wyze bulb not connecting

Wondering how to fix it when the Wyze bulb not connecting? Keep reading to learn more!

Your Wyze bulb might not be connecting due to a variety of reasons that aren’t only specifically related to the bulb.

In fact, there might be a problem with the internet itself or the dimmer switch/regular switch that controls your bulb.

To fix the Wyze bulb, reconnect the bulb to the internet and re-screw the bulb into the light slot. Next, turn the dimmer switch to the maximum and reinstall the Wyze app. Lastly, resolve any problems with your internet and factory reset the bulb.

Why Does The Wyze Light Bulb Not Connecting?

In case you’ve got no idea why your Wyze light bulb is not connecting, we’ve listed ALL potential causes for you to review.

These occasions have been discussed and resolved by users having the problem as you so let’s take a look:

1. Problem with the Internet

A network issue might be preventing your Wyze bulb from connecting to the internet or app.

2. Dimmer/Light Switch Issue

A problem with the Wyze bulb’s control switch, regardless of whether it is a dimmer or regular unit, might cause this issue.

3. Bulb not Properly Attached

Your Wyze bulb might be improperly attached to the light slot that is preventing the application from discovering your device.

4. Wyze App Issue

If the mobile application is running into issues, the connection of the bulb with the internet and app might fail.

5. Hardware Damage

If your bulb has gone faulty, it won’t be capable of connecting with the Wyze app and therefore with the internet.

Those were all of the possible problems that can be occurring with the Wyze light bulb and the mobile application.

Let’s proceed with the best troubleshooting solutions against these problems in the guide below.

How To Fix Wyze Bulb Not Connecting?

fix wyze bulb not connecting

Before we begin, make sure that the room your Wyze bulb is in has sufficient power.

There might be a problem with the breaker switch for the given room, therefore no electricity will be reaching either of the devices in there.

In case everything seems well, proceed with reconnecting the bulb to the internet:

Solution #1 Connect Bulb With Internet Correctly

There’s a high possibility that you’ve done something wrong during the setup process.

In that regard, we will guide you through connecting your bulb to WiFi the correct way.

Follow the steps below to connect your Wyze bulb to the internet:

  1. Open the Wyze app on your phone.
  2. Turn the light of your lamp on/off 3 times.
  3. Select WiFi network in the “Next” prompt that appeared in your Wyze app.
  4. Choose your own WIFi network and enter your network login password.
  5. Tap on “Connect” and wait.
  6. Complete the rest of the on-screen instructions.
Important: Make sure that you’re choosing the correct network as well as writing the correct password for that WiFi.

Solution #2 Re-Screw The Wyze Bulb

rescrew bulb

If the bulb still fails to connect, there’s a high chance that it is not securely embedded onto the light slot.

In that regard, we suggest re-screwing your Wyze bulb to restore the connection with the light switch and get your bulb to connect to the internet and to the app.

Simply undo the bulb from the switch and put it away for 5 minutes.

Wait until the bulb gets cold and screw it securely into the light switch. Make sure that the bulb is attached stationary and does not freely move.

When ready, scroll up to solution #1 and test if you can now reconnect the bulb to the internet, and to the app.

Note: Ensure that you have turned your light switch to the offside while you’re installing the bulb to avoid the potential danger of shock and electricity damage.

Solution #3 Set Dimmer Switch To Maximum

If you’re using the dimmer switch, it’s important to have it to the maximum in order to supply your bulb with power.

Especially with weaker dimmers, they might be unable to supply your bulb with sufficient electricity in order for the device to work.

For this solution, we suggest turning the dimmer switch to the available maximum.

This will certainly supply your Wyze bulb with enough electricity for the device to run and resolve the connectivity problem you’re experiencing.

Tip: When ready, try reconnecting the bulb using solution #1.

Solution #4 Reinstall Wyze App

reinstall wyze app

There might be a problem with the Wyze application, installed on your smartphone.

Everything from corrupted data to bad installation could be the reason why your bulb remains undiscoverable.

We suggest reinstalling the entire application, to resolve the connection problems with your Wyze bulb.

Here’s how to reinstall the Wyze app on your smartphone:

  1. On your smartphone, access the storage unit.
  2. Enter the applications tab and search for the Wyze app.
  3. Delete the Wyze application and wait for the process to finish.
  4. Go to the App Store/Google Play on your smartphone.
  5. Search for “Wyze” in the search field.
  6. Install the application and test connecting your Wyze bulb again.
Note: Once the application is cleanly installed on your device you would be required to log in to your Wyze account.

Solution #5 Resolve Internet Problems

The internet (your WiFi) is an essential part of the proper functionality of the Wyze bulb.

Instead of looking for the problem in the bulb, let’s now focus on your internet connection.

Below are some easy troubleshooting steps you can apply to fix issues with your internet:

fix your internet

Hard Reset Modem/Router

Unplug your network device from the power source and standby for 5 minutes. Reconnect the device once 5 minutes have elapsed.

Reconnect ALL Network Cables

Disengage all cables connected to your router and modem and wait for a minute. Re-attach all of the cables and test.

Reduce Network Usage

Ease up your network’s usage by preventing high-data downloads/uploadings and seeding.

Important: Remember to test the internet on other devices connected to your household’s network to determine if the WiFi is working. You can also use a free internet speed test online.

Solution #6 Reset Wyze Bulb

In case the Wyze color bulb not connecting issue is still there, we suggest performing a factory reset on the device.

This will bring back the factory state of the build, hopefully clearing out any software problems that prevent the device from getting connected.

Here’s how to factory reset your Wyze bulb in easy steps:

  1. Double-check if the bulb is installed onto the light slot correctly.
  2. Go to the associated light switch and turn it to the on/offside 3 times.
  3. Wait for the Wyze bulb to start pulsing at a slow pace.
  4. Turn ON the device.
  5. Carry out the initial setup.

Once the device is reset you should be able to connect it to the internet.

In case you’re continuing to have this connection problem, the next step would be to contact Wyze support and report your issue.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the Wyze bulb that isn’t connecting, adjust the dimmer switch to max and re-screw the device. Next, reconnect the device to the internet and troubleshoot your internet to resolve any ongoing issues. Lastly, perform a factory reset to solve the problem.

Now that you know why the Wyze bulb not connecting and how to fix the issue, the execution is all there is left to do.

In case your problem can be solved, our solutions will definitely help, on the other hand, if the device went faulty, you would need a replacement.

Nicole B