xbox one turns on then off after a minute

Asking why Xbox One turns on then off after a minute? Keep reading to learn the solution!

This issue could be related to the device’s power supply or power settings. It could also be caused by an outdated firmware version on your Xbox.

One way or another, we will locate where the issue is coming from and help you solve it permanently!

Your Xbox One might be turning off due to insufficiency in the power supply or source. The problem could also be caused due to a problematic Xbox controller or additional software troubles.

With that being said, let’s move on to identifying where the issue is coming from.

Why Is Xbox One Turns ON Then OFF After A Minute?

First of all, you must find out whether you’re the one who turns on the Xbox One. If you aren’t turning the device on, then you would definitely need to perform some troubleshooting.

Here are some of the possible causes that could turn your Xbox One:

1. Power Adapter Issue

There could be a fault with the power adapter that is supplying your Xbox One with power.

2. Power Outlet Problem

An issue with the power outlet where your Xbox One is plugged in could be the main reason why your device is shutting down.

3. Software Troubles

Outdated firmware, corrupted data, or problematic applications might be causing your Xbox One to turn ON/OFF.

4. Hardware Damage

Even if it is a rare occurrence, you could have inflicted hardware damage to your Xbox, thus, it will randomly shut down without notice.

5. Third-Party Units

Sometimes third-party devices have a power setting that will turn your Xbox ON/OFF.

Before you proceed further with the troubleshooting, it’s recommended to make sure that there are no ongoing power outages.

Note: In case the power goes ON and OFF, your devices connected to a wall outlet, might turn ON and OFF respectively.

How To Fix When Xbox One Turns ON Then OFF?

fix xbox one turns on then off after a minute

For some of the solutions that will follow up, your Xbox must be up and running.

If that’s not possible for your Xbox, then you should skip solution #1 and just straight to Solution #2.

Here’s how to fix your Xbox from randomly turning ON and then OFF:

Solution #1 Power Cycle Your Xbox One

A great way to start would be to inspect the power supply of your Xbox one and discharge the device out of any remaining electricity.

In that regard, our best suggestion is to power cycle/hard reset your Xbox One to resolve the problem.

Here’s how to discharge your Xbox One easily:

  1. Turn OFF your Xbox One.
  2. Detach the power adapter.
  3. Wait for around 5 minutes until your Xbox has fully discharged.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter and start your Xbox One.
Note: Make sure to wait for at least 5 minutes. Otherwise, the power cycle won’t be as effective and it is going to work the same way as you regularly restart your Xbox.

If discharging your device didn’t help, let’s proceed with the second solution.

Solution #2 Use A Different Power Source

change power source

There could be a power insufficiency in your Xbox’s power supply.

In regard, fixing the problem would include plugging the device into an alternative power source. A power source that is proven to be functional.

Here is how to reposition your Xbox One to a different power source:

  1. Turn OFF your Xbox One device.
  2. Disconnect the power adapter.
  3. Find another suitable power source to set up your device at.
  4. Position your device and connect it to the new power source.
  5. Test.

Additionally, make sure that you had a different device plugged into the new power source that didn’t have issues with the electricity supply.

This way you will make certain that your Xbox has a reliable power delivery.

Note: It is recommended to avoid using power strips to supply your Xbox One with power.

Solution #3 Disconnect Third-Party Devices

Some third-party devices you may have connected to your Xbox have control over the power state of the device.

Additionally, even your own television might shut your Xbox off and turn it on upon interacting with the TV via the remote.

In that regard, our next solution is related to disconnecting all third-party devices you have connected to your Xbox.

Your TV also falls under that number so you could make sure that only the Xbox is responsible for the issue.

Tip: After disconnecting all devices, you may start connecting them to the Xbox, one by one to determine which device will cause your Xbox series One to shut down or turn on.

Solution #4 Replace Xbox Power Supply

replace power supply

Your Xbox One’s power supply is formed by two general components. The power adapter goes into the power source and the power brick that is connected directly to the Xbox.

If one of those components had failed in transferring the electricity to your device, your Xbox might end up shutting down.

We suggest replacing both of the components to prevent your Xbox from randomly shutting down after turning it on.

Replace Power Adapter

Disconnect the power adapter from the power outlet and acquire a brand new of the same model.

You can find an Xbox One power adapter almost everywhere since it’s standard.

Once you have the new adapter, position it in the correct spot as the old one and test your Xbox.

Replace Power Brick

If the issue is still there, the problem could be with your box One’s power brick.

This part is harder to be replaced since it is specific to Xbox One and you might have to purchase a new one.

You can find the same power brick as your current one by googling “Xbox One power brick”. Once you have the new power brick, disconnect the old one and position the new one.

Note: We suggest testing your Xbox once replacing the power adapter and then again after replacing the power brick.

Solution #5 Reset Your Xbox

reset xbox one

This factory reset solution is only going to work if you’re able to access your Xbox One’s interface for a while.

If you’re obstructed from doing that in any way, then this solution won’t be helpful to you.

If you have temporal access to the software of your Xbox One, here’s how to factory reset the device:

  1. On your Xbox controller, hit the quadrant button to open the guide.
  2. Navigate to the Settings and open the System tab.
  3. From there, choose Console info and then select Reset console.
  4. In the reset option, choose “Reset & remove everything.
  5. Standby until the reset is complete.
Tip: The recommendation here is to go with a clean wipe of ALL files, since leaving anything behind could cause the same problem to appear again, due to corrupted files.

To fix your Xbox One from turning on or shutting down without your intervention, power cycle the device and troubleshoot the power supply. Next, disconnect any third-party devices connected to your Xbox and lastly, factory reset the device.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Xbox One turns ON then OFF after a minute, solve the problem by taking advantage of our solutions.

If you end up with the Xbox still randomly shutting down, then you should consider using your warranty if it’s intact.

Nicole B