why won't my apollo led lights turn on

Wondering why won’t my Apollo LED lights turn on? It’s really simple!

In this guide, we’ll unwrap the reason why the Apollo LED strip won’t turn on and review each of the possibilities individually.

That would help us not only solve the problem but also identify and cause and prevent our Apollo lights from behaving weirdly.

Let’s learn more!

The Apollo LED lights will not turn on whenever their power supply is interrupted or any of the connected wires becomes loose.

More surrounding factors involve an improper installation, burned or faulty strip diodes, or a simple glitch from the Apollo Lighting app!

Let’s next unwrap more about the possible causes, that are preventing the light’s operation!

Why Are Apollo LED Lights Not Turning On?

There are quite a few different reasons why the Apollo LED lights are not turning on, many of them concerning the hardware.

However, let’s first unwrap all possibilities so we can acquire a basic understanding of what we’re about to face.

Let’s learn more!

apollo led lights not turning on

Here’s why the Apollo LED lights are not turning on:

  • Apollo LEDs Power Income Problem
  • Faulty Connection or Lose Wiring
  • Defective or Burned Out LEDs
  • Overheating or Circuit Overloaded
  • Bad Installation or Dimmer Switch 

These are the major possibilities but still, there is much more to know that instead of listing here we’ve included in the guide below.

So without further hesitation, let’s jump straight into the guide and solve the problem in a matter of minutes!

How To Fix When Apollo LED Lights Are Not Turning On?

Now that we’ve answered the question “why won’t my Apollo LED lights turn on?” we’re ready to jump into the troubleshooting.

If one thing is important it would be to follow the guide in chronological order and avoid skipping anything.

Let’s go!

Solution #1 Inspect The Power!

Whenever the Apollo LED lights are not turning on, the very first step against the issue would be to thoroughly inspect the power income.

The electrical delivery of the LEDs consists of three separate factors including the power outlet and the lights’ cable connections!

Let’s begin with the obvious things first:

Electrical Outlet:

inspect the power

The electrical outlet is one of the main suspects whenever any of our smart devices is not turning on and the Apollo LEDs are no exception.

The power outlet might be overloaded so test plugging your Apollo lights directly, if possible, into another outlet.

When you’ve got too many devices hooked up into a strip, hence into one electrical outlet things might get complicated.

You need to connect your devices to the outlets based on how much load they cause, in order to prevent overloading the circuit.

Loose Connections:

The next, and one of the most important steps is to check for any loose connections that we’ll unwrap deeply.

The Apollo LEDs connect to the Power Driver Box, which on the other end connects the device to the power.

It’s important to tighten the connection on both ends and make sure that the equipment is not damaged.

In case everything appears to be well, simply unplug and plug everything back together to perform some kind of refresh.

Solution #2 Remove Any Power Ad-Ons!

remove any power ad-ons

In case you’re turning on your Apollo LEDs with a Dimmer Switch or a Smart Plug, remove any add-ons and test whether the lights will operate on their own.

Use the dedicated power button to start the lights after you’ve inspected every other power-related possibility!

On the other hand, if your Apollo LEDs are controllable through a smart home app such as HomeKit or Homebridge, disconnect the device.

Then purely plug your lights into a proven-to-work outlet and check whether the device will turn on!

In case the issue persists, try the next solution in the guide!

Solution #3 Power Cycle Apollo LEDs

power cycle apollo leds

One of the most-efficient solutions, when any of our smart home devices won’t turn on, is power circulation.

This is a simple, yet effective method that continuously discharges your device out of any remaining electricity, hence providing the user with a fresh start!

  • To power cycle, the Apollo LEDs, unplug them from the power for 5 minutes!

Be patient and allow your Apollo LEDs to fully discharge before plugging them back into the outlet.

When the time has elapsed, test whether the LEDs will now be able to turn on and if not, don’t hesitate to continue with the next solution below!

Solution #4 Check The LEDs in the App!

check the leds in the app

As you know the Apollo LEDs come with the mobile applicationApollo Lighting” on the App Store and Google Play.

If your lights are paired to the app, they can be turned ON and OFF from there, and sometimes in combination with bad WiFi, the lights might not always turn on!

This is why a solution worth trying would be to remove the lights from the app and try to use them, the stationary way.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Apollo Lighting App.
  2. Press on Transfer your Apollo.
  3. From there, select Remove Apollo.
  4. Finalize by tapping on Remove.

The Apollo lightning app connection with your LEDs will now drop, hence when you press the power button on the driver (box), the device should light up.

In case, however, the problem continues and your LEDs are not turning on, perhaps we need to attempt something else!

Solution #5 Factory Reset Apollo LEDs

factory reset apollo leds

One of the most powerful solutions is to Factory Reset the Apollo LEDs and luckily this process might have an effect even if the lights are off.

The process is different based on the model of Apollo LEDs that you’ve got but we’ve prepared some general steps for you to follow!

Here’s how to factory reset the Apollo LED lights:

  1. Turn OFF and Unplug the Apollo LEDs.
  2. Wait for a few moments before plugging them back.
  3. Locate (if there is a) a RESET button and hold it for 10 seconds.
  4. If no reset button is found, turn OFF and ON the lights 3 x times!

The Apollo LEDs should turn on in green or red, based on the model you’ve got, and after a short while, they should reset.

In case you don’t see any indications that the device is working at all, perhaps you’re facing a hardware-related issue that can’t be solved as easily.

If the Apollo LEDs light up and blink 3 x times, then the factory reset process is undergoing!

Still Here? – Claim Your Warranty!

claim your warranty

It’s possible and typical for a company to send you a faulty unit since by now it’s clear that the issue with the Apollo LEDs is not on your side.

Only if you have attempted every solution in this guide but nothing worked, contact Apollo Design Customer Care or the merchant for help!

It’s important to share what you’ve already attempted and check whether your warranty is intact so you can receive a free replacement Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Now that we know why won’t my Apollo LED lights turn on, we’ve learned that a thorough inspection of the power income is necessary.

That involves the power outlet, power driver (box), Apollo LEDs cable connections, and application firmware.

For more guides on LED lights, make sure to check our blog!

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