xbox one keeps signing me out offline

Asking why Xbox One keeps signing me out offline? Here you’ll learn why!

In most cases, such problems could occur due to a problematic internet connection.

We will unveil every possibility behind this issue and provide you with the best-working solutions from users with the same problem as you!

Random Xbox disconnects in offline mode could happen due to problems with the network. Also, the Xbox One could be running an outdated version of the software or the companion app is messing with the functionality of your device.

Let’s explore the potential causes first, and then proceed with the top-rated solutions so you can resolve the problem as soon as possible!

Why Does Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out While Offline?

If your Xbox keeps signing you out even when offline, there are multiple reasons why this would be happening.

The very first thing that you should be aware of is that someone might be logging into your account.

If the security got breached, your password might have gotten leaked and there may be a hacker trying to log into your account.

Besides the possibility of you being hacked, here is what else might be disconnecting you:

1. Console Problem

Your Xbox might sometimes bug and sign you out even when running in offline mode.

2. Outdated Controller

The controller might be running outdated compatibility software and this might cause you to disconnect from the account.

3. Auto-Sign In

There is a feature of your Xbox controller that is auto-logging you into a certain account. If that’s enabled, this might be the reason why you’re getting signed out constantly.

4. Cache/Memory Problem

In case the cache data on the Xbox is corrupted or the memory is full, you might get disconnected so the machine can save resources.

5. Companion App Issue

Users report that the companion app might create interference with the account and get you signed out.

Being aware of the causes we’ve listed above, let’s proceed with troubleshooting them with our best-working solutions.

How To Fix When Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out Offline?

fix xbox one keeps signing me out offline

Before we proceed any further, it is recommended to restart your Xbox in an attempt to solve the problem.

Sometimes all it takes for a glitch or bug to go away is a system reboot, so make sure to try restarting your Xbox device.

If a reboot didn’t help, try the solutions below in the order we’ve listed them:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Xbox

Hard resetting your console involves a power cycle/circulation which is recommended when the console is having unknown bugs.

It is most likely that your Xbox glitched, so it will keep signing you out from your account, even when it’s offline.

To hard reset your console, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Power OFF your console from the settings and wait for 1 minute.
  2. Detach the power adapter from the outlet.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes for your Xbox to completely discharge.
  4. Once the console feels cold on touch, plug the power adapter into the outlet.
  5. Test.

There might be a problem with the power flow of your console.

Even if it is unlikely, a power shortage might cause many glitches, so it is recommended to fully examine the power supply.

We recommend using a different power outlet to resolve similar problems.

Solution #2 Update Your Controller

update xbox controller

Even if your account is offline, the firmware of your controller is always taken by the software into consideration.

That random signing-out you’re experiencing might be due to the outdated firmware of your Xbox controller.

Note: Keep in mind that you have to switch your Xbox to online if that is possible in your situation. 

To perform any system operations and updates, your Xbox must be connected to the internet.

Follow the steps down below to update your Xbox controller:

  1. Go to Profile & system on the Xbox and access the settings.
  2. Choose Accessories and then select your own controller.
  3. Select “Check the firmware version” and apply the new updates available.

Your controller will take around a minute to update and the issue should be gone.

If however, you’re still being disconnected every now and then, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #3 Change Account Password

change xbox one password

As we’ve mentioned above, it is possible that someone is trying to get into your account.

It might be a friend or a family member, but in some cases, this could be an attempt for account theft.

We recommend switching the password to update your security settings and prevent anyone from getting into your account.

You can change your password at Settings > Security > Change Password. Enter your current password and think of a new one to confirm the changes.

This method might also require your account to be online, so make sure to switch the mode if you’re not allowed into the security tab while offline.

Solution #4 Delete Xbox Companion App

A variety of users reported that the Xbox companion application is causing interference with the offline settings.

This app is available both on desktop and mobile, so we suggest deleting it, until the end of this guide.

Issues with the companion app might be caused when the application is online, while the Xbox One is offline. You might think “why not set both of the platforms to online?”.

Well, users have tried that, but without a result.

Simply disable or delete the application from your PC/smartphone and check if you would still get signed out of the Xbox One when offline.

Solution #5 Configure Xbox Auto-Log Settings

xbox one auto log settings

If the Xbox One keeps signing me out when offline, you should know that your device controller has specific auto-log settings.

If enabled to a certain account, different from yours, every time you turn on the controller you might get signed out without notice of what happened.

Follow the steps down below to disable the auto-log settings:

  1. Go to the settings tab of your Xbox.
  2. Choose Profile and then enter the “Sign-in preferences”.
  3. Highlight “Auto sign-in” and disable the feature.

Go back offline if those changes require you to be online and determine if the problem is still there.

If you keep getting disconnected after disabling the auto-log, then proceed with our next solution.

Solution #6 Reset Your Xbox

If nothing worked out so far, then your best shot against the issue would be to factory reset your Xbox.

At this point, the unusual issue might only occur due to a system bug or glitch, so by resetting your console, you should be able to resolve it once and for all.

Here is how to factory reset your Xbox:

  1. On the Xbox, open the Settings and go to System.
  2. Select “Reset Console” and confirm the prompt.
  3. Choose “Reset and remove everything”.
  4. Wait.
The reset will take several minutes and afterward, the problem should be resolved. 

If somehow, you’re still getting disconnected, you should definitely reach out to the Xbox customer service and acquire additional attention to resolve the problem.

If Xbox signs you out in offline mode, try changing your password and hard resetting your console. Configure the auto-log settings and update your controller to the latest firmware. If nothing worked, factory reset your Xbox One.

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Bottom Line:

After finding out more about why Xbox One keeps signing me out offline, we hope that you are now able to resolve the problem at home.

After all, if someone has been trying to log in to your account, changing your password will definitely prevent random disconnects.

Nicole B