why won't my govee lights turn on

If you’re asking, “why won’t my Govee lights turn on”, then keep reading!

It’s disappointing to find out that your Govee lights won’t turn on after getting everything together out of the box.

There are 3 essential connection points that you would need to inspect and ensure are working. 

This way you’ll discover and solve the issue in no time!

Your Govee lights will not work whenever the control unit is not hooked up on one of its sides. The LED strip goes into the control unit via a pin connector, which, in turn, is hooked up to the power adapter, therefore, in a wall outlet.

It’s essential to inspect the connection points before concluding that your Govee lights are not turning on because they are broken.

Let’s learn more…

Why Won’t My Govee Lights Turn On?

To answer the question “why”, we’ll describe how the Govee lights setup should work and provide you with tips to inspect yours.

As we’ve mentioned there are 3 essential connection points to check:

  • LED strip > control unit (via pin connector).
  • Control unit > power adapter.
  • Power adapter > wall outlet.

By following the order, you should connect your Govee lights the right way and determine whether the problem is still there.

In case they won’t turn on, even if everything appears to be connected rightfully, proceed with the solutions below.

Note: Inspect for cable body damage on all wires included in the setup.

How To Fix When Govee Lights Won’t Turn On?

govee lights won't turn on

Nothing is worse than waiting for your LEDs and then receiving a faulty unit.

However, we won’t rush to conclusions that your Govee lights are broken yet and attempt to tackle each possibility.

Now when knowing what the entire setup includes, it’s safe to assume that there isn’t much that could go wrong. 

And you would be right. When we exclude the possibility of faulty Govee lights, here is what’s left to do:

Method #1 Check Control Unit Entries

The control unit entries are the most important inputs in your Govee lights setup.

It’s essential to inspect whether there is anything inside them that could prevent a connection.

check control units

There are two inputs on your control unit:

  • The pin connector input
  • The power adapter input

Watch out for any nylon that went inside while unboxing the lights. It’s a rare occasion but you might be able to see it due to the transparency of the material.

Alert: In case you’re seeing an obstruction inside of the inputs, be extremely careful when reaching into the entry with an object.

Method #2 Reconnect Pin Connector

The Govee lights pin connector is what establishes the communication between the lights and the control unit.

It’s an essential path that if not working, your lights will be left without power, therefore, won’t turn on.

Since the pin connection is often underestimated by users, they frequently fail to hook it up.

This is why you should reconnect the pin connector to the control unit by applying mild force and making sure that it fits all the way in.

Note: Take a look at the 4 pins from the LEDs connector. Any bends as a result of a previous failed connection attempt might be a problem.

Method #3 Reconnect Power Adapter

reconnect power adapter

The second and most important input on your Govee control box is for the power adapter.

This is where the power comes from and in case something went wrong there, your LEDs will not turn on.

Unplug the power adapter from the control box and plug it again, using more force than usual to ensure that it’s connected properly.

As with every other connection, you should check whether the cable is interrupted.

Method #4 Use Another Wall Outlet

change wall outlet

The last essential connection for your Govee lights to work is the power adapter to the wall outlet.

After all of the previous methods, there are two possibilities now. It could be your wall outlet that’s malfunctioning or the problem is in the Govee lights.

To justify and localize the problem, you should test with a different wall outlet and remove any power dividers in-between the connection.

In case your Govee lights won’t turn on even after taking all the necessary steps, you should start suspecting the LEDs.

Tip: Test if the wall outlet is working by plugging in another proven-to-work device.

Method #5 Reprogram The Govee Lights

In case your problem is rather different and there is an actual power reaching your LEDs but they won’t turn on your command through the app, the solution would be different.

Sometimes you might have connected different LEDs or simply your WiFi is currently down.

Follow the steps below to reprogram your Govee Lights to the app:

  1. Make sure the LEDs are connected together.
  2. Open the Govee Home App.
  3. In the Devices tab, remove the lights.
  4. Press on the plus “+” sign on the top right of the screen.
  5. Select your Govee lights and establish the connection.
  6. Test.

Remember that problems could occur whenever your Govee Home App is outdated or something general went wrong.

To conclude this method and exclude your app from LED connection, you should also reinstall the entire app and reprogram the lights again.

Note: This method won't work if your WiFi is not currently intact.

Govee Lights Still Not Turning On. What To Do?

govee still wont turn on

After attempting all of the methods above, you made sure that your Govee lights are connected properly and that no connection is being interrupted.

At this point it is highly possible that your LEDs unit is broken which means the problem is with one of the following:

  • The power adapter is not working.
  • Control unit not working/faulty inputs.
  • Damaged cables/ports.
  • No power from the wall outlet.
  • Bend pins on the pin connector.

There is a quick way to understand whether the power adapter is working or not. The power adapter bricks often have ventilation openings because of one simple reason.

They get hot. By touching the power brick, you would immediately understand if it’s working or not.

Depending on the outcome, you can search for individual replacement parts until you solve the problem or contact Govee and attempt to use your warranty. 

After all, the worst-case scenario would be to wait for another few days for delivery.

Quick Recap:

To solve the problem when Govee lights are not turning on, you should reconnect the LEDs pin connector to the control unit. You should do the same with the power adapter to control unit connection and if not working, test with another wall outlet.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that you know why won’t my Govee lights turn on and what the solution includes you can troubleshoot the connection.

In case nothing helped and your Govee lights are still not turning on, sadly the product might be faulty.

In such cases, you will receive a replacement since anything could have happened during the delivery or during the production process.

We hope that this post was helpful and that you’ve managed to fix the problem with the Govee lights. In case you’re interested in more fix guides, don’t forget to check our online blog!

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