how to control TV volume with Xbox one

Wondering how to control TV volume with Xbox one?

To control not only the volume but also the power state of your TV, you would need to have your Xbox hooked up to your TV.

From there you can either configure the functionalities in the settings or download the Xbox Smartglass application.

To send commands that will adjust the volume levels on your TV, through your Xbox, you would need to reach inside the settings and set the Device Control to “Automatic”. From there the Xbox will have to identify your TV model and then it will allow you to set your configuration.

Even if it sounds simple, there are quite a few things that you should be aware of, so we recommend reading the entire guide.

How To Control TV Volume With Xbox One Controller?

control tv volume with xbox one

The steps are pretty straightforward, but we still recommend not skipping any since you might encounter trouble with identifying your TV model.

Note: If you’re looking to control the volume on your TV using the Xbox media remote, scroll further down the post, where we’ll describe the setup process as well.

Step #1 Go To Device Control

Turn on your Xbox, double-check if everything is connected and your controller is working, and press the Xbox button in the middle.

This will send you straight forward to the settings from where you would need to choose the “TV & OneGuide” menu.

Once you’ve chosen, go over to “Device Control” and proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Select A TV Brand

On your screen, you would be seeing several TV brands (Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, VIZIO, and Samsung.

If your TV is one of those models, simply highlight your brand and press the on-screen “Next” button.

If your TV brand is not included in the list, simply choose any of the displayed brands and proceed with pressing on the “Next” button.

Note: For some TV models such as Samsung, you might see a message telling you that your TV has been recognized and you would be ready to go.

Step #3 Send A Test Command

Once you’ve chosen a TV brand, regardless if it was the truthful brand, you would need to select Automaticon the current settings screen.

The next step would be to press Send Command, which should instantly mute your TV.

You will know that your TV has been muted if a small audio icon appears on the corner of your TV screen.

If the Send Command button did mute your TV, proceed with clicking on “Yes”. If it didn’t click “No” to confirm that your TV was not properly recognized.

Note: If the send command did mute your TV, simply press the “B” button on your Xbox One controller to go back, and you can now adjust the volume of your TV.

Step #4 Send Command Did Not Work

Now, if you have pressed “No” after the Send Command test, the Xbox will now try to figure out the model of your TV automatically.

If, however, it fails to do so, it will ask you to insert the TV brand manually.

If it comes to that point, simply insert the brand of your TV, press “Next” and you should be receiving a message telling you that your TV has been recognized.

With your TV identified, you will now be able to adjust the volume up/down and mute your TV.

Next, we’ll be discussing how to do the same thing, using the Xbox media remote. In case you’re interested in how to turn ON/OFF your TV along with the Xbox, scroll at the bottom of the article to read about it.

How To Control TV Volume With Xbox One Media Remote?

use xbox one remote control

This guide will show you how the Xbox One Media remote can control pretty much any TV model.

You will be able to send commands for the Power ON/OFF, Volume UP/DOWN, Mute, and depending on whether there is a cable box or not, Channel UP/DOWN.

Step #1 Go To The Settings

Take your Xbox One media remote, and press the Menu button located beneath and on the left of the Xbox Navigation pad. Highlight and select the Settings.

Note: Navigation would work since you’re interacting with the Xbox and not your TV. However, to control the volume, power, and mute you would need to complete the steps.

Step #2 Go To Device Control

Same as with the controller, in the settings menu, go down and highlight the TV & OneGuide option.

On the right, a sub-menu would appear from which you need to highlight and select the Device Control option.

Step #3 Go To TV Setup

Once you hit the Device Control option, you would be seeing two tabs in total. Devices and Power. Under Devices, you should highlight and select the TV option.

Note: If you have and would like to control a cable box or audio receiver, choose the aligning option from the list of devices.

Once you’ve chosen the TV option, you need to press on the TV setup.

Step #4 Setup Your TV

If you’re seeing a message that tells you that your TV has been set up, you are ready and you can try adjusting the volume levels of your TV with the Xbox media remote.

However, if your TV is not recognized, simply choose Setup Manually and insert your TV brand. In both cases, you would proceed further by pressing the button “Next”.

At this point, you would be able to control the Volume UP/DOWN, Mute, and one more thing.

Let’s now see how you can also turn your TV ON/OFF using either the Xbox One controller or media remote.

How To Turn TV ON/OFF With Xbox One?

use xbox one to control

Now that you know how to control your tv volume with Xbox one remote and controller, it’s time to learn how to power your TV ON/OFF.

Turn TV ON/OFF With Media Remote

If you’ve got the media remote, you don’t have to adjust any settings.

Hold the Xbox button for about 3 seconds and a menu would appear asking you how would you like to proceed.

Turn the console OFF, or close the menu. That means that even if the Xbox is off, you can turn it ON anytime by holding the Xbox button on the top of your media remote.

Turn TV ON/OFF With Controller

Unfortunately, with a controller, you would need to enable this feature from the setting before you can start using it.

  1. Press the “B” button on your Xbox One controller.
  2. Open the Settings and choose TV & OneGuide.
  3. Go to the Power Settings.
  4. Choose “Xbox One” for both, turn on and turn off my TV.
  5. Hit the “B” button again to go to the home screen.
  6. Test.

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In Short: To control the volume, mute, and power of your TV using your Xbox, controller, or media remote, reach inside the settings and go to TV & OneGuide. From there select your TV model or insert it manually and press “Next” to finalize.

To control the power state of your TV, choose Power Setting and assign your Xbox one for both, turning ON and turning OFF.

Bottom Line:

Now when we covered how to control TV volume with Xbox one, you should be able to send commands to your TV.

The command would work regardless of if you’re having a controller or remote since it supports both.

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