wyze thermostat not cooling

If your Wyze thermostat not cooling, you’ve come to the right guide!

We will review all possible causes for this problem along with what the Wyze users recommended doing, upon getting this issue.

Moreover, you will also learn how to avoid Wyze thermostat cooling issues in the future for the best user experience!

If your Wyze thermostat isn’t cooling or only blows hot air, ensure that the device is updated. Uninstall all wiring, wait for 30 seconds and reconnect all of the cables. Perform a factory reset on the thermostat by holding the reset button on the inside.

Let’s look up some of the frequent users’ experiences with their Wyze thermostat and how they managed to solve this very problem.

Why Is The Wyze Thermostat Fan Not Working?

If the Wyze thermostat isn’t cooling, it’s most likely due to its fan being unfunctional.

Putting it this way, your thermostat will not blow out cold air if the internal fan device isn’t spinning.

In most cases, this issue could be related to the wiring or the interface and software of the device.

Let’s look at how other users managed to solve the not cooling problem:

1. Outdated Thermostat Firmware

Wyze has announced that not running the latest firmware on your thermostat may prevent it from blowing out hot air.

2. Incorrectly Plugged Wires

The setup of your HVAC system and Wyze thermostat sure is complicated. Having the wires positioned incorrectly will result in your thermostat’s inability to cool.

3. Software Issue

The issue with your Wyze thermostat could be software-related and simply needs a factory reset to get everything back on track.

4. Safe-T-Switch Is Flipped

A certain flip on your furnace’s pipe, known as the Safe-T-Switch, will prevent your entire system either from cooling or heating.

5. Broken Fan

Lastly, if the fan got broken itself, you can’t help but to buy a replacement or take it to a repair service.

That was everything you should know and be aware of regarding the problem. To solve the problem, check the solutions we’ve prepared.

How To Fix A Wyze Thermostat Not Cooling?

fix wyze thermostat not cooling

If your thermostat is functional, yet refuses to cool, you will want to focus your troubleshooting on the fan.

In that set of thoughts, we will first want you to determine if your thermostat can blow hot air in the first place, so you will know if this issue envelops the entire system.

Here’s how to fix your Wyze thermostat that won’t cool at all:

Solution #1 Enable “Swap Heat and Cool”

We assume that your thermostat is running on a schedule. Users find that feature very comforting, except for situations where the “Swap heat and cool” is set to disable.

To put it simply, having this feature disabled, will prevent your thermostat from switching to heating and cooling mode.

To enable the swap and heat mode on your thermostat, check out the following instructions:

  1. On your Wyze app, navigate to the Settings manager.
  2. From there, head to Heating & Cooling settings.
  3. Search for a feature labeled “Swap Heat and Cool”.
  4. Ensure its slider is set to ENABLED and not DISABLED.
Note: Once set up this feature, you will want to re-configure the heating and cooling schedules according to the setting.

Solution #2 Update Wyze Application/Thermostat

wyze app update

The next thing you should do is upgrade your thermostat’ software. Running the outdated version of the thermostat will result in the fan not activating, therefore the thermostat not cooling.

Note: Keep in mind that the Wyze application auto-applies the update of your thermostat.

For your thermostat to receive the latest update, you must upgrade the application and the newest software package will be auto-delivered.

Here’s how to update your Wyze app in an easy way:

  1. Go to the Google Play/App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Search for “Wyze” in the available search field.
  3. Tap on the first result or the one you have already installed.
  4. Wait for the Update button to appear and press it.
  5. The update will begin, which you should wait on.
Note: Wait at least 10 minutes after updating the application, before testing.

Solution #3 Unflip Safe-T-Switch

All HVAC systems have an integrated Safe-T-Switch in case of emergency.

It’s not used so often, but this switch has the ability to auto-activate in a situation of flooding or overheating of the HVAC system. It will also trigger your AC’s drain line to get clogged.

If any of those events occurred recently, the Safe-T-Switch may still be activated, thus, keeping your system disabled.

You can find this switch on the pipe coming out of your furnace and it requires a little force to be turned towards the OFF side.

Note: The switch has the ON and OFF sides labeled on its hardware, so you should easily notice which direction to turn it.

Solution #4 Reconnect Wyze Wires

reconnect wyze wires

The fan inside your thermostat will also not trigger in a situation where your wires got damaged or disconnected.

To make sure of that, an easy thing you should first attempt is to reconnect them and see what happens.

Here’s how to reconnect your Wyze thermostat’s wires:

  1. Head next to the thermostat.
  2. Grab the thermostat’s front panel.
  3. Use genuine force to take the front panel apart from the base.
  4. Take a note of each wire’s current position.
  5. Expose all of the wires inside and begin disconnecting them.
  6. Standby for around 60 seconds and re-do all of the wires you disconnect.
Note: If your HVAC technician made a wires setup upon installing your system, reconnect them exactly the same way as they were.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Your Thermostat

If connecting the wires also couldn’t enable your fan, you should perform a factory reset on your thermostat.

This process will cause all current configurations, schedules, and settings you’ve made to be reverted back to their factory state.

restart wyze thermostat

If you want not to bother recreating your entire Wyze interface as a result of the reset, you should make notes with all of your configurations.

Sadly, saving the interface tends not to be made possible by Wyze, after performing a reset.

Without further ado, here’s how to factory reset your Wyze thermostat in easy steps:

  1. Once again, take the front panel of your Wyze thermostat off.
  2. Expose all of the wires once again.
  3. Look for a button in the internal part of the thermostat.
  4. Once found, which ought to be the reset button, hold it down.
  5. Keep holding the button for 30 seconds straight.
  6. Release at once and let your thermostat reboot.
Note: If the reset button didn’t help at all, you may as well do the same thing from the HVAC system’s circuit breaker.

Thus, to fix a Wyze thermostat that won’t cool, power cycle the device and reconnect all of the internal wires. Next, update the thermostat to the latest firmware version and make sure that the “Switch heat and cool” feature is enabled. Lastly, perform a factory reset on the device.

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Bottom Line:

After a quick revamp of why the Wyze thermostat not cooling, the problem should already be solved.

Even if our guide wasn’t of your assistance and the problem still seems to be there, you will want to get in touch with an HVAC professional to let you know your next step!

Nicole B