why won't my hitachi tv turn on

If you don’t know why won’t my Hitachi TV turn on, it’s time for some troubleshooting.

Your Hitachi TV’s main requirement to turn on remains the power delivery.

In that set of thoughts, there are two things that could prevent the power from reaching your device - the power adapter and the power outlet.

This is the first thing to inspect so let’s learn more!

Your Hitachi TV will not turn on whenever it’s not connected to the power. That could include a faulty wall outlet, bad power adapter, or connection problem on the power entry of the TV.

In addition, there could be a blown fuse, after a power outage that is actually easy to replace.

Let’s learn more about the possibilities.

Why Won’t My Hitachi TV Turn On?

Here is everything that could be preventing your Hitachi TV from turning on and a brief tip on how to proceed in such a case.

  • Remote not working – Test with the side power button.
  • Problem with the power source – Test the wall outlet.
  • Bad power route – Avoid using dividers or extensions.
  • Blown fuse – Resulting after a power sudden power outage.
  • Slow startup – OS issues can delay the startup of your Hitachi TV up to a minute!
Note: Attempt the solution guide below before making any purchases!

How To Fix When Hitachi TV Won’t Turn On?

fix hitachi tv won't turn on

When we exclude the possibility of a hardware failure within your Hitachi TV, we’re left with a bunch of things to attempt.

We’ve included everything in the solutions below, so you can tackle each possibility until you discover the cause of the problem.

Here is how to fix when Hitachi TV won’t turn on:

Solution #1 Start The Hitachi TV With Power Button

Assuming that you were only attempting to turn on the Hitachi TV through the remote, you should also give the panel power button a try.

The power button you’re looking for is located on the side panel of the device, along with a HOME button and an INPUT button.

The power button is located between these two buttons and has a little label to navigate you out.

You will want to press the power button on your Hitachi TV for around 3 seconds. After that, wait for your TV to undergo a boot sequence.

Tip: If holding the power button for 3 seconds didn’t work, press it and hold it for 30 seconds.

Solution #2 Power Cycle The Hitachi TV

power cycle hitachi tv

A great approach for whenever your Hitachi TV doesn’t turn on is to power cycle the device completely.

This process will discharge the electricity out of your Hitachi TV and any malfunctions related to the power supply will also be resolved.

Here’s how to power cycle your Hitachi TV in easy steps:

  1. Grab the remote of your Hitachi TV.
  2. Point it towards the “eye” of the TVand press the power button.
  3. Unplug the power adapter of the Hitachi TV.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes while the device discharges.
  5. Re-attach the adapter of the Hitachi TV.
  6. Test the TV using the remote and side panel power button.
Tip: Waiting for longer will increase the chances of a good power cycle, therefore, a complete discharge.

Solution #3 Plug Into A Different Power Source

use different power source

There’s a high chance that the power source you’ve connected the Hitachi TV in is having some trouble.

If that’s the case, the electricity to your TV will be cut, therefore you won’t be able to start the device up.

In that regard, plug your TV into a different power source for this solution. Ensure that you avoid any power strips or dividers that may be additional problem carriers and test the device.

Tip: By connecting a charger, for instance, you will immediately tell whether the power outlet works or not.

Solution #4 Replace Hitachi TV Power Adapter

Before we move on any further, you should replace the power adapter of your Hitachi TV.

Same as with the power source, the adapter may have become a victim of a sudden power outage, cutting the power supply to your TV.

Since all Hitachi TVs use universal power adapters, it shouldn’t be challenging to find a replacement adapter.

You don’t have to worry about the power capacity of the adapter, even if it has a brick attached or not.

Tip: Purchasing an adapter with a power brick may verify that your TV won’t undergo a short-circuit during a power outage.

Solution #5 Replace Blown Fuses

replace blown fuse

Although this step is considered to be more technical than the average solution, replacing any blown fuses inside your TV will get the device going.

The fuses are the power conductors situated on the internal motherboard of your Hitachi TV and if they blow, your TV will stop working.

Alert: It’s strongly recommended to use your warranty if active, instead of opening the TV panel. By opening the panel the warranty will be discounted.

Here’s how to replace the blown fuses of your Hitachi TV:

  1. Unplug your TV from the power and lay it down.
  2. Undo the screws holding the faceplate of the TV.
  3. Lift up the face until it comes off.
  4. Look for a small black box with several wires coming out of it.
  5. Follow the black wires, since they go to the fuses.
  6. A green fuse means good, a red or black fuse means that it is blown.
  7. Using slight force, take out the dark-colored fuses from the motherboard.
  8. Identify the type of the fuse by the text on the covering and write it down.
  9. Go to a technical store and purchase fuses from the same kind.
  10. Connect the new fuses to their appropriate slots by soldering.
  11. Install the faceplate of your TV & Test the device.
Notice: Before installing the new fuse, check if the slot is also burnt. If it is, your TV’s motherboard would require a replacement.

How To Fix When Hitachi TV Takes Long Time To Turn On?

hitachi takes long time

In case your Hitachi TV takes too long to start, maybe it needs relief in regard to memory and software tasks.

In that regard, we’ve prepared 3 universal methods to speed up your Hitachi TV OS and make it turn on faster.

Here is what you can do to improve the startup speed on your Hitachi TV:

1. Clear Hitachi App Cache

On your TV, go to System Settings > Application Manager. Select each of the apps on the list and tap on “Clear Cache”.

2. Update Hitachi Software

On your remote, tap the Home button and go to the Settings. Choose “System” and then highlight “System Update”. Tap “Check now” and if there’s an update, select “Update”.

3. Reset The Hitachi TV

Go to the settings of your TV and choose “Installation”. Then navigate to first-time installation and scroll down to click the Yes button.

Your TV will now restart. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device.

To fix when Hitachi TV not turning on, start by pressing the side panel power button and perform a complete power cycle. Then change the wall outlet and replace the power adapter. Lastly, open the TV panel to check and replace blown fuses.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why won’t my Hitachi TV turn on, and how to localize the problem, you should be already on your way to solving the issue.

Remember that you can always contact Hitachi for further instructions or in case your warranty is intact.

Nicole B