wyze plug not turning on

Is the Wyze Plug not turning on? Stay with us to learn why!

When the Wyze Plug device refuses to start, there’s a proper explanation behind the occurrence.

In most cases, this problem is related to the power source, but the culprit could also be in the plug itself.

Keep reading because in this guide we’re going to find out!

When the Wyze Plug is not turning on, connect it to a different power source and re-add it from the Wyze app. Next, reinstall the Wyze application and have the plug’s firmware updated. If nothing worked, move the plug closer to a router and reset it.

This is what the general solution includes, so let’s learn more about the problem first!

Why My Wyze Won’t Turn On?

why wyze wont turn on

the Wyze Plug could be refusing to turn on due to many reasons, most of them being power-related.

We’ve reviewed enough user feedback to be able to extract ALL possible causes when Wyze Plug is not turning on.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • There’s an issue with the Power Source!
  • Connection Issue, Wyze Plug to App.
  • Hardware Wyze Plug Complication

It’s worth noticing that the Wyze Plug won’t work without being paired to the mobile application.

In that set of thoughts, you must have the device connected to the mobile platform and to WiFi, in order for the unit to turn on.

With that being said, let’s jump straight into the solution guide!

Wyze Plug Not Online – Easy Fix!

how fix wyze plug

After learning what could potentially prevent the Wyze Plug from turning on, it’s time to review the solutions.

For the most efficient troubleshooting results, follow the correct order of our instructions, methods, and tips. 

Solution #1 Hard Reset the Plug

The first and easiest solution you could attempt is to reset the problematic Wyze Plug.

Chances are that this is a temporal problem that could be resolved by essentially unplugging and then plugging the device. 

  • This will discharge the Wyze Plug and refresh ALL services!

Here’s how to power cycle the Wyze Plug in easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the Wyze Plug from the Power Source.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes, while the plug is disconnected.
  3. Plug the Wyze device back into the power source.
  4. Turn ON the device.

After the power circulation is done, try to determine if the plug is working.

In case the unit continues to appear unresponsive, perhaps you’re disconnected from the app!

Tip: Keeping the device unplugged for longer is a frequently recommended solution!

Solution #2 Re-Add the Plug From Wyze

redd the plug

When Wyze Plug not turning on, the solution is to re-add the Wyze Plug in the app! 

When the connection between the Wyze Plug and the mobile app is disconnected, we need to carry out the pairing process.

It’s fairly easy, as long as you’re following the steps below!

Here’s how to re-add the Wyze Plug from the app:

  1. Open the Wyze app on your smart device.
  2. Go to “Devices”.
  3. Locate the Wyze Plug from the list.
  4. Remove the Wyze Plug from the app.
  5. Next, tap “Add Device”.
  6. Undergo the initial setup. 
  7. Re-add the Wyze Plug into the application.

If the setup fails, ensure that the mobile device is close enough to the Wyze Plug.

In addition, the Wyze Plug must also be connected to a power source during and after the initial setup. In that regard, check your WiFi/internet connection now!

Alert: Don’t proceed, unless you make sure that your internet/WiFi is not the culprit.

Solution #3 Plug into a Different Source

plug to different power source

If there’s a problem with the power source of the Wyze Plug, it will refuse to start up, regardless of what you do.

The next step is to plug the Wyze device into an alternative power source and undergo the initial setup once again (if required).

Test with a different, standalone power source, if possible, in another room!

It’s important for the power source to be a wall outlet. Avoid connecting the device to any power strips, dividers, or power source extenders that could potentially cause issues. 

Use another room to prevent power fluctuations from the general circuit, in order to be on another fuse.

In case the issue continues anyway, next we’ll attempt something different.

Note: If the Wyze Plug disappeared from the application, undergo the initial setup again!

Solution #4 Move Closer to the Router!

move close to router

As we’ve already mentioned, if the Wyze Plug constantly loses connection, its functionality will often be intercepted.

A great way to optimize and restore the connection is to move the plug closer to your router or the network device installed in your home.

  • Simply move the Wyze Plug in the same as your router/modem!

When using a 2.4GHz network, the recommended distance would usually be around 10-20 meters for a strong connection.

Although a 2.4GHz network could usually support long distances, make sure the plug is as close as possible. 

Note: For 5GHz network users, the plug should be as close to the network device as possible at all times.

Solution #5 Reset the Wyze App!

reset wyze app

Since the Wyze application is what stands between the Wyze Plug and the router, reinstalling the platform could help solve this problem.

If there are issues within the app, the Wyze Plug’s connection will often be disrupted. Perhaps that’s why it’s not turning on!

Follow these instructions to reinstall the Wyze app easily:

  1. On your mobile device, go to Settings.
  2. From the settings, navigate to “Applications”.
  3. Locate the Wyze app in the apps section.
  4. Press the app and then select “Uninstall” to remove the app.
  5. Wait for the platform’s uninstallation from your device.
  6. Head back into Google Play or the App Store on your device.
  7. Download the Wyze application on your device again.
  8. Sign in using your Wyze account credentials.
  9. Go to “Add Device” and re-add the plug to your network.

When reinstalling the Wyze app and launching it for the first time, make sure to enable automatic updates if you get prompted.

This will keep your app up to date, always!

Alert: Uninstalling the Wyze app will result in ALL settings and options being erased.

Solution #6 Factory Reset the Plug

factory reset wyze plug

If nothing worked so far, we strongly suggest performing a Factory Reset on the Wyze Plug. 

It’s the most powerful approach we’ve come up with so far that will most definitely fix the issue with the device.

Also, the factory reset is really easy to be triggered on the Wyze Plug, where the entire process takes 1-2 minutes.

Here’s how to factory reset the Wyze Plug in easy steps:

  1. Ensure that the plug is connected to a functional power source.
  2. Locate the ON/OFF button on the side of the plug.
  3. Press the ON/OFF button on the device for 10 seconds.
  4. Hold, until the light indicator begins flashing in Blue
  5. Then you can release the button.
  6. Setup the Wyze Plug in the Wyze application. 

The factory reset will once again disconnect the plug from the application.

You will have to re-do the setup once again, to connect the Wyze Plug with the network.

When the process is over, the device should be working as normal.

How To Replace Wyze Plug?

replace wyze plug

In case you’ve identified that the Wyze Plug is not working, therefore a hardware problem, it’s best to take a deep breath first.

The next step is to either Contact Wyze Support, for more help or reach out to the supplier for a replacement.

Perhaps that’s you’re chance to use the warranty after all…

Tip: Always share what you’re already attempted in this guide to save time!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix a Wyze Plug that is not turning on, Power Cycle the device and update its firmware. Next, re-add it from the mobile app and move it closer to the router to optimize the connection. In case nothing helped, perform a Factory Reset on the plug!

Wrapping Up:

After learning how to fix when Wyze Plug not turning on, we can finally enjoy all of the functionalities of our device.

In case, however, the Wyze Plug does not turn on even after attempting all of the solutions in this guide, it’s time to seek some professional help!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content check our blog!

Nicole B