide variety of issues.

4. Glitch or Bug

Sometimes it all comes down to a glitch or bug with the OS of your Xbox device, preventing it from loading anything.

5. Corrupted Data

The information within your Xbox One’s hard disk might get corrupted, therefore even the main menu won’t load.

Now that you’re familiar with all of these possibilities, let’s attempt to solve them.

How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Load Anything?

fix xbox one won't load anything

In this solution guide, we’re going to start by freeing both your HDD and RAM in order to relieve the system and allow more apps to be opened.

Note: If your Xbox One won’t even load the operating system OS and you’re unable to interact with the settings or anything at all, jump straight to solution #4.

Here’s how to fix your Xbox One’s loading problem:

Solution #1 Power Reset Your Xbox

The first thing you should try is to discharge the console. Also known as a “power cycle” this method works by unplugging your Xbox from the power source and leaving it to cool down for a short period.

Here’s how to power reset your Xbox in easy steps:

  1. Turn OFF your Xbox using the power button.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the source.
  3. Wait for around 5 minutes while your Xbox is unplugged.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter.
Tip: It’s recommended to plug your Xbox into a standalone wall outlet to avoid issues related to power fluctuations due to bad power dividers.

Solution #2 Stop Background Usage

stop background activities

Consoles can be really slow if there is a background utilization of the CPU and RAM. Background usage could be caused by the following tasks:

  • Open games
  • Open applications
  • Downloading applications
  • Updating applications

To relieve your Xbox One utilization you would need to go to the Settings > Updates and check what tasks are currently ongoing.

Then you would need to close ALL open applications that are loaded in the RAM, preventing further tasks to be executed.

Note: Don’t forget to check the Software Update tab, since the console might be downloading or installing the latest software update.

Solution #3 Free Up Storage Space

This solution is only going to help users who can access their settings. We assume that your issue is related to loading applications and games.

If that’s the case, you should delete unnecessary applications to free some storage.

Here’s how to delete games and apps on your Xbox One:

  1. Head over to the home screen of your Xbox.
  2. Open the My games and apps tab.
  3. Highlight all excessiveapps and games you wish to uninstall.
  4. Press on the Uninstall button.
  5. Delete until you have at least 20 gigabytes free.
  6. Press the home button on your controller.
  7. Attempt to open something that was not previously loading.
Note: Your Xbox needs an optimal of 20-30 gigabytes free at all times to prevent slow loading issues.

Solution #4 Perform An Offline Update

update xbox one

There’s a way to update your Xbox One while offline, and it could be extremely helpful if you’re not able to reach the settings.

Performing an offline update is neither too complex nor too easy, so make sure that you stick to our instructions.

Here’s how to perform an offline update on your Xbox One:

  1. Shut down your Xbox One.
  2. On your Xbox’s panel, locate the eject and the bind buttons.
  3. Hold both of these buttons simultaneously down for 10 seconds.
  4. Wait for the two power-up tones and you will see a prompt on the screen.
  5. In the troubleshooting screen, head over to Offline System Update.
  6. Highlight the option and select it using your controller.
Note: The update may take from 5 up to 10 minutes, during which time you must not unplug your Xbox from the power.

Solution #5 Try With An Alternative Controller

Users have reported that problematic Xbox One controllers could cause major performance issues, including slow or no loading problems.

That’s a well-known issue among the Xbox community and you should attempt it before continuing further.

Here’s how to disconnect your old controller and connect a new one:

  1. Grab your current Xbox One controller.
  2. Press the guide button and hold it down for 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for the LED of the controller to go OFF.
  4. Grab the replacement controller and press the Xbox button.
  5. Wait for the pair and turn on your console.
  6. Check if the issue is solved.
Important: Ensure that you have disconnected your current controller before pairing the new one, otherwise you won’t see any changes in the performance.

Solution #6 Reset Your Xbox

reset xbox

In case nothing worked, you should factory reset your Xbox from the offline menu.

Even if you cannot even open the settings of your console, you can easily perform a factory reset that will re-install the device’s OS and hopefully solve the problem.

Alert: The factory reset will permanently erase ALL contents including games, applications, and settings. 

Once done, you would need to carry out the initial setup, connect to WiFi and re-download everything that was deleted and necessary.

Here’s how to reset your Xbox in offline mode:

  1. Shut your console down.
  2. Press the BIND and the EJECT button for 10 seconds.
  3. Wait for the power-up tones and access the troubleshooter.
  4. Use the D-pad along with the A button on your controller to navigate to the “Reset this Xbox” option.
  5. Select the reset option and confirm the following prompt.

You will have two reset options:

  • Keep games and apps
  • Uninstall everything

The recommendation here is to erase everything in order to solve the problem since the issue could be with a corrupted or bad file within the console’s storage.

Note: In case the factory reset doesn’t help either, go to the Microsoft support center and seek further assistance in regard to the problem.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix an Xbox that won’t load anything, first power cycle the device and free up storage. Apply offline system update through the Xbox troubleshooter and connect an alternative controller. Lastly, reset your Xbox through the troubleshooter and test.

Now that you know why Xbox won’t load anything and how to resolve the problem, you should already be able to open games and applications.

However, in case you’re still where you were and the problem is there, the next step is to seek professional help.

Nicole B