wyze color bulb not updating

Wondering why is the Wyze color bulb not updating? The answer is simple!

When the Wyze Bulb won’t update, we can suspect a few major reasons. First, whether our internet connection is OK, and second, whether the light’s socket is functional.

From there we can also check other things such as the bulb pairing or mobile app.

Let’s learn more!

The Wyze Color Bulb firmware upgrade fails due to multiple reasons such as internet connection, app connectivity, and most importantly, the light’s socket. The solution requires a thorough inspection of the Wyze setup and addressing accordingly.

Let’s next unwrap why the problem appears and explore ALL possibilities:

Why Wyze Color Bulb Won’t Update?

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There are quite a few different reasons why your Wyze color bulb cannot update!

The firmware upgrade on a Wyze bulb is dependent on factors including power income, internet connectivity, and application performance.

Let’s next take a look at the most frequently reported reasons why Wyze bulb can’t upgrade the firmware version:

  • Temporal Wyze Bulb Glitch
  • Insufficient/Faulty Light Socket
  • Slow or Bad WiFi/Internet Connection
  • Wyze App to Color Bulb Connection Issue
  • Corrupted Wyze Application Cache Data
  • Software-related Wyze Bulb Fault

Those bullets include ALL possibilities in one way or another. We made sure to address each of them, with respective methods.

Stay with us to successfully update your Wyze color bulb!

How To Fix When Wyze Color Bulb Not Updating?

    how fix the wyze bulb

    In order to update your Wyze bulb as soon as possible, follow the chronological guide below and test updating after each method.

    Let’s jump straight in!

    Method #1 Power Cycle Wyze Bulb

    The very first thing you should do is turn OFF and ON the Wyze Bulb!

    Simply as it sounds, you only need to use the Bulb’s Switch to turn off the bulb for at least 60 seconds and attempt to update the firmware again.

    In case that doesn’t help, you’ll need to Power Cycle the Wyze Bulb, by unscrewing it from the light’s socket for 3 minutes!

    When you are ready, screw the bulb in and test updating through the Wyze app!

    Method #2 Change the Light’s Socket

    change the light socket

    The next method is to unscrew the Wyze bulb from the currently used light socket and install the bulb in another room.

    Why? Because, by going into a different room we’ll install the bulb on an entirely different fuse of your AC line, and not only change the light’s socket.

    This will help us understand whether the issue is from the Wyze Bulb or power income!

    Simply, follow the steps below:

    1. Switch the Wyze Bulb OFF.
    2. Wait for the bulb to cool down.
    3. Unscrew the Wyze Bulb from the light’s socket.
    4. Install the bulb in a different room.
    5. Use the light switch to turn on the Wyze Bulb.
    6. Using the application, attempt to perform an Update.
    Tip: Tap on your Wyze Bulb, go to Settings > Device Info, Firmware Version > Update.

    Method #3 Inspect WiFi/Internet

    inspect the internet

    The next very step is to check whether everything with our Internet Connection is OK!

    Since the Wyze Color Bulb uses your mobile device, through the application to connect to the internet, we’re mainly suspecting the WiFi.

    The simplest solution is to Toggle OFF/ON the WiFi, but this does not always help, especially if there is an internet problem with our router.

    • Simply, unplug your network router from the power for at least 3 minutes!

    In case you’re unable to update the Wyze Color Bulb even after your internet has been restarted, perform a free internet speed online.

    Anything below 3 Mbps is not good enough for application updates so troubleshoot your network in order to update the Wyze Color Bulb.

    Tip: For network issues, you could always contact your internet service provider for help!

    Method #4 Re-add Bulb to App

    readd the bulb to app

    The very last method before we get technical is to quickly attempt to remove and add the Wyze Bulb from the mobile application.

    This sometimes is helpful since re-establishes the connection between both units and refreshes ALL services in the meantime. 

    Here’s how to remove and re-add your Wyze Bulb to the mobile app:

    1. Open the Wyze App.
    2. Tap on your Wyze Color Bulb.
    3. Go to Settings > Remove Device.
    4. Rewind back to the Home Screen.
    5. Tap on the “+” icon (Add Device).
    6. Select Power & Lightning.
    7. Choose Wyze Color Bulb.

    In a few moments, the Wyze Bulb will appear in your app just like before and you can once again go to the Update tab.

    Be patient, since updates take time-based on your internet speed.

    If the update fails to complete, just like before, keep reading!

    Method #5 Clear Wyze App Cache

    clear the wyze cache

    The next step is to erase the Wyze application cache data for a fresh setup!

    The cache data contains information about your login credentials, therefore once we’re ready, you’ll have to sign in to the Wyze app.

    In turn, this method will refresh the application and will allow us to re-add and test updating the Wyze bulb cleanly. 

    How To Clear App Cache on Android:

    1. In your device’s Settings, go to Apps/Storage.
    2. From there find and select the Wyze App.
    3. Tap on Clear Cache to remove the data.
    4. Confirm by tapping on Clear Cache again.

    How To Clear App Cache on iOS (iPhone):

    1. Open the Settings App.
    2. Go to General.
    3. From there go to iPhone Storage.
    4. Select the Wyze Application.
    5. Tap on Offload App.
    6. Select Offload App again on the prompt.

    When the cache data has been cleared, restart the Wyze application and sign in.

    Then follow the steps from Method #4 to add the bulb to the app. Then you should be able to update!

    Quick Fact: If your internet speed is slow, the firmware update will take more time!

    Method #6 Reinstall Wyze App

    reinstall the wyze app

    The next step is to perform a clean Wyze app reinstallation!

    Until now we’ve only offloaded the application cache, but now, it’s time to remove the app from our device completely.

    Then we can easily get the Wyze app back from the app store.

    1. From Settings go to Apps/Storage.
    2. On iPhones go to General > iPhone Storage.
    3. From there select the Wyze Application.
    4. Tap on Uninstall or Remove App.
    5. Then open the Google Play Store or App Store.
    6. Find and download the Wyze App.
    7. Sign in to your Wyze Account.
    8. Use Method #4 to pair your Wyze Bulb.
    9. Test performing a Firmware Upgrade.

    In case the update still fails, test pairing the bulb to another device. That would suggest that anything is wrong with the device we’re currently using.

    Perhaps the performance is too slow or your Wyze Bulb is not supported. In case nothing helps, jump to the final method.

    Method #7 Reset Wyze Bulb

    reset wyze bulb

    The final and most-powerful approach against the update failures is the Factory Reset

    This method will completely reset ALL bulb settings to default, meaning that the device will be unpaired from the app and reset.

    Any configurations within the application will be lost so make a backup if you intend to recover any of the latter. 

    Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on a Wyze Bulb in easy steps:

    1. Turn ON/OFF the light switch 3 times!
    2. The Wyze Bulb will start blinking slowly.
    3. After about 15 seconds the Wyze Bulb will be reset.
    4. Use the steps from Method #4 to set up the bulb.

    In case the Wyze Bulb won’t update even after resetting the device to factory state, we might start suspecting other things.

    For example, the update might be faulty, therefore nobody, just like you won’t be able to update.

    To find this out, contact Wyze Customer Service for more help!

    Quick Recap:

    Hence, the Wyze Color Bulb is not updating because there is an issue with the device’s pairing or our internet connection. Furthermore, the issue could also be related to the light’s socket, or perhaps the Wyze application has developed corrupted data.

    Wrapping Up:

    Now that we’ve learned why the Wyze color bulb not updating and what are the best possible methods, we’re ready to get up to date.

    However, sometimes firmware upgrades fail when they are first released, and soon after they are not fixed. Try again later if the issue persists!

    We hope that this guide was helpful and to discover more relevant content, check our blog!

    Nicole B