how to add music to apollo lighting app

How to add music to Apollo Lighting app? Connecting your LED lights to your music is great for creating a more immersive experience wherever you are.

It also livens up parties.

You must enable your phone’s Mic and allow the Apollo app to access it. Otherwise, you must have local files which the app can access.

Of course, other than that, you need to perform a few setting-up steps when you first download the app.

Moreover, it is usually only compatible with Bluetooth LED strips. Are you curious about how to proceed? Then read the complete guide below!

How To Add Music to Apollo lighting app – Guide

how add music in apollo app

If you want your LED strip lights to pulse according to the music playing, Apollo helps you with that in a few ways.

First, it is important to note that not all LED striplights are supported.

On the Apollo’s PlayStore page, there is a warning saying that the music mode won’t work “If your Bluetooth lamp doesn’t start with “APM, AP” in the Bluetooth list.”

Step #1: Downloading And Setting Up

Apollo is certainly one of them if you are looking for a good app to sync music to your LED lights. It is easy to use and gives you enough options.

You can simply look for “Apollo Lighting” in the Play Store/App Store to download it. Then, download it.

After that:

  1. Open the App
  2. Allow it to access your location
  3. Turn your LED lights on
  4. On your phone’s Bluetooth configurations, find your LED lights and pair
  5. Apollo will recognize your LED lights automatically

Connecting Your LED Lights With An Adapter

connect led lith adapter

Not all LED lights have Bluetooth connections without an adapter. If that is your case and you still wish to use them with Apollo, you should get a Bluetooth Adapter.

After you buy a Bluetooth Adapter, you must connect one end of it to the strip lights and the other end to a power source. 


  1. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth on
  2. Pair with your Bluetooth Adapter
  3. Open the Apollo app 
  4. It should connect automatically

Apollo Is Not Connecting To The Bluetooth LED

When your Apollo app is not connecting to your Bluetooth LED lights, you must ensure that the location access is still enabled.

If, for example, you enabled only the first time you opened the app but not after, you must:

  1. Browse your device’s home screen for the Apollo Lighting app
  2. Keep the icon selected by pressing and holding the button
  3. Select “App Info,” 
  4. Click “Permissions” and “Location.”
  5. Choose Only when using the app 

If you have already performed that and still get nothing, proceed to close the app and open it again. 

If you tried the above many times and nothing changed, the most likely situation is that the app does not support your LED lights.

Step #2: Sync Your Music

sync the music

Apollo lighting: how to add music? Syncing your music with the Apollo Lighting app is possible through two different methods. 

Once your LED lights are connected to the app, and you can fully control their colors (you should test that!), you can choose any of the following ways.

Method #1: Using The App/Phone’s Mic

So, for example, if music is playing in the room (from the phone itself or another source), you can use this function.

It will allow the app to catch the sound waves and use them to control the LED’s pulsing.

For this function to work, you must ensure the app has permission to access your phone’s Mic.

Here is how:

  1. Locate the app on your phone
  2. Press and hold it
  3. Click to see app info
  4. Select Permissions 
  5. Now choose Mic
  6. Select your preference
Tip: We recommend you set all types of permissions in apps like this to "Only when using the app."

Control The Lights

control your lights


  1. Open the app
  2. Click the three strips in the upper left corner
  3. Make sure your LED is connected
  4. Now go to the icon that says “Tape” in the main menu
  5. It will activate automatically
  6. You can adjust the sensitivity

Method #2: Importing Music Into The App

Depending on how far the music source is, perhaps the results are not too good with the method above.

Fortunately, there is a second method you can try. This method has its benefits and its caveats too.

Let’s check the pros:

  • You can choose any song to sync with your LEDs
  • You can listen to music with earphones 
  • You can prepare special playlists

There are cons, however:

  • The app doesn’t recognize music playing in your apps
  • You can’t import songs downloaded with apps

Adding Songs To Apollo Lighting

adding songs

Alright, so if Apollo Lighting can’t access songs from apps, how should you proceed? The answer is mp3/m4a local files.

The problem is that most people don’t even use those anymore since apps have made it more convenient to stream music instead of downloading it.

Sure, if you still keep music in mp3 or m4a on your phone, there is nothing to worry about.

Apollo Light will recognize the files immediately and allow you to play them in the app.


Now, if you want to listen to the songs you have in your streaming apps without piracy, there are a few ways. 

Sidify lets you download your favorite songs from Spotify:

  1. Download the software on your PC 
  2. Paste the link to your favorite playlists and albums 
  3. The software will download them
  4. Send the mp3 files to your phone via cloud or USB. 
  5. Apollo Lighting will automatically recognize them.

How To Add Songs Via Cloud

One of the most amazing ways of sending music to your phone is via cloud services.

add the songs via cloud

Instead of using a USB cable, you can do the following:

  1. Open your favorite cloud service on your PC
  2. Create a folder and name it however you like
  3. Choose the songs you want and upload them
  4. Open the same cloud app on your phone
  5. Find the folder
  6. Download the songs

How to play music on Apollo Lighting? Once your local files are available, you can open the app and click on the “Music” option to play your songs. 

Any LED strips connected will pulse according to the song playing.

Note: If you don't like ripping songs from your favorite apps for whatever reason, you can stick to the first method.

What We Learned

How to add music to Apollo lighting app? The easiest and most common way of syncing your music to Apollo’s LED controls is by activating its mic feature.

That way, it will pick up any music around. 

If you want to configure a personalized playlist, you must have the songs on your phone so that the app recognizes your local files

Nicole B