why is my roku so slow

Why is my Roku so slow to respond? Despite its wide array of local and international programs, Roku also has its fair share of issues. The most popular one would be its slow response.

Fortunately, there are several methods to get your streaming player back to its working condition. In today’s article, let us see the most common reasons why your Roku is slow and how you can resolve them at home.

Why Is My Roku So Slow?

why is my roku so slow to respond

In reality, there are a couple of reasons why you wonder, Why is my Roku so slow to respond? The number one culprit would be your internet connection.

But sometimes, it can also be due to damaged or malfunctioning streaming equipment.

1. Unstable Internet Connection

This entertainment platform offers you thousands of programs that can be viewed at the best possible streaming quality.

Hence, having a weak or unstable network connection can significantly impact your streaming experience.

2. Network Congestion

Besides an unstable internet connection, you may also experience network congestion. This occurrence may happen if there are too many devices connected to the same WiFi simultaneously.

The quality of your internet provider can also have a massive impact on your streaming experience.

3. Service Outages

Sometimes, companies would experience service outages in several areas due to extreme weather conditions or unexpected power interruptions.

That said, knowing the leading and most respected telecommunications companies can provide you with the best and uninterrupted services.

4. Damaged Streaming Equipment

Aside from your internet connection, it may also be possible that your streaming player or remote has internal issues, especially if you had accidentally dropped them before.

If you suspect that this is causing your problem, you will need to purchase a new remote or contact their customer support.

Fix Slow Roku Methods

how to fix slow roku

Now that you know the most popular and significant reasons why your Roku device is responding slowly, let us then take a closer look at all the possible troubleshooting techniques you can do on your own.

Remember, try out these methods first before contacting their customer support or purchasing a new streaming player.

Restart Your Roku

roku restart

The first technique you should try out when fixing your slow Roku is to restart your device.

Although this streaming player can last for many hours of use, it may encounter several bugs, resulting in frustrating lags and slow responses.

When you perform a reboot on your Roku, you will retain all your channel apps and network settings.

Typically, you can restart most Roku devices in three different ways. Meanwhile, others, specifically older versions of their streaming player, has only one way to go about it.

You can follow the detailed methods below for your guidance:

Method 1 – Through The System Menu

You can restart almost all Roku streaming devices through the system menu. Using your remote, you can navigate this option by following these steps:

1. Go to your Home menu and select Settings.

2. From here, look for the System option and press OK to confirm your selection.

3. When the menu is up, choose System Restart then Restart.

4. Confirm your selection and wait for your device to finish rebooting.

Method 2 – Using The Buttons On Your Remote

In instances where your streaming player is responding slowly or worse frozen, you can press a series of buttons on your remote control to perform a reboot.

Press the following buttons in order:

  • Home Button Five times
  • Up button one times
  • Rewind two time
  • Fast Forward two times

If you got these buttons in order, your streaming player would automatically perform a reboot. Just wait for a few minutes until you see your Home menu.

Method 3 – Unplugging The Power Cord

Otherwise, you can also unplug your device’s power cord to get your streaming player back into its good working condition.

You would only need to wait for at least two minutes before you can plug your cables and turn your device on again.

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Boost Your Internet Signal

roku boost internet

If restarting your Roku device does not solve your issue, another technique you can try out is to boost your internet connection.

Most of the time, your streaming player responds slowly because of a weak or unstable network signal.

When this occurs, check the strength of your WiFi connection by navigating the Settings menu then the Network option.

Depending on your signal strength, you can try any of the following methods to improve your internet connection and device speed.

Good or Excellent:

If your screen indicates that you have a good or excellent signal, you would need to check for possible interference within your area, such as wireless devices.

Try to put them away from your router and modem. You can also limit the number of devices connected simultaneously on your network.

Fair or Poor:

Otherwise, if your signal strength is fair or poor, you can move your Roku streaming player to a higher position or closer to your router and modem.

Make sure to minimize the objects or walls between these two devices. If any of them are inside a cabinet, try to take them out and check whether your signal strength changes.

If your signal strength does not improve after trying out these methods, you can purchase any of the following devices to boost your internet coverage:

  • Mesh network router
  • Powerline extender
  • Range extender

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Using A Wired Connection

use wired connection

On top of the previous techniques, you can also go for a wired connection instead. As long as your Roku streaming player has an Ethernet port, you can connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable.

However, this technique is only applicable to older versions of this device.

Manually Set Up Streaming Speed

setup manually

Sometimes, you can manually set your video streaming speed according to your preferences.

You can do this by following these steps:

Step 1. Press the following buttons in order:

Home 5x, Fast Forward 2x, Reverse 3x.

Step 2. Once you see the Bit Rate Override menu

Step 3. Choose any of the available speed override settings.

It would be good to try out 3.5 Mbps for high streaming speed.

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We hope after reading this article, you have learned the reasons why your Roku is so slow to respond.

Also using the methods mentioned above, you can boost the speed of your device within minutes.

If you like this post, share it to motivate us and if you have any doubts, you can comment below.

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