wyze thermostat not turning on

Your Wyze thermostat not turning on and you can’t fix the problem? You’re at the right place!

The technology of the Wyze thermostats and their wires configuration is really simple.

The issues are also easily identifiable once you understand the correct wire positions and what the functionality depends on.

Wyze thermostat may not be turning on due to incorrectly connected or faulty wires. Also, if the float switch is also activated, the thermostat will stop working. The last possibility would be connected to the AC’s drain line.

However, there is more to the issue except this and we will review it in-dept.

Why Wyze Thermostat Won’t Turn On?

One of the main reasons preventing your Wyze thermostat from turning on is faulty or improperly connected wires.

Users who find themselves interacting with the thermostat in various ways may accidentally unplug a crucial wire that will prevent the thermostat from working.

Either way, we will summarize all of the things in the following list:

1. Thermostat Power Wire Disconnected

One of the many wires your thermostat has attached is the power wire, which is disconnected, which will prevent the device from working.

2. Inserted Float Switch

A float switch is a protection unit that when inserted, will prevent your system from either heating or cooling.

3. AC Drain Line Is Full

The drain line of your ACs may be full, which will essentially cause the Wyze thermostat a variety of issues.

4. Problematic Terminals

One of the major problems that can occur with the thermostat’s internal components is for the terminals to go faulty.

5. The Thermostat Has Gone Faulty

If any of the essential internal components has reached an end-life, that would be the reason why your device is not turning on.

After acquiring a better idea of what’s causing your Wyze thermostat to stop working, let’s proceed with proven solutions that will work!

How To Fix When Wyze Thermostat Not Turning On?

fix wyze thermostat not turning on

Now when the possibilities are on the table, it’s time to start excluding one by one until the true cause is revealed.

Just keep in mind to follow the order of our solutions for the best results in your troubleshooting attempts.

Here’s how to get your Wyze thermostat working again in easy steps:

Solution #1 Secure Wyze Thermostat Wires

secure wyze wires

The first thing you should review is the cable situation with your Wyze thermostat.

There are high chances that one or more of the wires got disconnected or were originally plugged into an incorrect terminal, to begin with.

The main wire you want to care about is the RC wire of your thermostat, which connects the unit to the HVAC system.

As for the other wires, it’s enough to verify that they are not damaged anywhere on their body.

Here’s how to secure the wires of your Wyze thermostat:

  1. Open the Wyze app.
  2. Tap on Mounting.
  3. View all of the available terminals that are displayed on the screen.
  4. Tap on “Next” and check where the RC wire must be connected.
  5. Once identified, take the front panel of your Wyze thermostat off.
  6. Grab the red RC wire and connect it to the terminal, displayed on your phone.
  7. Close the Wyze thermostat.
  8. Test its functionality.
Note: Check for any visual body damage inflicted on the wires.

Solution #2 Take Out The Float Switch

One of the reasons that caused your Wyze thermostat to stop working is inserted float switch.

When that plug is inserted into your setup, your thermostat, ACs, and entire HVAC system will be temporarily suspended from running.

For this solution, you should take out the float switch from the HVAC compartment.

The float switch is situated on the pipe coming out of the HVAC furnace, which is the only single pipe you will notice.

The float switch looks a little like a crank and can also be undone and removed from the pipe. Once the float switch is taken out, test your thermostat.

Note: It may take a little force to undo the float switch, due to its anti-children mechanism.

Solution #3 Clean The AC Drain Line

clean ac drain line

When most HVAC system AC drain lines get clogged, the entire configuration will temporarily stop functioning.

That is to preserve the current state of the drain line and prevent it from getting any worse.

In that regard, here’s how to clean the AC drain line of your system:

  1. Turn your air conditioner off.
  2. Locate the access point of the drain line.
  3. Pour distilled vinegar into the pipe.
  4. Let the solution eat the debris away for 30 minutes.
  5. Test your thermostat.
Note: Once the AC drain line is unclogged, you should notice that your system will start working properly again.

Solution #4 Reset Thermostat With Control Wheel

Users report that by holding the button of their Wyze thermostat, they manage to reset the device and unfreeze it.

Yes, your Wyze thermostat could have frozen at a stage where nothing is displayed, deceiving you into thinking that no power is reaching the device.

In that regard, what you should do in this solution is hold the control wheel of the thermostat for 30 seconds.

A prompt should appear on the screen, asking you whether you want to erase all settings or not. On that, tap “Yes” and wait for the reset to go through.

Note: Remember to re-add the thermostat through the Wyze app once the reset is complete.

Solution #5 Reset HVAC Circuit Breaker

reset circuit breaker

If you couldn’t reset the thermostat through its hardware, chances are that no power is reaching your HVAC system at all.

If that’s the case, you can reset the thermostat along with the HVAC compartment through the circuit breaker box in your household.

Here’s how to reset the Wyze thermostat through the circuit breaker:

  1. Go next to the circuit breaker box.
  2. Open the compartment.
  3. Search for the HVAC switch, that should have an independent power valve there.
  4. Press the valve and slowly turn it towards its OFF side (also has written ON and OFF).
  5. Once disabled, wait for 30 seconds.
  6. Spin the breaker back to its ON position and check if the Wyze thermostat is going to boot.
Note: Remember to slowly turn the circuit breaker to lessen the chance of electrical damage to your HVAC system and thermostat.

If these solutions didn’t help solve your Wyze thermostat problem, consider reaching out to professional HVAC assistance to take care of the problem for you!

Thus to fix when the Wyze thermostat won’t start, reconnect each wire to its correct terminal and take out the float switch if it’s plugged. Reset your thermostat using the control wheel and clean the AC drain line. Finally, reboot your entire HVAC system, using the circuit breaker switch.

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Last Thoughts:

After learning why the Wyze thermostat not turning on, attempt to solve the problem using our well-designed solutions.

If however, you weren’t successful at troubleshooting the problem, there’s probably a technical malfunction somewhere in your system that requires professional touch!

For more of our guides, access our technical blog and learn the best solutions for your smart-home devices!

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